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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 12 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 12 Recap

    It’s not just Jeong-suk who learns more about herself after the rough times and moments she’s gone through. There are also other characters who face their own fair share of struggles and challenges and issues. The most important thing is to figure out how to bounce back and get back on your feet. Take as…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 11 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 11 Recap

    Jeong-suk continues to ride the waves of emotions after learning the truth about In-ho’s secrets. No one ever said it was going to be easy nor is it a simple decision that one can make immediately. With the support of a few friends and individuals, Jeong-suk receives a few more perspectives and takes on the…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 10 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 10 Recap

    The bumps and bruises never stop. Just when you think you’ve seen it all and know it all, you learn that you actually don’t. There are more layers to In-ho and Seung-hi’s relationship than Jeong-suk initially thought and she finds herself once again contemplating on what she should do about the complex and confusing situation.…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 9 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 9 Recap

    Jeong-suk processes a variety of emotions and thoughts now that she knows her husband is cheating on her and having an affair. She also navigates the confusing and overwhelming situation with her husband and family. How can she still protect her kids while also prioritizing herself over In-ho? What does she want to do in…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 8 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 8 Recap

    Jeong-suk’s faced plenty of hardships and obstacles in her life as a housewife and an aspiring doctor. But she faces what is perhaps the most daunting and challenging situation yet – one that could change her and her family’s lives forever. Doctor Cha: Episode 8 Recap Roy and In-ho cause a scene in front of…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 7 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 7 Recap

    Sometimes, life throws you into situations and moments that you were not expecting or that you needed more time to prepare for. But with just a little bit of help, a little luck, and lots of love, there are some things in life that you can overcome and protect. Jeong-suk experiences this for herself when…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 6 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 6 Recap

    There’s plenty of secrets our characters in this drama are keeping from one another which might get revealed sooner than later. Though Jeong-suk begins to pick up on a few hints and clues, she remains focused on herself and tries not to get distracted by the various factors that continue to pose as bumps on…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 5 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 5 Recap

    Jeong-suk finally starts to reap some rewards and benefits for her genuine personality and good work ethic. Just when it seems like her current situation is bleak and giving up is the easier option, she learns firsthand that hard work does indeed pay off and that kindness does go a long way. Doctor Cha: Episode…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 4 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 4 Recap

    We continue to watch Jeong-suk learn and grow as she navigates different types of situations and issues at work. It’s not just her co-workers, bosses, and colleagues who she has to learn from and worry about but she also becomes busy with patients who she’s been assigned to. Work remains an uphill battle for Jeong-suk…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 3 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 3 Recap

    It’s never too late to achieve your dreams. Jeong-suk is quite familiar with this saying as she embarks on her personal journey to professional growth and development. Despite all odds being against her, she rises up to the challenge and challenges herself and everyone else in pursuing her goals. Doctor Cha: Episode 3 Recap The…

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