Doctor Cha: Episode 10 Recap

The bumps and bruises never stop. Just when you think you’ve seen it all and know it all, you learn that you actually don’t. There are more layers to In-ho and Seung-hi’s relationship than Jeong-suk initially thought and she finds herself once again contemplating on what she should do about the complex and confusing situation.

Doctor Cha: Episode 10 Recap

First So-ra and then the rest of the village. So-ra watches a video on Jung-min’s phone that he took the day they celebrated Jeong-suk’s birthday and she’s stunned by what she saw. She needs some time alone. Back at the main village, In-ho shouts for Jeong-suk’s attention and calls her “honey” while yelling into the microphone. He approaches her while stumbling and pushes her to the front so that she can sing a song. Everyone is either confused (the hospital employees) or amused (the villagers) but it doesn’t matter. The damage has been done and the cat is out of the bag. So Jeong-suk grabs the microphone and begins to sing. She introduces herself as In-ho’s wife and puts on a performance. When Jung-min returns to join everyone else, Chief Yoon and some residents pull Jung-min to the side to talk with him about his parents. He thought it was only So-ra but now everyone knows. When Jung-min asks his mom about the situation, Jeong-suk doesn’t say too much about it. People were bound to find out sooner or later. Instead, she asks for Jung-min to look after her dad who’s knocked out on a table. Lol. So-ra tosses and turns in bed after learning about Jung-min and Jeong-suk’s familial relationship. She thinks about all the moments when she wasn’t so kind to Jeong-suk and it drives her crazy.

But the night isn’t finished just yet and a man rushes into the main village with his pregnant wife who’s about to give birth any moment. There isn’t an obstetrician among the group of doctors on the trip and the hospital is an hour away. So Jung-min gathers all the doctors who didn’t drink to see who can help out while Jeong-suk forces In-ho to wake up to also help out. When the group convenes, they’re not so sure how the delivery will work. Everyone’s speciality is unrelated and it’s been two decades since In-ho himself has assisted with a delivery. But they don’t have time so they quickly go to the pregnant mother to help her. Jeong-suk takes the lead while In-ho steps outside to puke. Thankfully, the delivery is successful and the mom is in stable condition. In-ho goes back in to give Jeong-suk another tip before he hurries back outside for a round two of puking. Oh and the hot water that he told the residents to boil? Use that to clean the baby.

Jeong-suk and Roy catch up with each other later on that night and Jeong-suk feels grateful for Roy’s invitation. She learned a lot about herself during this trip and was able to experience quite a few things. Just like all the other times, Roy checks in with Jeong-suk to see how she’s feeling, especially since everyone now knows about her and In-ho. Jeong-suk draws boundaries with Roy and notes that he’ll have to be more careful around them now since everyone knows about her marriage with In-ho. Roy grows frustrated with Jeong-suk and questions why Jeong-suk won’t do anything about her marriage with In-ho. Jeong-suk defends that she has a family to protect and she’s looking out for her kids. Roy stops Jeong-suk to add one more thing: she should stop sacrificing herself for her kids and do what makes her happy instead. Her kids are all grown up, it’s time Jeong-suk looks out for herself. Hmm. I feel so conflicted about this scene, ughhhh.

Seung-hi is discharged from the hospital and she recovers at home with Eun-seo who takes good care of her. While eating some rice porridge that Eun-seo made for her, Seung-hi talks with Eun-seo about In-ho. Eun-seo’s fine with not having a father figure in her life; she assumes her mother’s health deteriorated as a result of her stress related to In-ho. Will Eun-seo really be okay with just being with her mom for the rest of her life? Eun-seo notes that there will be times where she’s sad but she’s not unhappy. As long as she has her mom, she has everything.

The next morning, Jeong-suk and In-ho address their relationship to the rest of the group and Jeong-suk speaks up for the both of them. She admits that they are indeed in a happy relationship and she apologizes for not revealing the truth earlier. With the situation addressed, Chief Yoon feels as if they can move on. Seung-hi also has plans of her own to move on. While meeting with a lawyer, she discusses plans of selling real estate that was passed down to her from her late father; she plans on going back to the U.S. (OMGEEEE).

The ride back home isn’t as loud and exciting as the ride to the village was. Roy isn’t seated next to Jeong-suk while So-ra ignores Jung-min. But while driving back home, our group of doctors pull over after being chased by some residents who wish to express their gratitude and appreciation. Even the new parents who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy the night before are there to bid farewell to the doctors. The mother gifts Jeong-suk with a special handkerchief that she sewed herself. The bus eventually make it to their rest area so they all step out of the bus to take a break. Jung-min uses the time to make up with So-ra but they end up fighting even more so it’s a failed attempt. Roy also attempts to do the same with Jeong-suk after the confrontation from the night before but Jeong-suk has no interest in making things up with Roy. She thanks him for the coffee and then goes for her walk alone (NOOOOO). Jung-min catches sight of the two together for a split second and grows conflicted.

In-ho finally finds Jeong-suk in the large rest area and he attempts to cheer her up with some snacks. But she’s more interested in knowing why In-ho revealed their relationship to everyone. In-ho blames the alcohol for his outrageous behavior but he claims that he’ll be fine with everyone knowing the truth now. But is he really? In-ho grows nervous when Jeong-suk shares that she plans on working with the Family Medicine department starting the next day. So later that night, Jeong-suk visits Seung-hi in her office to declare her plans. She’s going to work in the same department as Seung-hi. Oh and the news about her and In-ho as husband and wife? Now that everyone knows, Seung-hi shouldn’t feel too concerned or worried about it.

Seung-hi addresses the relationship reveal with In-ho during dinner. Sure, news about him and Jeong-suk spread like wildfire. But what about divorce? Would he consider divorcing Jeong-suk? When In-ho isn’t so keen on the idea of divorce (“Jeong-suk didn’t do anything wrong, I can’t divorce her”), Seung-hi gives back the bracelet that In-ho bought her. It’s about time they make a decision on their future and relationship. It’s not fair to keep dragging things out. Back at the hospital, Jung-min spends some time with Roy during a surgery. Roy is quite a helpful professor and he shares some knowledge with Jung-min after quizzing him. After the surgery, Jung-min asks Roy for some information on his connection to his mother. Are they close? All Roy can describe his mother as is a “friend” and then walks away. Jung-min’s not so sure what to make of this comment but there is one thing he’s sure about: his father doesn’t compare to Roy. Haha.

Mother-in-law meets with Professor Park and they discuss further about the new hospital that he had invested in. Mother-in-law seems interested but she would need to talk to her son and Jeong-suk first before making an investment herself. Professor Park suggests that she take care of the investment quietly; In-ho and Jeong-suk might not approve of the idea if she was to talk to them about it. Speaking of In-ho and Jeong-suk, they join the rest of the Surgery department in hosting a farewell party for Jeong-suk since she’s going to return to work with the Family Medicine department. In-ho and Jeong-suk apologize individually for the situation once again but the rest of the group is forgiving. They even tease In-ho to sit next to Jeong-suk since they are a married couple. Jeong-suk addresses things with So-ra while in the restroom. It’s a bit awkward and uncomfortable at the moment but So-ra doesn’t plan on changing anything. She’s going to act the same way that she did in the past. Jeong-suk then goes to talk to Roy who sits outside alone after leaving the restaurant for a break. She assumes he’s not in a good mood because of her but he denies it. He also apologizes to Jeong-suk for his harsh words from that night of the trip. He just wants the best for Jeong-suk and feels as if Jeong-suk deserves better. Jeong-suk reassures Roy that she’ll look out for herself and do what’s best for herself, even if it looks a bit different from what Roy thinks or wants. She just wants to focus on her residency first and then go from there. Roy adds that he also doesn’t know what will happen down the line in a few years. He’ll always be her friend and there might be an opportunity in the future.

When Jeong-suk and Roy return inside the restaurant, they find In-ho passed out on the floor. Jeong-suk takes In-ho home while Jung-min grabs a taxi with So-ra. But the couple get into another fight once again and it’s clear So-ra isn’t ready to forgive Jung-min just yet. Jung-min takes his frustration out on So-ra and wishes that she’d be more kind and compassionate to others around her. Plus, has she ever thought about a future together with him? But So-ra defends that Jung-min has a poor judge of character; if he knew her well, he would know that she isn’t that type of person. So-ra exits the taxi cab and Jung-min heads home alone.

Jeong-suk brings In-ho home and Mother-in-law’s shocked at how much her son drank. While she briefly leaves the room to grab Jeong-suk a cup of water, Jeong-suk pulls In-ho’s bag from under him and catches Seung-hi’s bracelet fall out of the bag. As if that wasn’t enough, she overhears intoxicated In-ho mumble both her and Seung-hi’s name as well as an apology. She grows mad and leaves the house shortly afterwards. What does it mean for Seung-hi to return the bracelet back to In-ho? So Jeong-suk checks Seung-hi’s public SNS profile and grows suspicious when Seung-hi’s latest post is a quote that talks about parting ways. Hmm hmm hmm.

Jeong-suk spends the night at her mother’s place and the mother-daughter pair catch up with each other. Jeong-suk’s curious as to how Mom put up with her husband to which Mom reveals that it was all for Jeong-suk. It was important that Jeong-suk had her father in her life but Jeong-suk wouldn’t have minded if it was just her and her mom living together. Mom proceeds to apply the same concept to Jeong-suk. Even if In-ho did something to Jeong-suk, it’s important to keep in mind that he’s the father to her kids. She should find it in her heart to accept things as they are and live with it (man, I feel soooo conflicted about this episode).

The next morning, Jeong-suk discovers In-ho waiting for her at her resident dorm. He brings her a coffee machine and asks if he can spend some time with her inside her dorm. But Jeong-suk still isn’t ready yet to forgive In-ho and she rejects his request. She also finds it suspicious that he seems so caring towards her all of a sudden. While drinking some coffee from the coffee machine, Jeong-suk glances at the pair of shoes that she got as a birthday gift from I-rang. Now that Jeong-suk is back with the Family Medicine department, that also means working with Seung-hi again. Even Jeong-suk notices the difference in the way that Seung-hi is treating her and isn’t so sure what to make of it or how to feel about it. I-rang and Eun-seo end up getting into a fight in the school restroom and the feud between them continues. Seung-hi rushes to the clinic with In-ho to meet up with Eun-seo who has a cast on her arm as a result of the fight. Jeong-suk secretly follows them to the clinic and there, she discovers that Eun-seo is In-ho’s child. Jeong-suk panics and wails on the staircase upon learning yet another truth and she walks back to the hospital alone.

While sitting outside alone, Jeong-suk is approached by So-ra who at first kindly suggests that she go inside the hospital. It is a bit cold after all. But then So-ra changes her mind and she invites Jeong-suk for a night drive. So Jeong-suk accepts the offer and the two ladies go on a drive in So-ra’s car. So-ra even opens up the roof to her car so that Jeong-suk doesn’t feel as suffocated inside the car. It’s clear to So-ra that Jeong-suk has something on her mind; she assumes it must be due to In-ho’s affair with Seung-hi. Just then, the weather changes and it begins to rain but So-ra is unable to retract the roof on her car. So instead, the two ladies are drenched in the pouring rain as So-ra continues to drive. But Jeong-suk enjoys it and she laughs even with the rain pouring down on her. It turns out that maybe this drive was just exactly what she needed.

My Thoughts:

Man oh man. I think I might have jinxed myself with my recap for episode 9 where I stated that the drama knew what it was doing and had a clear purpose or theme for each episode. The drama sort of proved me wrong with this episode and I think I spoke a little too soon. Episode 10 was by far my least favorite episode so far for a few reasons and that’s why I mentioned in this recap that I felt conflicted about how the story was moving.

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