Doctor Cha: Episode 7 Recap

Sometimes, life throws you into situations and moments that you were not expecting or that you needed more time to prepare for. But with just a little bit of help, a little luck, and lots of love, there are some things in life that you can overcome and protect. Jeong-suk experiences this for herself when she is challenged with the task of protecting both herself and her daughter’s dreams.

Doctor Cha: Episode 7 Recap

Roy and Jeong-suk unexpectedly run into each other in her neighborhood and she grows confused as to why he’s there. But there’s something Roy has to say to Jeong-suk and he wants to tell her now or else he’ll never be able to. Just when Roy is about to make his confession, they’re interrupted by Mother-in-law who questions what the two are doing outside in the neighborhood (NOOOOO!). Roy refrains himself from talking and he shortly leaves afterward. Jeong-suk and Mother-in-law arrive home only to find I-rang on her knees in the living room while In-ho is seated at the dining table. All her art materials lay scattered on the floor and In-ho requests to speak with Jeong-suk. In-ho assumes Jeong-suk must have known about I-rang’s pursuit of art school all along and grows upset that she hid it from him. He’s so upset he stuffs all of I-rang’s art materials into a trash bag and throws it out. Later on that night, In-ho and Jeong-suk argue about I-rang’s situation and In-ho demands that Jeong-suk choose either herself or I-rang. She needs to decide whether to support I-rang with college or to keep working at the hospital. But Jeong-suk is confident she can do both and she’s not going to quit either her job or on I-rang.

Jeong-suk retrieves the bag of I-rang’s art materials from the trash bin and she assembles them neatly back at home. Jeong-suk is reminded of I-rang’s friend, Eun-seo, so she brings up the topic of Seung-hi and her daughter to In-ho in his room. In-ho feigns ignorance and comes up with excuses as to why he never told Jeong-suk about Seung-hi or her daughter. And the bracelet? Jeong-suk should forget about it. All of this suspicion just further proves In-ho’s point as to why they shouldn’t work together at the same hospital.

Jeong-suk returns I-rang’s art materials to her afterwards and comforts her daughter in her bedroom. She voices her support for her daughter but I-rang’s concerned about how much money art school will cost. Will Jeong-suk have enough money to send I-rang to art school? In-ho meets with Seung-hi to discuss their situation and what they should do regarding Eun-seo and I-rang’s friendship. But Seung-hi assumes the two girls will naturally become distant and there’s nothing they can do to stop the two from being friends.

After her talk with her daughter about money, Jeong-suk begins to sell her luxury purses and items to department stores in exchange for money. Jeong-suk grows so concerned about money she slightly brings it up to her mother-in-law but Mother-in-law has other things on her mind, such as her surgery and the type of room that Jeong-suk reserved for her at the hospital. Jeong-suk watches after Mother-in-law once she’s admitted into the hospital but she’s also busy with other duties that Seung-hi assigned her. After encountering Seung-hi at work, Jeong-suk asks Seung-hi about the bracelet on her wrist. Seung-hi simply answers that her husband bought it for her before walking away. But the conversation with Jeong-suk strikes a memory in Seung-hi’s mind and she’s reminded of a fight that she had with Eun-seo about In-ho. Eun-seo blamed her mom for the way that she lived and how she ruined her life. Why did she have an affair with a married man and give birth to her? But Seung-hi defends that she and In-ho were originally a couple and that they had loved each other first before everything else unraveled. Eun-seo isn’t convinced and she storms inside her bedroom.

Jeong-suk attempts to convince In-ho to change his mind and to let I-rang pursue her dreams but he refuses. According to him, dreams aren’t meant to be achieved. He won’t let I-rang pursue art school. Meanwhile, Mom visits Mother-in-law at the hospital and prepares for her some porridge and beverages. She catches up with Jeong-suk afterwards and the mother-daughter pair chat for a bit. Mother-in-law goes searching in the hospital for her own son.

Roy volunteers to take over Jeong-suk’s night duty so that she can attend a counseling session with one of I-rang’s teachers. Jeong-suk reluctantly accepts the help and leaves shortly afterwards. Oh and the thing that Roy wanted to tell her the other night in her neighborhood? He forgot what it was he wanted to tell her (NOOOOO!). Mother-in-law catches sight of Roy and Jeong-suk talking to each other and she approaches Roy after Jeong-suk leaves. She asks for him to remain patient with Jeong-suk since she’s a first-year resident but Roy doesn’t feel the same. He compliments Jeong-suk and acknowledges that she’s doing a good job so far.

Mother-in-law addresses her concerns about Roy and Jeong-suk to In-ho at the hospital. She warns him that a possible relationship could bloom between them since they work together at the hospital. Plus, she saw them together in the neighborhood the other night. So it’s In-ho’s turn to be suspicious and he brings it up with Roy. But Roy switches the subject back to In-ho and indirectly confirms that he didn’t tell Jeong-suk about the affair. It’s not as if Roy doesn’t have other things to talk to Jeong-suk about.

During the counseling session, I-rang’s teacher emphasizes the importance of Jeong-suk supporting I-rang especially since she’s applying for college. So Jeong-suk feels guilty and she attempts to comfort a sad I-rang who’s still worried about the money needed for her art school. Jeong-suk doesn’t have a concrete answer about the financial side of things just yet but she’ll figure it out somehow someway.

Roy meets with Ji-sun and her mother to receive an update about her surgery. He recommends that Ji-sun terminate the pregnancy, have surgery, and then receive chemotherapy afterwards. When Ji-sun and her mother leave the appointment, Ji-sun is still adamant on giving birth. Her mom grows stressed out so Ji-sun steps away from her hospital bed for a short break. Ji-sun’s mom then snoops on Ji-sun’s phone that was laying on the bed for a few seconds and peeks at some photos of Ji-sun with her ex-boyfriend. He’s a popular actor. Her mother assumes this man must be the baby’s father but Ji-sun denies the assumptions.

While walking to work, Jeong-suk comes across So-ra who drives into work with a brand new car. So how exactly did So-ra afford the car? She answers that she got an overdraft account. Jeong-suk is inspired to do the same to pay for I-rang’s academy fees so she heads to the bank to inquire about the same thing. Once there, she learns that she has a building under her name which confuses her. What building? But then she remembers how Mother-in-law had asked her a few years back to go to the district office to make a seal and that’s when it clicks for Jeong-suk. Her mother used her seal to sign papers to get the building. Jeong-suk takes out a credit loan to pay I-rang’s academy fees and she delivers the news to I-rang later that night. She also swings by the building that Mother-in-law put under her name. It turns out to be a pretty big building with a cafe business inside. I-rang’s mood cheers up when Jeong-suk delivers the good news to her about her academy fees. She’s still curious as to where her mom got the money from but Jeong-suk keeps her lips sealed. Instead, she encourages I-rang to remember to study and work hard. Her mom’s got her back. Aww. Jeong-suk is the best mom!

It’s another day of work which means another day of lectures. After the lecture, Jeong-suk overhears So-ra asking Jung-min to grab her cellphone that she forgot in her dorm so she volunteers to grab it instead. But once in the dorm room, she gets distracted with everything lying on the floor and around the room. While searching for So-ra’s phone, Jeong-suk discovers something else that looks quite familiar to her: the customized watch that she got for Jung-min (AHHHHH). The watch and the boxers that are found in So-ra’s dorm confirms Jeong-suk’s worst nightmare suspicions and sure enough, they belong to her son. She even goes as far as to imagine what life would be like with So-ra as a daughter-in-law andddd things don’t look all that bright. So she calls Jung-min to hear from him directly in which he reveals that he’s not in a relationship.. While eating lunch in front of So-ra. Haha. But the two are in a relationship, they just haven’t told anyone yet.

So-ra refuses to reveal the identity of her boyfriend to Jeong-suk when asked about it later on at work. While So-ra steps out of the room, Jung-min enters right at the same time and Jeong-suk has a feeling that Jung-min is dating someone. He lies about the whereabouts of his watch which confirms Jeong-suk’s gut instincts and suspicion. He is dating So-ra.

While at dinner, In-ho grows concerned about Roy and reveals to Seung-hi that Roy knows about their affair. She addresses her relationship with In-ho to Roy the next day at work and shares that she has no interest in breaking up with In-ho. If Roy wants to, he can reveal their affair to the entire world. But Roy also isn’t interested in appealing to Seung-hi’s wishes and he won’t allow himself to be used to do what she wants. When he encounters Jeong-suk by the elevators a few minutes later, he doesn’t react as he normally does when he sees her. Instead, with a stern expression on his face, he tells Jeong-suk not to smile. There’s something in her teeth. He then walks away without saying anything else.

Mother-in-law meets with Professor Park and is gifted with a beautiful scarf to cover the scar on her neck that she got from her surgery. She’s elated with the gift and the two enjoy a walk afterwards. Meanwhile, In-ho participates in some filming at work for a special broadcast so he changes his personality since the cameras are rolling. The patient who he visits notes how much nicer he seems and the filming in the operating room ends early when In-ho’s frozen shoulder begins to aggravate him. But In-ho has competition as the broadcast crew also films Roy walking and working in the hospital. Hahaha. I love it! Unlike In-ho, everyone finds Roy to look much cooler and is much more impressed with him. Even Jung-min is a fan which upsets In-ho. Haha.

I-rang and her dad finally talk to each other again after the incident but they’re still not on good terms. I-rang doesn’t show any regrets for her decision though. She points out that even though Jung-min did as Dad wanted and pursued a medical career, he doesn’t seem too happy with what he’s doing. Ohhhhh! While at work, So-ra and Jung-min almost get caught kissing when the wife of one of their patients visits their room. She expresses concern and worry for her husband after his failed surgery. She’s afraid that he wants to die but So-ra comforts her and reassures her that everything will be fine.

Jeong-suk spends time with the patient, Hwang Seon-gyu, and comforts him. But Seon-gyu is still frustrated with how his life has turned out and he remains hopeless. He’s unsure as to what to do next and he at one point thought that committing suicide was the better choice. Plus, it’s not as if Jeong-suk has gone through something similar to what he’s experienced so she wouldn’t be able to relate. Jeong-suk can only listen in silence and sadness. He obviously isn’t aware of her story. Jeong-suk brings up her concerns about Seon-gyu to So-ra at work while they’re both in the dressing room. But So-ra is confident that Seon-gyu will recover and he’ll start to feel better within time. Jeong-suk can’t imagine what it’d be like for someone that young to be diagnosed with such a disease especially since Jung-min is similar to Seon-gyu’s age. So-ra catches Jeong-suk’s comment and grows confused. Wait, she has a son? Jeong-suk nervously laughs in response and answers that she does have one but she quickly switches the subject back to Seon-gyu. You almost got caught, Jeong-suk!

In-ho’s paranoia intensifies and he can’t help but pay attention to Jeong-suk. Did she receive cosmetic treatments? It also looks as if she’s been taking extra care of her appearance. He even goes as far as to imagine her flirting with Roy at work. Meanwhile, Seon-gyu receives an unexpected visit from his in-law’s at the hospital and they go off on him after learning about his disease. Since his wife isn’t in the room, they voice their concerns about his health and beg that he give up on his marriage with their daughter. When his wife returns to the room, she finds her parents gone and Seon-gyu sitting alone. He pretends as if nothing happened and he distracts her by asking his wife to buy him some food that he’s been craving.

When Jeong-suk stops by the room to visit Seon-gyu, the room is empty and he’s nowhere to be found. Instead, she discovers a suicide note lying on his bed and she immediately notifies the police. She also searches for him throughout the hospital and finally realizes the one place she could find him: the rooftop. So Jeong-suk hurries up to the roof and indeed, she finds Seon-gyu sitting by the edge of the building all by himself. Down below on the ground, police personnel set up a huge air mat to catch Seon-gyu just in case he does jump off the building. Roy and In-ho learn about the situation while waiting outside but it’s not until they’re told that Jeong-suk is up on the roof with Seon-gyu that they dash inside the hospital to get to the rooftop. Ahhhhh!

Jeong-suk sits next to Seon-gyu on the edge of the rooftop to talk things through with him. She softly pleads with him to head back down with her but Seon-gyu has had enough. He feels as if he can’t live or die and he’s unsure as to what to do. In-ho and Roy both arrive on the rooftop shortly afterwards and they volunteer to take over. But Jeong-suk’s confident she’s got it under control until Seon-gyu takes a step forward over the edge of the building. She falls down with Seon-gyu in an attempt to grab him and thankfully they both land on the air mat that was laid out on the ground. Roy and In-ho are relieved to discover them both on the air mat and they hug each other in response. But they quickly snap themselves out of it and they rush to Jeong-suk’s side. Seon-gyu is taken back inside the hospital while Jeong-suk receives an update from the police. When In-ho and Roy reunite with her, they each attempt to grab Jeong-suk’s attention. In-ho notes that Jeong-suk could have died while Roy embraces her in his arms and expresses relief that she’s safe. Everyone else watches the scene unfold and they all react in shock at the love triangle. Even Jeong-suk herself was not expecting it and she stares at In-ho in shock.

My Thoughts:

GO ROY! GO ROY! GO ROY! I’ve been #TeamRoy since day one but look at how spicy he was embracing her in his arms in front of everyone including In-ho and Jung-min. It was only a few minutes into the situation but he didn’t hesitate to put his arms around her and make everyone look! I mean, I’m not complaining and it’s not as if I have any issue with what he did. Jeong-suk wasn’t expecting such a thing so she definitely was shocked but I get why Roy did what he did. He was petrified that she died after falling off the building so he listened to his heart and reacted immediately once he saw that she was safe and alive. It’s a huge contrast to the way that In-ho reacted and it’ll definitely stir up the dating rumors and the love triangle between the three.

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