Doctor Cha: Episode 6 Recap

There’s plenty of secrets our characters in this drama are keeping from one another which might get revealed sooner than later. Though Jeong-suk begins to pick up on a few hints and clues, she remains focused on herself and tries not to get distracted by the various factors that continue to pose as bumps on her path to success.

Doctor Cha: Episode 6 Recap

After the surprise event where Jeong-suk was the star of the show, everyone retreats and heads back to work. Chief Lim checks in with Jeong-suk to ask her about the thing that she wanted to tell him but Jeong-suk changes her mind. Shortly afterwards, it’s In-ho’s turn to speak with Jeong-suk and he assumes she must still be quitting the hospital. But Jeong-suk isn’t so sure just yet and she still needs a few days to think about it. She finds it odd and suspicious that In-ho is adamant about her quitting. Oh ho ho. Jeong-suk leaves after receiving a phone call about her patient, Hae-nam, and In-ho gets yelled at by Seung-hi once again during a phone call.

Jeong-suk rushes to Hae-nam’s room where Hae-nam receives emergency treatment from a nurse. Jeong-suk learns that Hae-nam has been granted a stay of execution which means she can leave to go back home but she has no family or home. And her health isn’t in the greatest condition. So Jeong-suk spends time with Hae-nam and attempts to convince her to get treated. But all Hae-nam can think about is her daughter who she lost contact with. All she knows is that her daughter wanted to become a doctor but she’s not so sure how her daughter is doing since they’re no longer in contact.

In-ho is punished by Seung-hi for lying to her about Jeong-suk’s decision to quit and it’s clear that her patience with In-ho is running out. Meanwhile, Jeong-suk spends some time with bestie, Mi-hee, at work and she asks Mi-hee for some help. Since Mi-hee has many connections, Jeong-suk requests if Mi-hee could help her find Hae-nam’s daughter, Yeong-long. Right at that moment, Roy walks by them in the hospital lobby and just like with many others Mi-hee pays extra attention to the handsome doctor. Mi-hee agrees to help Jeong-suk find Yeong-long only if Jeong-suk sets her up with Roy. Haha.

Mom and Mother-in-law get a check-up at the same hospital at the same time. While waiting for their turn, they continue to take jabs at each other and it’s clear they don’t get along that well. After Mom’s check-up, she wakes up to hear strange noises coming from the patient lying on the hospital bed next to her. It turns out to be none other than Mother-in-law muttering words about food and a restaurant and Mom assumes Mother-in-law must really be dating. Seung-hi and Eun-seo attend Seung-hi’s dad’s funeral and she confronts her brother about the inheritance money. Seung-hi’s brother isn’t so thrilled to see her after twenty years where she disappeared and disconnected from the family. Seung-hi defends herself by adding that she was embarrassed and ashamed in having a child with a married man so she disappeared. Before leaving, Eun-seo proudly introduces herself to her uncle and stands up for her mother. While walking back home, Eun-seo and Seung-hi are once again reminded of how distant they are from other family members. But they’ve long accepted that because they at least have each other.

Mi-hee relays information that she found out about Yeong-long to Jeong-suk so our first-year resident goes to pay Hae-nam’s daughter a visit. It turns out Yeong-long herself is a doctor and she’s doing pretty well in life. Yeong-long assumes Jeong-suk must have visited for an appointment but Jeong-suk gets straight to the point. She brings up Hae-nam to Yeong-long but Yeong-long doesn’t want anything to do with her mom. She’s reminded of the moment during her childhood that forever changed their lives. On that night of her dad’s murder, Yeong-long interrupted her mother who was making them dinner and she saw that her mom hid something in the cabinets. Though her mom lied that it was just medicine, Yeong-long was aware of what it was and she managed to grab the poison in the cabinet without her mom noticing. She then secretly poured it into the bowl of soup that her father ate which led to her father’s death. After revealing the truth behind the murder, Yeong-long expresses guilt for what she did and how her mother took the fall for it. Jeong-suk comforts her and validates her feelings. A mother would do anything for their child.

Mom checks in with Seung-hi to go over the results from her check-in. Thankfully, Mom seems to be in good health and the mole on the back near her neck is benign. There’s nothing to worry about. But Mother-in-law receives news from her check-up that she doesn’t perceive to be good and she learns from Jeong-suk that she’s been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. However, it’s nothing too concerning and the surgery is simple. From In-ho to I-rang and Jung-min to the man who she’s been meeting named Professor Park, everyone doesn’t seem too concerned about the news. They reassure Mother-in-law that she’ll be just fine. After informing Professor Park about her health, Mother-in-law learns about a new hospital that he’s invested in. So she becomes interested in doing the same and heads to the bank to take out a loan. But she’s unable to take out the loan since she needs Jeong-suk there with her and Mother-in-law is once again reminded of how important Jeong-suk is to the family.

Jeong-suk is interrogated during a disciplinary hearing by hospital chiefs and doctors about the incident regarding Hae-nam. She recounts her side of the story before leaving the committee to discuss what disciplinary actions to take against Jeong-suk. While In-ho is vocal about punishing Jeong-suk much more intensely, the rest of the members agree that a 3-month wage reduction should suffice as punishment. It wouldn’t be a good thing to piss Chairman Oh off (that’s right!).

After the disciplinary hearing, Jeong-suk encounters Yeong-long at the hospital so she brings Yeong-long to reunite with her mom. She watches through the window as the mother and daughter pair embrace and cry together after many years of pain, hurt, and loss. And just like that, our first-year resident makes a positive impact on one of her patients once again. But the work goes on and Jeong-suk is assigned a new patient. Her name is Yoo Ji-sun (played by Kang Ji-young of Kara) and she needs to undergo surgery to be treated for cancer. But she’s pregnant and she doesn’t want to have the surgery until her baby reaches a certain weight level. Ji-sun’s dad is vocal about giving up Ji-sun’s baby for adoption. He doesn’t even know who the father of the baby is and his daughter is still too young to be a mother. But that’s something that he’ll have to discuss on his own with Ji-sun as there’s nothing Jeong-suk can do about it.

News about Ji-sun’s case spreads throughout the Surgery department residents and So-ra rants about the irresponsibility of the baby’s dad as well as the idea of putting the baby up for adoption. Ji-sun herself is curious as to what Jeong-suk thinks but Jeong-suk remains neutral. All she knows is that an entirely different life will unfold once everything is taken care of. Seung-hi, who overheard the conversation with Ji-sun, warns Jeong-suk to not give advice to Ji-sun so easily. She’s not a single mother so she wouldn’t know much. Even though Jeong-suk may not have raised a child as a single mother like Seung-hi did, she is still a mother and shares that common factor with Ji-sun. As if the conversation wasn’t intense enough, Jeong-suk notices Seung-hi’s bracelet on her wrist that looks exactly like the one she’s wearing. She grows suspicious that they have on the same bracelet but she talks herself out of it. Maybe Seung-hi bought the bracelet herself at the department store.

Seung-hi grabs dinner with In-ho that night and the two chat about their situation. In-ho pleads with Seung-hi once again for more time to figure things out but Seung-hi is tired of hearing the same excuse. Similar to In-ho’s patient Ji-sun, she at one point was encouraged to give up Eun-seo for adoption but she didn’t and she raised her daughter. She’s aware that In-ho struggles to be around Eun-seo and that he forces himself to look happy when he’s around her. There’s nothing much In-ho can say other than that he doesn’t feel all that great about his life and what he did. The two head out to the hotel later on after dinner but In-ho isn’t in the mood for some love. He’s suffering some side effects from the medicine he’s taking for his balding. Seung-hi teases him for his situation and she actually reacts with laughter and joy for once in their relationship.

Seung-hi and In-ho continue to get bolder and bolder with every outside appearance they make as a couple. In the past, they ran away and hid from being found but they’re not so lucky that night. Both So-ra and Roy witness the two exiting the hotel building together. While So-ra is shocked and confused, Roy is in disbelief upon seeing them together. He’s reminded of the first time he saw them together which was during a car accident. It’s insane that they’re still going out and about together to this day. Meanwhile, Jeong-suk takes a break from work by visiting the coffee shop located inside the hospital. There, she comes across Chae-yoon and the two chat with each other about switching shifts. Jeong-suk also notices the bracelet on Chae-yoon’s wrist that happens to be the exact same one as hers. Jeong-suk is relieved at the sight of the bracelet and she feels better seeing someone else wear the same one too.

Roy privately confronts In-ho about his affair with Seung-hi while in the dressing room at work. As Jeong-suk’s doctor, he feels guilty pretending to not know about their affair and for turning a blind eye to the situation. In-ho is shocked about Roy’s knowledge of the affair but he warns Roy to stay quiet or else. When In-ho returns to his office, he knocks everything down from his desk in anger. He then takes out that anger on Jeong-suk in several different ways and excludes her from participating at work. She gets her shift replaced by another resident and she’s once again embarrassed by In-ho in front of the other residents. So Jeong-suk confronts In-ho about the situation in which In-ho pleads for Jeong-suk to just quit. It’s hard enough for him to see her at work and she should take his feelings into consideration for once. But Jeong-suk is adamant on being a resident and working at the hospital. This is her one chance to live her life for herself and she wants to put herself first now. She won’t ask In-ho for help; she just wants to be given the chance to walk down her own path for once. But In-ho continues to make things difficult for Jeong-suk and the next day at work, he once again forbids her from joining him and the rest of the residents.

So Jeong-suk grows confused and doubtful about herself once again and she takes a break to think things through. Roy catches sight of her sitting in the room by herself so he joins her and they chat about her situation. Jeong-suk expresses her doubts and concerns; maybe she should have just quit after all. But Roy isn’t worried about Jeong-suk like how she is; he purposely told her to quit the first time they talked about it because he knew she wouldn’t. To clear their minds, he proposes that they participate in a marathon together. Roy has a crew that runs on the weekends and he invites Jeong-suk to join them. Now officially friends, Jeong-suk excitedly accepts the invite by Roy but there’s also someone else who she wants to invite to the fun activity. Hehe.

And sure enough, Mi-hee joins Jeong-suk and Roy for the marathon. Though she’s participated in marathons before, she pretends as if she’s not as familiar so that she can receive a special lesson from our handsome doctor himself. Haha. After the marathon, she proceeds to make another move on Roy by suggesting that they make some dinner plans. But Roy is a busy busy man and he respectfully declines the invitation. After he leaves, Mi-hee shares her investigation notes with Jeong-suk and assumes that Roy is interested in Jeong-suk. Jeong-suk isn’t so certain about that but Mi-hee is pretty confident she’s right. Hehe (again). While Jeong-suk is off having fun with Roy and Mi-hee, In-ho continues to be miserable at work. While operating a surgery, he notices that his left shoulder feels funny so he gets it checked out. He’s later on informed by his doctor that he has a frozen shoulder. So in-ho is suffering from both hair loss and a frozen shoulder. Things aren’t looking so good for In-ho.

After Mi-hee’s comment about how Roy seemed interested in Jeong-suk, Jeong-suk begins to even dream about him. In her dream, Jeong-suk is stuck with Roy alone in the elevator and he expresses interest in grabbing dinner with Jeong-suk.. Just the two of them. Jeong-suk wakes up in a frenzy and she hurries to attend lecture where Jung-min presents about one of their patients. After lecture, Jung-min and Jeong-suk discuss further about the patient’s condition and after studying the CT scans closely, Jeong-suk believes the patient isn’t suffering from cancer tissue but rather abscess. She presents her theory to In-ho but of course, he disagrees with her. He’s a professor and he knows what he’s talking about. He feels as if the original diagnosis and decision for the surgery was correct. So the two go at it and make a bet: if Jeong-suk is correct, she’ll get to keep her job. Conversely, if she’s wrong about her theory, then she’ll quit. In-ho immediately agrees to the bet and he rushes for the surgery to happen as soon as possible. He struts in confidently into the operating room but lo and behold, Jeong-suk was correct. She gets to keep her job. Hahaha. It’s Jeong-suk who struts confidently around the hospital while In-ho reacts in anger and aggravates his frozen shoulder even more. Someone’s maaaad.

While receiving acupuncture treatment for his shoulder, In-ho accepts a phone call from I-rang’s teacher who updates him about I-rang’s art school admissions. The news is new to In-ho and he abruptly ends the phone call. He had no idea that I-rang wasn’t pursuing medical school like he assumed she was this entire time. I-rang also has no idea that her father now knows and she proceeds with her usual schedule. She hangs out with Eun-seo after academy classes and they chat briefly about Seung-hi. I-rang points out that Seung-hi looked quite young for a mom but all Eun-seo can say in response is for I-rang to remain mentally strong. She’s going to need it. Uh-oh.

When I-rang returns home that night, she discovers her angry father standing in the living room with all her art materials scattered on the floor. Oh no. I-rang’s going to get into big trouble. While at work, Jeong-suk prevents one of her patients from leaving the hospital even though he claims to be fine. However, the man falls unconscious just a few seconds later and So-ra rushes to his aid. Later on that night, So-ra updates Jeong-suk on the condition of Jeong-suk’s patient and she commends Jeong-suk for her decision in not allowing the man to return home. Because of her decision, the man’s life was saved. Jeong-suk smiles and secretly celebrates after hearing So-ra’s compliment. It clearly means a lot to her. After exiting the elevator to go back home, Jeong-suk encounters Eun-seo waiting in the lobby of the hospital building. They exchange greetings before Jeong-seok realizes who Eun-seo is waiting for: her mother. Seung-hi appears just a few seconds later and they bid farewell to Jeong-suk together.

While walking towards her home, Jeong-suk begins to put the puzzle pieces together and she reflects on everything that’s happened so far. From Eun-seo’s hint about indoor golfing being the hottest place for affairs to Seung-hi’s same bracelet as hers to the way In-ho bumped into Seung-hi at work, it all starts to click for Jeong-suk. So instead of going back home, Jeong-suk flings her purse back around her body and runs away. There’s something she needs to do and there’s something urgent that she needs to take care of. While running with her heels on, she comes close to tripping and falling but Roy miraculously saves her just in time. Jeong-suk’s life is saved but she’s confused as to what he’s doing in her neighborhood. So with that, Roy confesses that he has something to tell Jeong-suk. It’s now or never.

My Thoughts:

You knowww, knowing this drama, I wouldn’t be surprised if Roy’s confession was something super silly or random or funny. ‘Doctor Cha’ is so unserious at times and the last few seconds of this drama when Roy arrived just in time to save Jeong-suk from falling onto the floor was proof of that. But, of course, there are a few things that I would love to see Roy tell Jeong-suk at the moment including the affair between her husband and Seung-hi orrrr.. maybe a confession of his feelings? Pretty please?

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