Vincenzo: Episode 19 Recap

It’s finale week! For the past ten weeks (technically eleven with the one weekend that didn’t air any new episodes), we’ve witnessed the growth and development of Vincenzo in his journey back to his home country. He’s met many amazing and wonderful people who’s become his second family, but he’s also met a few enemies along the way that has made his trip more difficult than expected. Vincenzo has come a long way in getting to where he is at the moment, but what exactly will come out of it? What will happen to him and his second family and all that he’s worked for?

Vincenzo: Episode 19 Recap

Mr. Kim rallies his group of men out into the hallway where Cha-young and Mi-ri are located. Cha-young stands in front of Mi-ri and protects her, but it doesn’t take long for one of Mr. Kim’s men to challenge her. Just when Cha-young is close to getting hit, Vincenzo comes to the rescue and stops the man from making a move on the Jipuragi lawyer. Vincenzo throws the man out the window and proves just how powerful and dangerous he is. He’s not someone to be messed with and yet Mr. Kim takes the risk. And so it’s a fight against Mr. Kim’s men and Vincenzo succeeds at first. However, there’s only one of him and too many enemies and the Mafia lawyer doesn’t have the energy to keep up with the fight. Thankfully, the rest of the Geumga tenants come to Vincenzo’s rescue. They chant the Italian word “Stop!” while walking down the hallway and they all manage to successfully take down Mr. Kim’s guys. From weightlifter Yeon-jin to wrestler Cheol-wook to Vincenzo’s fanclub president Mr. An, each of the Geumga tenants have their own special role. Eventually, Mr. Kim is left alone with all his men defeated and Cha-young finishes him off with a hit to his head with a stick. Woo hoo! The Cassano family wins once again!

Everyone reconvenes at Chef Toto’s restaurant after the successful win and fight. Our Geumga tenants are feeling great and motivated after using their hidden fighting skills to defeat Mr. Kim’s men. Just like the other times, they’re thankful for Vincenzo. Afterwards, our Jipuragi team have a talk with Mr. Cho back at their office. Just how exactly did the trio manage to get all the gold and the Guillotine file out of the secret room? With that, we’re taken to the last visit that Vincenzo made to the temple. Our two monks had a feeling that something was off with their temple due to the electrical shocks that they felt while they sat in the middle of the room. They eventually confront Vincenzo about it and confirm with him on the location of the gold. Vincenzo lets our two monks in on the secret and has no choice but to reveal that the gold is indeed hidden underneath the temple. However, the two monks are to keep it a secret and Vincenzo works with Mi-ri to unlock the security system to the room so that they can take out the gold little by little.

Everyone is excited for the grand day and just like Vincenzo instructs, our Jipuragi team, Mi-ri, and Monk Chaeshin and Jeok-ha work together to remove the gold in the secret room one by one. They take turns entering and exiting the temple with a bag of gold until all of the gold is removed. So where did they relocate the gold to? Mr. Nam whispers the answer to Mr. Cho’s ear in fear that someone might hear them from outside. So what about the Guillotine file? The powerful documents are located somewhere only Vincenzo knows and has access to. Vincenzo will fill Mr. Cho in on the details when the time is right.

Later on that night, Vincenzo and Cha-young spend some time together outside on the balcony of a building overlooking the plaza. It’s the same exact place they were located on the night that Vincenzo threw his infamous Geumga Plaza party to avoid Mr. Park, Soo-nam, and their men. A lot has changed since that party, but Cha-young and Vincenzo’s feelings remain the same. Just like Cha-young felt then, she still thinks Vincenzo is cool. She also clearly remembers the Booralro suit that he sported on that night and Vincenzo was fascinated at how someone recognized the expensive and luxurious suit he was wearing. Cha-young’s grateful that Vincenzo is back and that he settled his situation back in Italy with some money. Now that Vincenzo is back, things can return to like how they were and she can breathe a sigh of relief. Omg, my heart is fluttering with this scene. They are waaaaay too cute, I can’t handle! Meanwhile, Mr. Kim finds himself abandoned and deserted on the side of a train-track with a fake gold bar in his hand, lol.

Mr. Nam won’t let Vincenzo go after experiencing the pain of his absence. Even if it was just for a few short hours, he can’t bare the thought of Vincenzo ever leaving again. Mr. Nam hugs Vincenzo closely from behind and it takes a few reminders from Cha-young to get Mr. Nam grounded back to reality. They have to go back to focusing on Mr. Park. There’s plenty of intel on Mr. Park in the Guillotine file, including information about the profits he made from purchasing land. This news about Mr. Park go public and people are in disbelief especially considering that Mr. Park is a presidential candidate. Mr. Park’s right-hand man, Mr. Kim, Prosecutor Jung, Mr. Han, and Lawyer Choi all have some lunch together. The video of the Babel Tower auction from a few days ago will definitely be shown in their upcoming trial and it doesn’t help that Lawyer Choi and Mr. Han’s faces will also appear in the video. However, Prosecutor Jung has something up his sleeves. He’s confident he can stop the trial from proceeding, but he’s going to need some help from Mr. Park. On the way out of the restaurant, Mr. Kim urges Mr. Han to promote Prosecutor Jung and for Prosecutor Jung to accept his new promotion.

Joon-woo gets into trouble even while in prison. He ends up picking a fight with one of the prisoners and bites the man’s ear before being pulled off by guards. Whether outside or in prison, Joon-woo is still the same evil monster. Our Jipuragi team are notified about the postponement of their lawsuit against Babel due to the belief that the lawsuit might smear the reputation of one of the presidential candidates (aka Mr. Park). They are to postpone the trial to after the presidential election, but Vincenzo isn’t too worried. They do have the Guillotine file so they should utilize it to their advantage. After discovering that it was Prosecutor Jung who was behind the push, they agree to celebrate Prosecutor Jung’s promotion with a special gift.

Cha-young and Vincenzo spend some time together drinking some coffee outside. After chatting a bit about corruption and how competent corrupt people can be, Cha-young moves on to checking in with Vincenzo once again about leaving Korea. The thought of Vincenzo leaving Korea after everything is over still weighs heavily on Cha-young’s mind and it’s obvious she’s not quite ready to let him go. However, Vincenzo makes a promise with Cha-young that he’ll definitely come back. Although it’s not explicitly mentioned, it’s clear Vincenzo will come back for her. Omg, stay still my heart. I love them both so much!

Lawyer Choi receives an update regarding the trial with Babel. Our Jipuragi team attacks them back thanks to the Guillotine file and the trial is to proceed like previously scheduled. Lawyer Choi isn’t so thrilled with the news and she expresses her anger and disappointment to Prosecutor Jung via phone call. However, Prosecutor Jung doesn’t have much to say as it was something that he didn’t see coming either. Lawyer Choi is fed up and yet there’s nothing she can do. Mr. Han and Judge Heo bid farewell with each other after having some dinner together. Mr. Han once again leans on Judge Heo to help them out with the upcoming trial, but Judge Heo isn’t buying it this time. He’s well aware of Mr. Han’s ill intentions and he has no plans in siding with Babel. He enters his vehicle and prepares to head home, but makes a stop first. Thanks to his driver Vincenzo, Judge Heo is warned by Vincenzo to not pull any dirty tricks on them. He is to do what he does best and work his magic to get Joon-woo out of prison as soon as possible. No matter what happens, Joon-woo’s prison term cannot be extended. Judge Heo might have gotten attacked with wasps last time, but it can be much worse in the future.

And so the first day of the trial is underway. Our Cassano family all have a pep talk at Chef Toto’s restaurant first before heading out to the courtroom. Once inside of the courtroom, our Cassano family all sit together in the front of the room and Han-seo joins them shortly afterwards. Unlike everyone else in the room, they don’t stand up when Judge Heo enters the courtroom and instead they sit with their arms and legs crossed. I love this silent protest! The trial to settle compensation for damages caused by Babel’s illegal activities begins and Vincenzo is the first witness to testify. He uses video evidence of the gathering at Joon-woo’s house as well as the Babel Tower auction as part of his testimony. While the footage plays in the courtroom, there’s one thing about the video that stands out to the Babel-Wusang team. Their faces are blurred. Lawyer Choi, Mr. Han, Han-seo, and Joon-woo’s faces are blurred in the videos. Why is that? Cha-young and Vincenzo can only smirk at the playing of the video. They aren’t here to play any games.

Vincenzo catches up with Prosecutor Jung inside of the men’s bathroom at the courthouse and teaches the prosecutor a good lesson. Prosecutor Jung might have ignored Vincenzo’s warning last time, but he’s willing to give Prosecutor Jung one last chance to redeem himself. If Prosecutor Jung doesn’t pull any tricks or stunts the next two days, Vincenzo will spare his life. Prosecutor Jung can care less about Vincenzo and he doesn’t have any plans in negotiating with the Mafia lawyer. Prosecutor Jung is close to losing his life right in that moment, but Vincenzo lets the prosecutor go to test him. The stress and frustration gets to Lawyer Choi and Mr. Han and the two come close to cutting ties with each other. Their faces were blurred in the videos because they’re eventually going to get killed by Vincenzo. Lawyer Choi has no patience for Mr. Han and is well aware of the dirty tricks he’s used to climb up the ranks. She warns Mr. Han not to pull anything on her and Joon-woo in order to save his own life or else.

And so the results to the lawsuit against Babel are revealed. Babel’s ownership of Geumga Plaza is to be nullified and all our Geumga tenants celebrate with their victory. Woo hoo! Things are also shaping up for Han-seo who officially declares his alliance with Vincenzo to Mr. Han. He has no plans in joining sides with Mr. Han. You see, Vincenzo’s on a different level. Haha, that’s right! Vincenzo pays Joon-woo another visit to personally deliver news about his now nonexistent Babel Tower. Vincenzo destroyed the miniature Babel Tower display inside of Joon-woo’s house and took photos of it to show Joon-woo for this exact moment. Now that Babel Tower is out of the picture, Vincenzo can focus on his next efforts: killing Joon-woo off. He’s a hungry cat now and he’s ready to feast on his mouse. Joon-woo isn’t afraid of Vincenzo. When he leaves prison, he’ll return to his old ways and his old days. He’ll act like how he used to back during his childhood and might even collect Vincenzo’s watch at the end of it all.

While Joon-woo is expected to leave prison soon, there’s one person who wants to go in. It’s Mr. Han. To him, prison is the safest place so he requests to be put into prison by Prosecutor Jung. He’ll stay in prison for just 3 months or until Vincenzo is killed. Prosecutor Jung has a hard time understanding why Mr. Han would want to do such a thing. Han-seo and Vincenzo have some food and drinks together. Vincenzo urges for Han-seo to leave the country for a few months. Once his brother is released, Han-seo will be his brother’s first target. Vincenzo will even recommend him a few safe places to stay. However, Han-seo disagrees. He won’t go anywhere. He knew the risks going into this work and he’s willing to put up with it. Plus, he knows he can rely on Vincenzo for help and support. Meanwhile, Lawyer Choi deliberates on how she can get Joon-woo out of prison as soon as possible.

Cha-young and Vincenzo have their usual cafe date and chat about their next move once Joon-woo is released. Vincenzo warns her that she doesn’t have to help him with their final target. He respects her virtue and boundaries and understands that her values might not always align with his. However, Cha-young declares her loyalty and support for Vincenzo. Joon-woo is to be punished and there is no other way to do that than to do it Vincenzo’s way. Therefore, she’ll be there with him every step of the way to take down the evil monster. Cha-young also receives an update about Prosecutor Jung during their date that disappoints Vincenzo. Prosecutor Jung has released everyone that was seen at Joon-woo’s house in the video footage. Prosecutor Jung has sealed his fate. Lawyer Choi also has something up her sleeves to release Joon-woo from prison. In a meeting with Mr. Kim, she volunteers to take the fall for Joon-woo so that he can be freed. She’s fabricated evidence to make it seem as if Joon-woo was her puppet with all the illegal activities and corruption committed by Babel. In order to protect Mr. Park and take down both Vincenzo and the Guillotine file, there’s only one person who can accomplish that goal and it has to be Joon-woo.

Vincenzo cuts Prosecutor Jung’s life short later on that night. He has no patience for the prosecutor who refused to listen to him. Even until the very end, Prosecutor Jung refuses to acknowledge or recognize his wrongdoings against Vincenzo. With that, the Mafia lawyer bids farewell with the prosecutor and throws him over the edge of a building. Prosecutor Jung plummets from the building and lands on the top of a car. He’s dead on the spot. While drinking some wine in his bedroom that night, Vincenzo reflects on his next targets. For him and Cha-young’s sake, there’s three more people he needs to target: Lawyer Choi, Mr. Han, and Joon-woo. One down, three more to go.

Lawyer Choi updates Joon-woo on her plan to substitute him in prison so that he can walk out a free man. It’s what is needed to get the job done and Lawyer Choi is confident Joon-woo will come back for her to get her out. He promises to make her Vice Chairwoman of Babel once he’s finished with the job and he agrees to Lawyer Choi’s plan under one condition: his release from prison must be kept a secret. And so Lawyer Choi is arrested and taken into prison while Joon-woo is released. Lawyer Choi remains relaxed and comfortable the entire time. She’s confident that she won’t be in her jail cell for long and even belts out a few notes while laying in her jail cell. Hmm, interesting.

While in the office, Vincenzo can’t help but watch and admire his lover partner in crime get ready for a special occasion. He watches as she fixes her make-up and puts on some earrings. Curious Vincenzo follows up with Cha-young after the two exit the plaza together. Where exactly is Cha-young going? Cha-young shares about a reunion that she’s planning on attending. You see, she wants to know if anyone has been badmouthing her. LOL. I love it! Vincenzo can’t help but grow worried and jealous. He wants Cha-young all to himself and he’s sad at how she’s going out without him. Will she be drinking? Will she need him to pick her up later? Will there only be women at the reunion or will there be men too? Doubts and worries invade Vincenzo’s mind while Cha-young heads out to her reunion. However, she unfortunately doesn’t get too far when she’s kidnapped and throw into a van by Joon-woo’s men. Nooo.

Han-seo too suffers with Joon-woo’s secret release from prison. He receives a visit from his brother while at his office and slowly accepts his reality when Joon-woo aims a gun at his head. He assumes he’ll suffer the same fate as their father and he closes his eyes expecting to die. However, Joon-woo hits Han-seo instead with the gun and knocks the man out unconscious. Vincenzo grows worried when his calls to Cha-young are unanswered. His panic only intensifies when he receives a knock at his apartment door and discovers a bag with Cha-young’s jewelry covered in blood outside his apartment unit. Cha-young is in danger. When Han-seo awakens, he discovers himself inside of a room with a tied up Cha-young. He’s about to help Cha-young out when Joon-woo appears in the room to exchange a few words with his former Sunbae. The two go at it with each other. Cha-young has no patience, fear, or understanding for Joon-woo. She knows how evil he is and even comments how he should have never been born. The words aren’t enough to cut through Joon-woo and he has no plans in killing Cha-young anytime soon. He gives Vincenzo a phone call and urges for the Mafia member to arrive sooner or later or else Cha-young will die. Vincenzo hurries over to the location where the three are located.

When Vincenzo arrives, he finds Han-seo scattered to the side of the room with blood pouring from his head. Cha-young is tied up next to Joon-woo who has a gun in his hand. The bag with Cha-young’s jewelry that was covered in blood? It was pig’s blood. Joon-woo wanted to try the same method that Vincenzo previously used on him. Vincenzo warns Joon-woo to reconsider the situation; even if he was to kill Vincenzo, things wouldn’t end. But Joon-woo doesn’t mind dying as long as he gets to see Vincenzo die first. With that, he pulls out a hockey stick and demands for Han-seo to beat Vincenzo to death with it. If Han-seo follows through and does as he is told, Joon-woo will spare his life and let him go. Cha-young grows furious and she screams at Joon-woo to stop. Joon-woo has enough of Cha-young and doesn’t hesitate to put her in her place by hitting her. This prompts Vincenzo to fall onto his knees so that Han-seo can do as he was told. In order to save Han-seo and Cha-young’s life, this is what has to be done.

Han-seo apologizes in advance for the injuries and wounds he’s about to inflict on Vincenzo, but Vincenzo is understanding. He knows that Han-seo has no other choice. Han-seo picks up the hockey stick and prepares to hit Vincenzo, but he switches his aim at the last second and instead hits Joon-woo with the stick (OMG!! GO HAN-SEO!!). With Joon-woo distracted and hurt, Vincenzo utilizes the opportunity to untie Cha-young and rescue her. Unfortunately, the fight with Joon-woo doesn’t last too long for Han-seo and he’s shot in the arm and another bullet is heard exiting from Joon-woo’s gun. After fighting Han-seo off, Joon-woo targets Vincenzo next and shoots at the Mafia lawyer. However, his bullet ends up piercing Cha-young who sacrificed her life for the Mafia member by standing in front of him to protect him. She’s shot in the back by the bullet and she falls to the ground seconds afterwards. Both Cha-young and Vincenzo remain speechless and they’re both in shock at the incident. Vincenzo embraces a wounded Cha-young in his arms and the Mafia side in him is once again riled up. There’s been many things in the past that Joon-woo’s committed that has angered Vincenzo, but witnessing his love get shot right in front of his eyes hits different. He lost his mother and he now might lose his lover. As Vincenzo holds Cha-young in his arms, he looks back up at Joon-woo with no mercy. The hungry cat is ready to feast on his mouse.

Extra photos from the episode~

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