Vincenzo: Episode 14 Recap

Our Jipuragi trio have been primarily the ones putting in the work in the battle against Babel and Wusang. But as our trio will realize, there are other key members who’d also like to play a part in taking down the villains. The more the merrier and it doesn’t always hurt to have more help.

Vincenzo: Episode 14 Recap

Joon-woo is splattered with pig blood all over him while on stage. Everyone watches in confusion and shock at the horrifying scene, but Cha-young and Vincenzo are excited. They give a round of applause to Joon-woo for his grand performance and Han-seo can’t help but hide the smile on his face. He too is enjoying all of the commotion. Joon-woo is eventually assisted off stage and out of the room, but he’s stopped by a prosecutor from the Namdongbu Prosecution Service. Based off of the video that played on the screen back in the room, there’s enough evidence to arrest Joon-woo for his work in leading illegal anti-union activities. Lawyer Choi steps out to play her role as Joon-woo’s consigliere and lawyer. She’s going to make sure Joon-woo walks away a free man.

And so the Wusang and Babel team face off against our power couple once again inside of an interrogation room with Prosecutor Jung. Wusang and Babel is confident that the video was fabricated, but Prosecutor Jung argues that there’s other evidence provided by Vision Team that supports their argument. Vincenzo and Cha-young play an audio recording containing the testimony of the truck driver who ran over the Babel Chemicals union leader. Just like they did with the truck driver who killed Lawyer Hong, this truck driver was hired by Lawyer Seo and promised an early release to execute the murder. However, the truck driver decided to confess to Cha-young and Vincenzo in fear for his own life.

With that, Prosecutor Jung announces his plans to charge all 4 villains for aiding and abetting murder. Joon-woo is in disbelief that a Mafia lawyer would pretend to care and fight for justice, but Vincenzo clarifies his intentions. He’s a scumbag who cleans up after scum. He can’t stand scumbags who stink more than him (OOOOOOH!!). With that, Cha-young and Vincenzo leave the room to go on with their night. While walking in the hallway, they express their satisfaction with how things are going. The illegal anti-union activities was the perfect smoke screen for what their actual target is: Joon-woo’s paper company.

On the night that our Jipuragi team went out to confront company union leader Mr. Nam, they discussed Prosecutor Jung’s other focus: Joon-woo’s paper company. They all agreed that in order to get Babel to acknowledge and recognize the labor union, they needed to use the anti-union activities as a cover-up so that they could really go after the paper company. So far so good and the Wusang and Babel team are distracted with all the labor union shenanigans. With the help of Chief Prosecutor Hwang, Joon-woo is let off without a scratch or dent to his name or reputation. Prosecutor Jung is forced to release the Babel Chairman with the order from his boss.

When Cha-young and Vincenzo return to the Jipuragi office, they receive more information about Joon-woo’s paper company thanks to Mr. Nam’s research and work. His paper company is called Jason Funds and he has a branch located in both Malta and Korea. Vincenzo is smart, but he doesn’t know too much about paper companies so Mr. Nam makes a grand suggestion. There is someone in Geumga Plaza who might be familiar with the topic. And of course, it’s none other than the ByeBye Balloon team, Mr. Park, Ms. Yang, and Soo-nam. Vincenzo proposes that they do a presentation on paper companies to test their knowledge and expertise on the subject. They do want to seek revenge for what Babel did to them, right?

The Wusang and Babel team rejoice that night over their decision to trust Chief Prosecutor Hwang. He used his position of power to get Joon-woo out scot-free. However, that’s not the most pressing matter for Joon-woo. He appreciated how Han-seo was willing to take the fall for him back in the interrogation room with Prosecutor Jung, but the illegal anti-union activities charge isn’t a big deal. If Han-seo wants to prove his loyalty to his brother, he should take the fall for bigger things like paper companies, tax evasion, and illegal stock acquisitions. Han-seo is fed up with his brother again and he unleashes his anger on Mr. Han during a private chat in a parking garage. Han-seo was hoping he could take the fall for the illegal anti-union activities because the punishment and consequences for that wouldn’t be huge. Paper companies and tax evasion? That’s on another level! As their next step, Han-seo instructs Mr. Han to set up a meeting with Vincenzo. Oh ho ho, what does he have in mind?

Prosecutor Jung grabs some lunch with Cha-young and Vincenzo. Using Vision Team’s leader Mr. Park as the scapegoat for the issue, Joon-woo is let off once more. If only they could somehow get access to the ever so dangerous and infamous, Guillotine file. Cha-young and Vincenzo’s heard of the document before, but there’s something that neither of them know. Prosecutor Jung is aware of Vincenzo’s role with the gold and the Guillotine file. He was the one who met up with Mr. Cho the other night at the restaurant. The Guillotine file is extremely important and now they’re at a loss with no way to access the storage room. Prosecutor Jung instructs Mr. Cho to just wait and rely on Vincenzo. The Mafia lawyer will surely figure something out.

Cha-young and Vincenzo visit Ms. Oh at the hospital. Christmas has arrived early for them that day and they exchange gifts with each other. Ms. Oh presents Cha-young with a scarf that she knitted herself along with a letter that she’s too shy to hear Cha-young read out loud. Meanwhile, Cha-young and Vincenzo hand over a bag of bungeoppang to Vincenzo’s mother. She’s delighted at the sight and taste of the fish-shaped snack and points out that the differences between the various types of fish-shaped pastries are the shapes of their mouth. Aww. Like mother, like son.

Lawyer Choi gets the ground running during a video chat with Paolo, the son of Vincenzo’s deceased Mafia boss. Meanwhile, Vincenzo receives a phone call from Mr. Han requesting to meet up. Our Geumga tenants are occupied with Mr. Park’s research on Mr. Geum, the man who he’s hired to help them find the gold in the plaza. But wait, what about Vincenzo? Won’t he be mad and upset with them for resuming their search for the gold? They all agree to keep things a secret and Mr. Park is even willing to take the blame for the search party. Mi-ri stresses out with how determined the tenants are in finding this gold. She can’t seem to catch a break either.

And so Vincenzo meets up with Han-seo and Mr. Han. It’s clear that Vincenzo isn’t in the mood to make any friends so Han-seo gets straight to the point. What exactly are Vincenzo’s intentions and goals? If he doesn’t intend on destroying Han-seo, Han-seo can help Vincenzo kill Joon-woo. He’ll aid Vincenzo in his plans to bring down his brother. It’s a touching offer, but Vincenzo isn’t interested. Bad blood between family members is something that they themselves should figure out. Vincenzo doesn’t get himself involved in family matters in fear that his own family members will betray him one day. Oof.

The popular hot air balloon team present their knowledge about paper companies to our Jipuragi team as well as Cheol-wook and Yeon-jin. Unlike what Cheol-wook thinks, paper companies are not companies that makes paper (LOL). They’re inactive companies that exist only on paper and are used for purposes other than for business (AKA tax evasion or illegal stock acquisitions). If Joon-woo is caught, he’ll be arrested and fined a tremendous amount of money. How exactly is he laundering and managing his money in Korea then? Who can they go to for information about Joon-woo’s paper company? Mr. Park is reminded of Mr. Na, the former team representative from Babel E&C. He used to do some work for Jason Funds before getting fired. What is he up to now?

Cha-young and Vincenzo head out to catch up with Mr. Na who is now a trot singer. Hahaha. After his performance, they meet in his waiting room backstage to chat about Jason Funds. What exactly did Mr. Na do with the paper company when he was still working under Babel? As Mr. Na will share with our power couple, he was tasked with sending development information to the Jason Funds office AKA a gallery called Ragusang Gallery. They launder money with the art pieces and buy Babel E&C stocks under the paper company’s name to increase Joon-woo’s shares illegally. And all the financial documents? They’re located in the gallery director’s office. Of course, the office is protected with security guards and the only way to open the office is with the director’s fingerprint. There’s also an expensive art piece located inside of the director’s office titled “Nothing” that Mr. Na points out.

Lawyer Choi has defining news to Joon-woo. After speaking with Paolo, she has information and intel that will easily knock out Vincenzo. Our Geumga tenants wait in anticipation (or dread) for Mr. Geum. Mr. Park has been hyping him up for the past few days and he could be the one who can help unlock the mystery behind the gold in the plaza. However, it’s nothing like they expected when Mr. Geum finally arrives at the plaza. He walks out of the elevator with a dog in his arms and in his new business uniform. He’s now an animal rescuer. Lol. Everyone is surprised and shocked (and relieved as seen with Mi-ri) by Mr. Geum’s new career and they’re a lost for words, especially Mr. Park. Just like Cha-young and Mr. Nam advised Mr. Tak, Mr. Geum explains that the gold they’re looking for is in their heart. That’s where the gold lies.

Speaking of Cha-young, she and Vincenzo return to the plaza to find everyone surrounded with Mr. Geum. They have disappointment written all over their faces and express this disappointment with the tenants inside of Chef Toto’s restaurant again. Our Jipuragi trio run out of the restaurant in a hurry, but they’re actually in relief that things didn’t work out with Mr. Geum. That was a close call. Everyone else falls for the amazing acting that our trio put on except for Mi-ri. She knows about the secret room with the gold and she knows that it’s located in the basement floor. But wait, how does she know that?

Mi-ri meets with our Jipuragi trio inside of their office. The one behind the security system for the secret room? That was Mi-ri. She was the programmer behind the security system. The iris detection system as well as the demolition system, that was all her. Plus, since she never worked at the site herself, her identity was never exposed and she fortunately was never caught by any of Mr. Wang’s men. Since Mi-ri did work on the system for the project, she made sure that she could track the room. So with that, Mi-ri proposes to join efforts with the Jipuragi team in unlocking the system and gaining access to the gold. She can even open the room without the need to demolish the building and it’ll only take her a minute to do so. Our trio is excited with the new partnership and they recruit Mi-ri to help out.

To make up for upsetting and disappointing Vincenzo, Mr. Tak and Ms. Kwak gift Vincenzo with some tteokbokki, a new dress shirt, and a memorandum signed by all of the tenants. They apologize for doubting Vincenzo and vow never to do such a thing again. With that, Vincenzo forgives the tenants and agrees to work with them again. And so, in a meeting with the tenants the next morning in Chef Toto’s restaurant, everyone reconvenes to go over their next moves. They’re going to take down Babel and everyone joins in on the fun. Even our hot air balloon team is ready for the adventure.

Our power couple stop by Ragusang Gallery to scout the place out. Like Mr. Na mentioned, there are security guards in front of the director’s office. How exactly will they be able to enter her office without forcing themselves in? At that moment, Cha-young notices a screen promoting the gallery venue that people can rent out. It sounds like the perfect plan. Cha-young and Vincenzo present the information to Mr. Nam and it seems like they can go this route. The only caveat? The reservation list is booked for the next two months. But don’t fret! Mi-ri comes to the rescue by hacking into the reservation list. Thanks to Mr. Nam’s genius idea, Cha-young and Vincenzo are to role play as a couple and Mi-ri changes the photo in the reservation system to photos of our power couple. I love this game already! Mr. An also does his part by sharing his research on the “Nothing” piece that’s hidden inside of the director’s office. All the pieces fit to the puzzle and it’s time to begin.

To better prepare themselves for their role as a couple, Vincenzo takes Cha-young shopping (now it’s his turn to wait on her as she tries on different outfits, hehe). After selecting an outfit, they move on to selecting jewelry and Vincenzo picks a necklace out in particular for Cha-young. He clips the necklace around her neck and grows shy admitting that the necklace looks great on her. Hehe. So if Cha-young and Vincenzo are pretending to be a couple, what about the actual couple who rented the gallery for their special day? Well, let’s just say our Geumga tenants are playing their parts and the couple is in for a surprise at none other than Geumga Plaza. Lol. Yeon-jin and Ms. Kwak are also ready to do some roleplaying. They arrive at the gallery in fancy clothes and make-up. Oh ho, I love the transformation!

When Cha-young and Vincenzo arrive at the gallery, they’re greeted outside by the gallery director, Director Jung. Since Mi-ri didn’t change their names on the reservation list, Director Jung addresses our power couple by their foreign names and Cha-young even has to pretend as if she’s more fluent in English than she is in Korean. Lol. While Vincenzo and Cha-young enjoy the gallery and take a tour of the place, the real couple who was supposed to be at the gallery get a tour of their own. It’s almost as great as the real thing. Larry puts on a grand dance performance for the foreign couple inside of his dance studio and Chef Toto feeds them with his cooking. It might not be Ragusang Gallery, but Geumga Plaza is quite something, isn’t it?

And so our pretend couple walk around the gallery while Director Jung gives them a tour of the place. Cha-young is having a little too much fun in her role and she rambles on in both Korean and English. While she mumbles a bunch of random words and phrases, Vincenzo notices Director Jung winking at him. Waiiiiit, why is she winking at him? With that, Director Jung stops at a particular art piece to explain its meaning and it doesn’t take long for Vincenzo to figure out the meaning behind Director Jung’s winks. A photographer, some staff, and some musicians walk out for Vincenzo’s lovely proposal. Vincenzo was supposed to propose to Cha-young, right? Right?! LOL, I am loving this surprise.

Vincenzo and Cha-young have no choice but to play along and Vincenzo gets on his knee to propose. It takes him a while to get accustomed to the situation, but he does as he is expected. After Cha-young accepts his proposal, he slides the ring onto her finger and it seems as if they can resume with the tour. But wait, there’s still the highlight. The kiss! The audience chants for the couple to kiss each other and even though Vincenzo and Cha-young are uncomfortable with the cheering, it seems as if the audience is determined to witness that kiss (and I am too!). Vincenzo attempts to stall time and makes up a bunch of excuses, but Cha-young remains quiet. She’s nervous and her heart is racing and there’s butterflies in her stomach and her eyes indicate that her mind is going.

So with that, Cha-young initiates the first move and she pulls Vincenzo in for a kiss (OMGEEEEEEE!! AHHHHHHHHHH!! THEY FREAKING KISSED!! THE DRAMA ISN’T TROLLING US THIS TIME. THEY ACTUALLY KISSED!). Cha-young closes her eyes upon making contact with Vincenzo’s lips, but it takes a few seconds for Vincenzo to register what’s happening. After realizing that yes, indeed, they are kissing, he closes his eyes and enjoys the moment. He returns the affection which, in return, surprises Cha-young herself. The longing and yearning that they’ve been suppressing this entire time is unleashed and the two kiss each other to their heart’s content (omg I love this kiss so so so much!). After pulling away from each other, Vincenzo cups one side of Cha-young’s face with his hand while Cha-young comments that this is a night she’s never going to forget. Vincenzo too follows up with the same sentiment and it feels as if things are too good to be true.

There’s a proposal at the gallery and there’s also a proposal at Geumga Plaza. The Geumga couple end up also getting married to each other inside of the temple and our two monks congratulate the couple on the new chapter in their relationship, lol. The tour of the art pieces inside of the gallery is great, but that’s not why our newly married couple is there. They bring up the “Nothing” art piece that is hidden inside of Director Jung’s office and request to see it. It’s not until Vincenzo threaten to buy art pieces from other galleries that Director Jung changes her mind. She agrees to permit them inside her office to see the piece.

The rest of our Geumga team get to work. Mr. Park, Ms. Yang, and Mi-ri all wait inside of a vehicle with their computers and transmitters set up ready to hack into Director Jung’s account once instructed. Ms. Kwak and Yeon-jin cause a scene outside of the gallery and demand to meet with the director. There’s something that Ms. Kwak needs inside of the gallery and Yeon-jin accuses her art of being plagiarized. Cha-young and Vincenzo enter Director Jung’s office successfully and they go right away to looking for this “Nothing” art piece. Cha-young runs straight to a lamp across the room and assumes it must be the art piece, but Director Jung notes that it’s just a floor lamp. LOL. Our couple correctly finds the art piece with their next try and they pretend to be fascinated. As they rave over the art piece, Director Jung is notified by her security guard about the scene that’s being caused outside of the gallery.

With that, she steps out of her office and leaves the newlyweds inside the room alone. It’s the perfect opportunity to hack into the computer with all the financial documents and our couple gets right to it once Director Jung is gone. While turning on the computer and their bluetooth earphones to communicate with our hacker team, Vincenzo accidentally still refers to Cha-young as “sweetie” — the nickname he had been referring to her as in front of Director Jung. He corrects himself after Cha-young gives him a look and the two get everything prepared for Mi-ri. While Mi-ri attempts to crack into the account, our Geumga tenants continue to have fun with the newly married couple back in the plaza. They have some drinks and enjoy a drinking game with one another. Lol. This is so funny because it’s so ridiculous and silly.

Director Jung is not only confronted by Ms. Kwak and Yeon-jin, but also the police that is called onto the scene. Of course, the police officers are none other than Soo-nam and Cheol-wook and they all are given access into the lobby of the art gallery. While they buy time by distracting Director Jung, Mi-ri manages to successfully hack into the account. Up next, Ms. Yang works her magic as an accountant and pulls the financial documents from a folder in the account into their USB drive. They’re running out of time and not all the documents have been transferred and synced just yet. Our newlyweds in Director Jung’s office panic as they fear getting caught.

And eventually, they do. Director Jung storms into her office to find Cha-young and Vincenzo near her computer but she’s a few seconds too late. All the files were successfully synced into the USB drive before her return. The art gallery director confronts them and exposes them for lying this entire time, but the lying doesn’t stop there. Cha-young and Vincenzo presents themselves as agents from Italy and pull out their guns at Director Jung and her security guards. Director Jung is the one who got caught in the end and she’s forced to confess to our newlywed agents about her art pieces. There is one art piece in particular that was smuggled in from Italy and she’s demanded to hand it over to Mr. An.

So the special mission comes to a successful end and everything worked out according to plan. Vincenzo and Cha-young return back to Geumga Plaza and sit inside of the car for a few seconds to reflect on the day. They can’t deny that it was fun acting as a couple and the two once again call each other by their nicknames. Cha-young refers to Vincenzo as “darling” while Vincenzo calls her “sweetie” one more time. The air in the car quickly turns awkward though and the two get out of the car to walk back into the plaza. Vincenzo doesn’t mind spending more time with his sweetie Cha-young and proposes that they have some drinks on the rooftop of the building. However, he quickly senses danger and sends Cha-young off to buy some beer for them. While she’s gone, he’ll get the rooftop ready for their date.

Vincenzo climbs up the flight of stairs and onto the rooftop of the plaza. Two hitmen trail from behind with guns drawn and also creep onto the rooftop in search of Vincenzo. Vincenzo plays a game of hide and seek with the hitmen and manages to hold one of the guys hostage upon being discovered. Vincenzo threatens to kill the guy with the gun while the other man aims his weapon at the Mafia lawyer. But there’s a surprise in store for Vincenzo that he had no idea about. Another man pops out from the shadows with his gun also aimed at Vincenzo’s head so Vincenzo is forced to be empty-handed. Out of the three guys, two were hired by Paolo and just arrived in Korea from Italy.

Vincenzo is punched to the ground and he lands on his knees with blood creeping from his head. Vincenzo groans in pain as he stares up at the hitmen standing in front of him with their guns pointed to his head. His past has come back to haunt him.

My Thoughts:

I haven’t been all that active in providing commentary after each recap, but this episode is an exception. How can I not use this space to spazz and cry and swoon over the kiss that we were fed in this episode?! THAT KISS. THAT KISS. THAT KISS. We finally got a kiss between our power couple and as much as I want to argue that we’ve been pretty patient for the kiss, I think Cha-young and Vincenzo themselves were even more patient. Imagine spending days and nights with your teammate and falling for them and developing feelings for them but not saying or doing anything out of a fear of rejection? And then BAM! You skip past the words and go straight to proving your feelings with your actions and UGH, I just loved everything about it.

The kiss was a perfect representation of the yearning and longing that Cha-young and Vincenzo have suppressed this entire time for each other. Before, they tried not to wear their hearts on their sleeves and tried not to make it too obvious. It was in the way that Cha-young would follow up on Vincenzo and nonchalantly ask him about his plans once everything ended in Korea. Although she didn’t outright say it, it was clear that she she didn’t want him to leave, she enjoyed her time with him, and she wanted him to stay with her so that they could spend more time together. In return, it was the way Vincenzo would have to actually contemplate on what his response to her question would be that proved just how much he had fallen for her. At first, he wasn’t shy in admitting that he planned on leaving Korea. However, the more they were together and the more he found himself at home with Cha-young’s presence, the more silent and hesitant he got in answering her question. He remained quiet the last time Cha-young asked him about leaving Korea and he never said anything back. Whereas before, he was certain he wanted to leave, there’s a part of him that actually wants to stay now. His silence to the question speaks volumes about his journey in Korea and where he is at this moment in his life. Vincenzo wants to stay and a big part of that is due to Cha-young. She is his home.

I think this is why the kiss was such a beautiful moment and testament for the two. The drama teased us a few times before so I honestly wasn’t actually expecting a kiss between them in this episode. More so, I originally thought that if there was ever going to be a kiss between the two, I’d want it to be one where it’s just the two of them alone with no one around to watch and no one around to say anything. However, now that we saw the kiss happen in this episode, I think it makes more sense this way and I loved that it was the complete opposite of what I imagined. Vincenzo and Cha-young were forced to act on their feelings with the kiss, but I think that’s also how they were able to prove their feelings for each other. When you think about it, they didn’t have to kiss for the proposal. They could have avoided it, they could have just quickly moved on, and they could have just continued with the rest of the night.

However, it was too good of an opportunity to pass on and they took advantage of what was presented in front of them. The fact that they didn’t need to but they still did just proves how much they want each other. The proposal was fake, they were pretending to be a couple, they were going undercover for a mission, their main goal was to access the director’s office, everything was in a fake setting. The one thing that was real in that moment were their feelings for each other. Their feelings was the one thing that wasn’t pretend during the mission. Forget everything else that happened prior and everything else that happened after; Cha-young and Vincenzo were caught up in the moment and they let everything go. They let go of their fears, they let go of their worries, and they let go of any doubts they had for the kiss.

I loved that Cha-young was the first one to initiate the kiss and I’m honestly not all that surprised either that she made the first move. Cha-young’s been more impulsive, outgoing, and reckless so it made sense that she was the one to take that first step. As brave as Cha-young was, I loved that Vincenzo reciprocated the kiss afterwards which Cha-young definitely wasn’t expecting. She probably thought this entire time that it was only her who was going crazy. She probably thought this entire time that she was the only one with feelings. Cha-young acted on her feelings by making the first move, but Vincenzo too acted on his feelings by returning the kiss and wrapping his arms around her.

Eventually, the two settled in, clarified their feelings for each other, were on the same page as to how they felt about each other, and let it all go. Everything they were worried about prior to that kiss was forgotten and they could be free with the kiss. They didn’t have to put up a front with the kiss, they didn’t have to pretend with the kiss, and could just be themselves with the kiss. If it isn’t obvious already, that kiss meant everything (to not only us viewers but also to Vincenzo and Cha-young and their relationship). It was a defining moment for them and it’s definitely one that we will all remember.

This episode probably has to be within my top five favorite episodes so far in the show. Episodes 5 and 9 are definitely up there and while I still enjoyed the other episodes to an extent, I didn’t find myself as invested. This episode reminded me of how I felt when I watched episodes 5 and 9 and it was just overall a feel good episode. Along with all the Cha-young x Vincenzo moments we were blessed with in this episode, I enjoyed watching the teamwork with our Geumga tenants. Their strengths were utilized in their own unique ways and everyone played their role in ensuring the success of the mission. They all came together to support Vincenzo and Cha-young and it just goes to show that you don’t have to be the main characters to be important.

The mission wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of the Geumga tenants and they too deserve just as much credit. We’ve seen moments and hints in the drama before of the tenants working with our Jipuragi team so this episode was once again a great reminder of how fun and wonderful work can be when you have your support network right alongside you. Teamwork truly does make the dream work.

The drama brought back characters that I wasn’t expecting to see again (like trot singer Mr. Na) and continues to throw out bombshells to us (like Mr. Cho working as a secret agent and conspiring with Prosecutor Jung on the side). It seems as if the next component it’s going to focus on is Vincenzo’s past and everything coming back to haunt him. Although his Mafia boss was like family to him, he’s now found himself in a situation where he’s betrayed by his own family. Vincenzo and Paolo never got along necessarily, but they had ties due to Vincenzo’s deceased Mafia boss. Vincenzo might have ran away to Korea, but his history in Italy will forever be marked and remembered. Now it’s caught up to him in the present and he has to confront his past in his home country. Vincenzo already has enough battles and enemies he has to go up against, how will he handle these new demons?

Extra photos from the episode~ *_*

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  1. Thank you sooo much for your recaps Mary! I was definitely reliving the spazz moments with you and am so glad our Chacenzo couple got that kiss ❤ I really hope that Chayoung will come through in getting to protect Vincenzo on that rooftop cliffhanger. If my memory is correct, she's still got that gun. We've seen a lot of Vincenzo protecting and getting Chayoung out of trouble, so it'd be awesome if she was the one this time.

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