Doctor Cha: Episode 11 Recap

Jeong-suk continues to ride the waves of emotions after learning the truth about In-ho’s secrets. No one ever said it was going to be easy nor is it a simple decision that one can make immediately. With the support of a few friends and individuals, Jeong-suk receives a few more perspectives and takes on the situation that will hopefully help her get one step closer to making a decision.

Doctor Cha: Episode 11 Recap

Jeong-suk and So-ra go for a night drive in So-ra’s new car. So-ra assumes Jeong-suk must be heartbroken over the fact that In-ho’s cheating on her. But before So-ra could elaborate any further, the weather suddenly changes and it begins to pour. So-ra’s unable to retract the roof to her car either and the two ladies go on a night drive in the rain. After the drive, they return back to their resident dorms at the hospital. Jeong-suk, soaked in water, falls down to the floor. Though the night drive might have been fun, she’s still very sad. Eun-seo argues with her mom about her fight with I-rang and claims that she was just defending herself against I-rang. Meanwhile, I-rang visits Mi-hee at Mi-hee’s clinic and gets checked up by her mom’s best friend. While there, I-rang begins to cry while thinking about her mom. She feels bad for her.

It seems as if Jeong-suk’s night with So-ra isn’t done just yet. She receives a visit from So-ra later on that night and together, the two ladies chat inside of Jeong-suk’s dorm with some non-alcoholic beer. So-ra reveals the moment when she witnessed In-ho and Seung-hi together on the day of her grandma’s birthday in the hotel lobby. She understands what Jeong-suk is going through as her own father also cheated on her mother. So-ra recounts the conflicting feelings she had when she discovered her father’s behavior and she admits that affairs and cheating are a lot more common than one might think. She also didn’t want her parents to divorce. Jeong-suk herself has something she wants to confess to So-ra. She admits that she’s aware of So-ra’s relationship with Jung-min and she thinks they’re a good match.

Jeong-suk suffers from a nightmare where she’s running after In-ho as he drives away in the car with Eun-seo and Seung-hi. When she wakes up from her nightmare, she finds that it’s midnight so she gets up to get something to drink. Jeong-suk is so upset she grabs the coffee machine that In-ho bought her and smashes it inside of In-ho’s office at work. She also throws the bracelet he bought her as a “birthday gift” onto the ground out of anger and frustration. Jeong-suk has had enough. The next day at work, So-ra encounters Jung-min who she still is not on talking terms with. While Jung-min avoids So-ra, Jeong-suk does the opposite and she talks to So-ra while in the elevator together. Jeong-suk is certain that she’ll be able to work for the day. She has no choice but to.

Seung-hi receives an update on Eun-seo’s broken arm and it seems like it’ll be a few months recovery time for her. Meanwhile, Jeong-suk reflects on all the clues and hints that pointed towards Seung-hi and In-ho’s affair and she decides to confront Seung-hi while at work. In Seung-hi’s office, she demands that Seung-hi contact In-ho to come to the office right at that moment. So Seung-hi calls In-ho and he mentally prepares himself to go to Seung-hi’s office where both ladies are located. Once there, the three sit down and Jeong-suk gets straight to the point. Seung-hi confirms that Eun-seo indeed is In-ho’s daughter. However, In-ho doesn’t seem inclined to stay with Seung-hi and brings up the idea of breaking up with her but Seung-hi feels otherwise. She doesn’t want to break up with In-ho. So Jeong-suk dishes out her plans and demands: Seung-hi is to quit working at the hospital within a month. As for In-ho, she’s still deciding on what exactly she wants to do with him. Jeong-suk is determined to finish her residency at the hospital, she’s going to make sure no one or nothing stops her.

Seung-hi and In-ho have a private talk after the meeting. Seung-hi assumes Jeong-suk is going to divorce In-ho soon. In-ho himself returns to his office shortly afterwards and discovers his coffee machine and bracelet on the ground. Jeong-suk barges into his office a few seconds later and she continues to express her frustration and anger. In-ho admits that everyone in the family already knew about the affair and that the kids kept it a secret from Jeong-suk to protect her and her health. Jeong-suk is speechless; she wants nothing else for In-ho but for him to atone to the kids for the rest of his life. While all of this is happening inside In-ho’s office, Roy passes by the hallway and overhears the fight between the couple.

Roy checks in with patient, Ji-seon, who successfully gave birth to her daughter. She’s excited at the thought of her mom helping her take care of the baby as well as the thought of being discharged from the hospital soon. So Ji-seon enters her hospital room where her mother is located but unlike what Ji-seon shared with Roy, her mother doesn’t seem so thrilled at taking care of the baby. She refuses to help babysit the baby and argues that Ji-seon handle her responsibilities as a mother alone. After chatting with Ji-seon about motherhood, Roy grows curious about his biological mother and he calls the police station to inquire about finding his biological family. Hmmm.

During lunch, So-ra sits at the table next to Jung-min and asks to meet after work. Jung-min finds it odd and strange that So-ra is finally interested in him as it’s unlike her to do so. But So-ra adds that they should break up in-person since they’ll continue to see each other at work anyways. Plus, there’s something else she wants to tell him. Jeong-suk goes to pick up at I-rang from her art academy and the mother-daughter pair enjoy some dinner afterwards. Jeong-suk admits that she knows the truth about In-ho and Eun-seo, which I-rang feels relieved about. Now that Jeong-suk is aware, I-rang admits that it was hard for her when she first learned the news. But now that she’s had some time to process her feelings and thoughts, I-rang is happy with whatever decision her mom will make for herself. Her mom should do what is best for herself.

Eun-seo grows frustrated over her injured arm which has impacted her college admissions to art schools. Since her arm is in a sling, she won’t be able to apply to early admissions unlike I-rang and she can’t bear the thought of going to a university that is not as prestigious as I-rang. First her dad and then her arm. Eun-seo feels as if she keeps on having things taken away from her. Jung-min and So-ra meet that night after work and So-ra confesses that she’s aware about In-ho and Seung-hi’s affair. But she also reveals that Jeong-suk too knows about the affair which Jung-min had no idea about. However, he doesn’t give So-ra much of a chance to talk and he’s certain it’s something he’ll have to face alone. With that, he walks away from So-ra after just a brief talk.

When Jeong-suk and Mi-hee meet again after everything that’s gone down, they give each other a huge, warm hug (this scene makes me want to cry!). They go out for some late night snacks and alcohol after to discuss the whole situation regarding In-ho. How exactly was it that In-ho managed to be loved by two great ladies and have two separate families? Could it be because he was good in bed (LOL)? Jeong-suk wouldn’t remember since it’s been ten years since they’ve slept in the same bed. When Jeong-suk brings up the idea of divorcing In-ho, Mi-hee reacts in anger as she doesn’t think it would benefit Jeong-suk to do such a thing. Back at home, In-ho is pressured by Jung-min, I-rang, and Mother-in-law to make a decision. What will he do and who will he devote himself to? After a few seconds of thinking, In-ho admits that he doesn’t want to divorce Jeong-suk.

After some drinks, Mi-hee and Jeong-suk go back home together. Mi-hee repeats her thoughts on Jeong-suk’s situation and hopes that Jeong-suk doesn’t divorce In-ho. Wives whose husbands cheat don’t divorce their husbands; they just learn to live with it. So Jeong-suk should do the same and live her life. If Jeong-suk doesn’t want to break up, then she shouldn’t. Seung-hi confronts Jeong-suk about their situation and questions why she should have to quit the hospital. She suggests another approach instead: she’ll quit the hospital if Jeong-suk divorces In-ho. They both were victims of In-ho’s decisions in this case so why is it that Seung-hi seems like the bad person? But Jeong-suk argues that Eun-seo’s unhappiness is a result of Seung-hi’s actions. Jeong-suk too is living with the consequences of her decisions and actions.

Jeong-suk returns to her dorm for some sleep but a short circuit causes a fire in the dorms. Roy learns about the dangerous situation from one of the dorm residents and So-ra also finds out after receiving a text. She notifies In-ho about the fire while Roy rushes inside the building to find Jeong-suk. In-ho does the same and he attempts to find Jeong-suk while crawling and rolling on the ground. Roy actually gets to Jeong-suk first by running to her dorm and sure enough, she was inside the entire time (GIRL! WAKE UP!!). When In-ho finally does see Jeong-suk again, he discovers her being carried by Roy so he volunteers to carry her outside. Roy hands Jeong-suk over and In-ho and Jeong-suk exit the building together. Thankfully, Jeong-suk is okay but she doesn’t want to interact with In-ho much. When Roy gets home, he checks his cell phone.

Jung-min meets with Jeong-suk to hand her some of her belongings and he also takes some time to talk about their complicated situation. He knows that his mom is aware about the affair but Jeong-suk isn’t in the mood to talk about it. She still doesn’t quite feel good from inhaling all the smoke from the fire and just wants some rest but the dorms won’t be open for three days. Does that mean that she’ll come back home? But just right at that moment, Jeong-suk receives a text from Roy who offers a spot at his place for the dorm residents who were affected by the fire. They can stay at his place where unlimited bread and ramen will be served. At first, Jeong-suk is hesitant about taking Roy up on his offer. But there aren’t any available spots or rooms at the hospital so So-ra volunteers to go with Jeong-suk to Roy’s house. They can take him up on his offer together.

When they arrive, they find that they’re the only residents who accepted Roy’s help. So-ra goes to wash up first so Jeong-suk enjoys a cup of tea with Roy. They chat a bit about Roy’s adoption and he shares that he’s on a journey to find his biological parents in Korea. Jeong-suk wishes him the best of luck in his journey and she also thanks him for saving her from the fire. So-ra and Jeong-suk switch spots and it’s So-ra’s turn to talk to Roy. While Jeong-suk is in the bedroom, So-ra hints that Roy should act on his feelings for Jeong-suk. This is his only chance so he should go for it. Just like everyone else, Roy learns from So-ra that In-ho has a child with Seung-hi so everything is a hundred times more complicated.

In-ho learns from Jung-min that Jeong-suk is staying at Roy’s place for the time being while the dorms are closed. Irritated and jealous, In-ho takes it out on Roy and the two go at it during a department meeting. The discussion gets so heated and intense that Chief Yoon has to step in and talk the guys out of it. Roy apologizes to In-ho when the two bump into each other in the men’s restroom after the meeting. Roy acknowledges that he stepped out of line. But In-ho isn’t so forgiving. He finds Roy to be two-faced and rude. In-ho then receives a phone call from a resident but he pretends as if it’s Jeong-suk who’s calling him just so he can make Roy jealous. The resident called In-ho to update him about the guardian of a patient who wants to see him. Her mom is still in pain two days after her surgery and she assumes the surgery was a failure. The guardian of the patient is so angry she spits at In-ho’s face while complaining. Oof. Employees and residents all gather to gossip about the intense confrontation after In-ho walks out. They’re in disbelief at what they just witnessed and heard.

Chief Yoon attempted to stop In-ho and Roy from fighting in the meeting earlier that day but he himself gets into a fight with Chief Lim (LOL). They once again argue over Chief Lim’s sister who Chief Yoon attempted to get into contact with and the argument gets so intense they come close to fighting. But both In-ho and Roy intervene to prevent the situation from escalating but the conversation quickly turns personal and the two go at it again. Meanwhile, Jeong-suk and Jung-min bid farewell to Ji-seon and her mother who prepare to leave the hospital. They chat briefly about Ji-seon’s child’s first birthday party that she’s already preparing for and Jung-min gives her his ballpoint pen as one of the items to lay out during the “doljanchi” ritual. Jeong-suk notices that the ballpoint pen was the gift that In-ho gave to Jung-min when he got into medical school but Jung-min doesn’t mind. The gift doesn’t mean that much to him now that things have changed.

Just then, Jeong-suk receives a phone call and she rushes over to the other side of the hospital. When she arrives, she finds Roy and In-ho physically fighting each other. Not again.

My Thoughts:

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Okay, I’m kidding. I don’t want anyone to get injured. But actually though, there already was I-rang and Eun-seo. Then Chief Lim and Chief Yoon. And then now Roy and In-ho. Who’s next?! Jeong-suk and Seung-hi? Mom and Mother-in-law?

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