Vincenzo: Episode 17 Recap

I might be busy with work and life (hence, the late recap) but Vincenzo and his second family is even busier. The goal to take down Babel continues and the battle only intensifies with Vincenzo’s determination for revenge. There’s nothing stopping him now and he has a whole village behind him for support. The possibilities are endless.

Vincenzo: Episode 17 Recap

Vincenzo interrupts the little fiasco ensuing between the four Babel and Wusang team members. As Lawyer Choi go at it against Mr. Han and Han-seo, Vincenzo makes his grand appearance in the room by shooting his mother’s murderer in front of all four. Everyone’s taken aback and frightened by the sudden killing, but Vincenzo has no mercy. There’s no stopping him. He aims the gun at Joon-woo and Lawyer Choi and says a few threatening words to his enemies. They shouldn’t have killed his mother because it’s only made things worse. To seek revenge, he’ll guarantee them two things: humiliation worse than death and a death so painful they’re going to experience every single step of the way. The four will all die one day, it just won’t be that day. To give Joon-woo a preview as to what his future entails, Vincenzo shoots his gun at Joon-woo’s ears and injures the Babel Chairman. Painful now and even more painful in the future.

When Vincenzo returns to the mortuary, he enters the room to first find a grieving and sorrowful Cha-young whose eyes and face are red from all the crying. He motions closer to his deceased mother as she lays on the trolley and begins to cry. Vincenzo lets out all the grief and the tears that he had been holding in this entire time; the reality that his mother is gone finally hits him and he has the time to reunite at his mom’s side after an intense and chaotic night. After unveiling his mother’s face, he mutters the one word that he was hoping he would get to call her: “Mom.” Tears continue to stream down his face uncontrollably and it’s too much for Vincenzo. Our Geumga tenants and Mr. Cho attend Mom’s funeral. Although Mom regrets that she was never there for Vincenzo as his mother growing up, it’s obvious that Vincenzo has found his extended family.

Cha-young accompanies Vincenzo to his mother’s burial site and the two pay their respect to her. Afterwards, the couple sit down by the river to have a talk. Vincenzo expresses regret. He finally appeared in his mother’s life after 30 years, but he only caused her her death. If she hadn’t met him, she would have lived longer. However, Cha-young speaks from her heart and she speaks from experience. She knows that Vincenzo and his mother gave each other eternal happiness despite how short their time together was. He’ll eventually realize this in the future because it was something that she came to knowing and feeling with her feather’s death. Vincenzo sheds a few more tears and Cha-young pats him on the back as he lowers his head to cry. The feeling of losing a loved one is all too familiar for Cha-young. It hits a little too close to home for her and that’s why she can be there to comfort Vincenzo and support him.

That night, Vincenzo dedicates some time to reading the letter that his mother wrote for him in her hospital bed. He cries as she expresses both regret for not having been there for him his entire life as well as gratitude for having a son like him. Vincenzo also looks at the scarf that his mother knitted for him and it’s clear that he’s going to miss his mom for a very long time.

Joon-woo demands to leave the hospital despite the fact that his ear hasn’t completely healed just yet. Han-seo and Lawyer Choi attempt to calm the Babel Chairman down, but all he can think of is killing Vincenzo. He reiterates to Lawyer Choi that he not only wants Vincenzo killed, but he also wants the Mafia lawyer to be tortured every single step of the way as well. Han-seo listens in on their conversation without saying a word. Vincenzo suffers a nightmare and has flashbacks of his time back in Italy murdering people as well as recalls memories of him with his mother. When he wakes up, he takes a few seconds to process the nightmare before getting ready. It’s a new day and Mr. Cho has another gun prepared for the Mafia lawyer. While everyone else may be playing checkers, Vincenzo is busy playing chess. On his way to the Jipuragi office, Vincenzo encounters all the Geumga tenants waiting outside in the hallway for him. They all express their support for the Mafia lawyer and note just how much of an inspiration he’s been to them. They’re willing to help him take down Babel and have closed down their shops in the meantime to offer their assistance. Although Vincenzo doesn’t say a word, it’s clear in his eyes that he’s grateful for their support and presence.

With Joon-woo’s release from the hospital, he prepares to attend another auction for Babel Tower despite his team’s reluctance and hesitance in letting him go. Joon-woo is adamant in going, but he receives a threatening phone call from Vincenzo first. The two go back at it with each other, but it’s ultimately Vincenzo who wins. Vincenzo is going to take away Joon-woo’s pieces one by one in his plans to humiliate the Babel Chairman. With that, our Geumga tenants are given the green light to go and buy themselves some cool black clothing to represent the “Cassano family.” Vincenzo is indeed using their help.

And so the party begins. When the Babel-Wusang team arrive at the building where the auction is located, our Cassano family all get into their positions. Ms. Kwak and Chef Toto pretend to be a part of the kitchen team and they bring out a huge cake to the ballroom where everyone is seated. Meanwhile, the guys in the team are all dressed up in suits and role play as security guards outside near the ballroom. Cha-young and Vincenzo stay nearby in a hotel room closely monitoring the situation through a screen that’s capturing the live auction. There’s many people of power present at the auction and everyone is excited. It starts off like normal and no one assumes any foul play. However, things take a different turn when one of Vincenzo’s shadows enters the room and makes his grand appearance. He has a bomb glued to him and he also unveils the bomb hidden inside of the cake that was delivered earlier. The room is locked and people panic at the sight of Vincenzo’s shadow. He warns everyone not to leave or do anything or else everyone will explode. They have ten minutes to listen and abide by Vincenzo’s rules or else they all die.

Watching the man carry the bomb on him, Vincenzo recalls a moment from earlier that day. He actually met up with his two shadows (Mr. Pyo and Mr. Pyo’s boss) prior to the auction in the hotel room and promised them their release if they fulfilled this last assignment. Fast forward to the present, Lawyer Choi freaks out upon seeing Vincenzo’s shadow as she recognizes him and he definitely recognizes her. However, Lawyer Choi pretends to act as if she doesn’t know him even though she does. Han-seo and Mr. Han assume the bomb on the man is fake; it must be portable chargers or something, right? However, to prove that everything is real and that the situation is real, Vincenzo’s shadow claims that the miniature Babel Tower creation in the room will go off in five seconds. When the man finishes counting down, it’s not the Babel Tower that goes off. It’s him. The bomb on the man explodes and he dies on the spot (omg!). It was intended all along and Vincenzo was the mastermind behind the man’s death. Vincenzo did tell Cha-young that they would get revenge for what the man did to her father. Upon witnessing the death, Cha-young takes some time to process what just happened. She steps away and is reminded of the horrible night she saw her father lying in a pool of blood in the restaurant. With that, she shares with Vincenzo that she doesn’t regret anything. They had to do this sooner or later.

Thanks to Mi-ri’s technology expertise and knowledge, she’s able to send text messages to all the attendees at the auction excluding the Wusang-Babel team. They’re demanded to cut ties with Babel and cancel their agreements with the corporation if they wish to live. So with that, the powerful members in the room grab their contract agreement with Babel, rip it up, and stuff it in their mouths while declaring their allegiance to cut ties with Babel. After following through with Vincenzo’s instructions, everyone in the room is eventually allowed to leave except for the 4 Wusang and Babel members. They notice that the timer on the clock has stopped at 10 seconds but it doesn’t last for long. When the timer resumes and eventually finishes, the cake goes off and a fountain of liquid explodes all over Mr. Han’s face. Vincenzo and Cha-young are satisfied with how the first party went. They celebrate in their hotel room with some champagne. And onto the next one.

It doesn’t take long for Mr. Han to make his next move. He catches up to a man named Mr. Kim and expresses wishes to meet with Mr. Park – a presidential candidate. It’s an urgent matter as it’s related to the Guillotine file. With one of Vincenzo’s shadows dead, Vincenzo’s other shadow – Mr. Pyo – runs for his life. He returns to Lawyer Choi and pleads for her help to rescue him. Lawyer Choi is willing to help the man, but she needs to know how everything went down first before sparing the man’s life. Han-seo and Vincenzo spend some time together playing ice hockey. They’re getting along quite better now especially since Han-seo tipped Vincenzo off about the auction the other night. Although Han-seo’s been helping Vincenzo out, he wants to double check and make sure that he’s not one of Vincenzo’s targets. Vincenzo is willing to let Han-seo go as long as Han-seo doesn’t drop the honorifics, lol. Han-seo is quite smitten and impressed with the handsome Mafia lawyer and falls for him (literally) as their ice hockey date concludes.

Unlike what Mr. Pyo thought, his life isn’t spared by Lawyer Choi. He reaches the same fate as his counterpart and is beaten to death. Oof. The fight against the powerful people at the Babel Tower auction isn’t over just yet. All our Geumga tenants go head to head with some of the leaders who were present at the auction. They list out a bunch of demands that each of them must follow or else the video of them inside of the ballroom at the auction will be released. Of course, everyone who was at the auction listens to our Geumga tenants and follows through with their demands. Cassano family, for the win!

Joon-woo and Han-seo hang out in his office. Joon-woo has a grand surprise for his brother and he’s willing to hand over one of Babel’s units, Babel Bio, over to Han-seo. If things go well and Han-seo is successful in managing Babel Bio, he’ll permit Han-seo to eventually take over Babel Pharmaceuticals or Babel Chemicals. Han-seo and Joon-woo give each other a hug and Joon-woo is excited. This is what he’s always wanted all along, right? Our Jipuragi team dig up some more information found inside of the Guillotine file and find some dirt on Mr. Park, the presidential candidate. He’s quite involved in the real estate industry and purchased some land around Geumga Plaza a few years ago. Mr. Park meets up with Mr. Han in a private meeting to discuss about the Guillotine file. Upon learning that Vincenzo has the file hidden underneath the plaza alongside tons of gold, Mr. Park is both intrigued and fearful of the idea. There’s many secrets in that file that can cause him to lose everything. Mr. Han promises to be Mr. Park’s unbeatable shield under a few conditions. Mr. Park hears him out on his ideas.

Vincenzo urges Monk Chaeshin and Jeok-ha to leave the temple once again. Although the two monks refuse to move out, they do have a burning question for Vincenzo. To make up for the mess the other day at the auction, Joon-woo invites all the powerful people over to his house for some drinks. He reassures them that everything will work out with the Babel Tower and that the reevaluation process will eventually be resolved. Plus, there’s some nice gifts he has in store for them (aka gold). Mr. Han has something nice cooked up for himself, especially after meeting with Mr. Park. Speaking of Mr. Park, Mr. An and Director Tae are determined to take him and Mr. Kim down. It turns out Director Tae was never on Babel’s side all along. He only pretended to be on their side to learn more about Babel’s plans and to gain intel on what they were doing. There’s only a handful of people who know the truth about the Guillotine file and that includes Mr. An. Upon learning from Vincenzo that he actually has the Guillotine file on him, Mr. An tricked his boss into thinking the file was located in the basement of Geumga Plaza. From there, Director Tae made his secret moves on Babel and now he’s ready to work with the Jipuragi team to expose their enemies. He made sure that Mr. Kim not go after Vincenzo at any point in the process and to rather leave him alone. He also was able to dig up some dirty laundry on Babel.

Our Jipuragi team watch some video footage that Director Tae was able to secretly capture and record when he was over at Joon-woo’s house the other night with everyone else. He also reunites with his former employee, Mr. Cho, at the office that night. It’s been a while since they’ve last seen each other and they make it clear that Mr. An is Mr. Cho’s sunbae, lol. Mr. Han’s wishes and vision comes into fruition. In return for protecting Mr. Park, Mr. Han is given the position of Chief Prosecutor of the Namdongbu Prosecution Services. Lawyer Choi is now CEO of Wusang while Han-seo is promoted once again to Chairman of Babel. Joon-woo attempts to argue against Mr. Kim, but Mr. Kim puts Joon-woo in his place. He is well aware of Joon-woo’s murder of his father and he knows plenty more about Joon-woo. Mr. Kim suggests that Joon-woo lay low for now in the meantime.

Mr. Han and Han-seo go out to celebrate their new positions with some drinks. Things are shaping up for them all thanks to Mr. Han’s hard work and smart talking. Now that they feel more confident about their situations, all they have to do is take care of Vincenzo. So with that, Mr. Han shares with Han-seo his upcoming move to take down the Mafia member: he’s going to set up a trap that involves the International Police arresting Vincenzo. Vincenzo will be removed from the picture and Han-seo can then demolish Geumga Plaza to obtain the Guillotine file and the gold hidden in the basement of the building. It’s the perfect idea and it’s also one that Han-seo shares with Vincenzo the next day. Mr. Han holds a press conference as the new Chief Prosecutor. Our Jipuragi team watch the press conference in disbelief and shock. Joon-woo doesn’t seem like he’s powerful enough to have promoted Mr. Han to such a high-level position so who was it exactly that gave Mr. Han his new job?

Han-seo and Vincenzo meet up at the ice rink once again, but there’s no game of ice hockey this time. Now that Han-seo’s got what he’s wanted, the fun between him and Vincenzo ends. He beats around the bush for a bit before pulling out his gun and aiming it at Vincenzo. Vincenzo is also just as fast and before Han-seo can shoot, he finds Vincenzo aiming a gun back at him. Vincenzo didn’t expect much from Han-seo anyways; he’s similar to his brother and the betrayal doesn’t come as a shock. The two men point their guns at each other, but there’s more guns involved. The InterPol and Korean police arrive at the scene and also aim their guns at the Mafia lawyer. They urge Vincenzo to lower his gun, but Vincenzo has no plans in giving in or giving up. Upon redirecting his gun to one of the police officers, Han-seo shoots at Vincenzo and hits him right by his heart. Vincenzo’s jersey is stained red as blood begins to bleed through the shirt. He falls to his knees and then eventually onto the ground. A tear falls from Vincenzo’s eyes as he lays on the ice rink. Is this the end for him? Is this all that it has come down?

Extra photos from the episode~

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