[Discuss Away!] Taxi Driver 2: Episodes 5-6

Episodes 5 and 6 of ‘Taxi Driver 2’ were aired separately the last 2 weeks due to the World Baseball Classic (which, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend tuning into! I’ve been watching and rooting for Team Japan but all the games have been pretty entertaining and fun!). As fun as this drama has been, one episode per week the past two weeks has sort of been a blessing in disguise for me. I get to watch some (awesome) baseball without feeling like I’m drowning in trying to catch up with my Korean dramas.

Similar to the first 4 episodes, the two latest episodes tugged at my heartstrings again with the main clients and victims being children. The drama knew what it was doing by choosing to focus on children and having them at the center of the story and they were right. My heart was both in shambles and relief while watching the two episodes and I was fearful for our dear Seo-yeon and all the other kidnapped kids. Thankfully, I was also relieved because I knew our Taxi team would come in clutch to rescue the kids and free them of the underground organization that the villain, Kang Pil-seung, was operating.

Though I didn’t enjoy this specific case as much as I did with the other two, I still think there were a few things that the drama did well with this case. The one detail that I enjoyed the most was the way that Seo-yeon reached out to our Taxi team for help and the way she offered them a few coins that she carried with her. That was basically her “ticket” in requesting for their service and similar to the prior two cases with the Dad and the Grandma, this was Seo-yeon’s way of asking for help. One might not think this was a big deal, but I actually found it so refreshing and smart. One of the most exciting things about each case or client for this drama is the way that they request for the Taxi team’s services. We saw a photobooth with the first case and then we witnessed a phone booth in the second one. ‘Taxi Driver 2’ outdoes itself again with the primary client being a child and her request for their service being handing Do-ki a few coins. She’s very young and innocent but she’s also so smart and aware. ‘Taxi Driver 2’ – the drama that you are!

Other aspects that I enjoy about this drama are the little wrinkles that it adds to each passing case. There weren’t as many twists and turns with the first case; it was a pretty straight-forward case where Do-ki went out to search for the Dad’s missing son and brought him back home safely. But then with the second case, we saw our Taxi team face a few bumps along the way which challenged them during their plan. But in the end, as they always do, they managed to find a way around these bumps and accomplish their plan.

Episodes 5 and 6 were similar in that the plan to discover the truth about Mr. Kang as well as their plan to rescue the children wasn’t as easy. You think things are going relatively smooth and that the villains don’t have a few tricks up their sleeves because our Taxi can surely outdo them every time, but then the villain does something that makes you realize that they’re somewhat capable (or at least that they’re not as foolish as you think they are). The Taxi Team will always achieve what it is that they set out to do but that doesn’t mean that it’ll always be a smooth ride (or should I say drive?) every time. I like that the drama implements these little twists and turns along the way and that there’s little bumps here and there. It keeps the drama engaging and riveting, keeps the stakes high for all who is involved, and also makes the end results so much more worth it. I know the Taxi team will finish what they set out to finish by the end of it all, but it’s also not going to be easy to get there. That’s what makes this drama so fun to watch.

So far, we’ve had children, the elderly, and a father as our clients/victims in the drama. I wonder what other ideas the drama has up its sleeves to keep us this engaged and captivated with its future cases. I’m also curious as to what other methods or strategies our Taxi team will use to do what it is they need to do. As we saw in episodes 5 and 6, Go-eun and Do-ki went on a mission roleplaying as a married couple (which I absolutely loved! It sort of reminded me of one of the episodes in ‘Vincenzo‘ haha). All the undercover investigations also prompts Do-ki to role play as certain characters so it’s been such a fun and joyful watch to watch him be the country bumpkin or the naive, foolish, and happy “husband.” Do-ki’s a talented man who wears many different hats, but I prefer the one where he’s the cool, charismatic deluxe taxi driver who works with a team who can do it all, saving innocent lives and seeking revenge on the evil by the end of it all.

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