Doctor Cha: Episode 12 Recap

It’s not just Jeong-suk who learns more about herself after the rough times and moments she’s gone through. There are also other characters who face their own fair share of struggles and challenges and issues. The most important thing is to figure out how to bounce back and get back on your feet. Take as much time as you need to recover and eventually get moving again.

Doctor Cha: Episode 12 Recap

In-ho and Roy get into a fight over Jeong-suk and Chief Lim and Chief Yoon have to intervene. But it’s finally Jeong-suk who pulls the plug on all the chaos and the commotion. The four grown men finally stop once she makes her presence known and she has a talk with both Roy and In-ho afterwards. She’s disappointed and frustrated at their childish behavior and antics. She clarifies to In-ho that she’s not the only one sleeping at Roy’s place since there are also other hospital employees there too and she also advises Roy not to do anything that might increase the love triangle rumors. With that, Jeong-suk walks away and doesn’t even care about In-ho when he reaggravates his frozen shoulder.

Jeong-suk comes across Ji-seon at the hospital and the two sit down to catch up. While talking, Ji-seon begins to feel some abdominal pain so she’s sent to Seung-hi for a check-up. Though Ji-seon initially gave in to being admitted to the hospital, she later on changes her mind and wishes to be discharged. She simply just wants to take her baby home from the hospital. Jung-min is assigned to Ji-seon as her doctor and gives her a rundown of her options as well as reminders of what to do to take care of her health. She appreciates the help and information and she’s also worried about Jung-min who doesn’t look so good himself.

Eun-seo stops by her art academy to pick up her art materials. Before leaving, she kicks I-rang’s easel stand with her canvas on it and walks away. Seung-hi receives an update from Eun-seo afterwards so she has a private talk with Jeong-suk. She demands that Jeong-suk make her decision so that Seung-hi knows what move she’s going to make next. But Jeong-suk doesn’t budge and she has no plans in quitting the hospital. Seung-hi feels similarly and she also wants to continue working at the hospital. It seems like the two ladies will just keep on having to work together even if it’s not what they want. Seung-hi reminds Jeong-suk to stop dragging things out and to decide. And if Jeong-suk wants to reveal everything to everyone, she can do so. They’ll just find out together what happens afterwards.

Seung-hi storms into In-ho’s office after the talk with Jeong-suk and she expresses more frustration and anger with him. Isn’t he worried about Eun-seo? She also shares her plans for working at the hospital. She’s not going to quit and she’s going to take back what is hers. In-ho isn’t in the mood to talk at work and he suggests that they talk after. Jung-min updates Roy about Ji-seon’s deteriorating health so Roy performs emergency surgery on Ji-seon. They discover during the procedure that her health was a lot worse than they thought.

In-ho meets with Jeong-suk at work to discuss their situation. He asks her for some more time but he makes it clear that he’ll break up with Seung-hi. So that night, In-ho meets with Seung-hi and he suggests that they break up. He wants to stay with Jeong-suk and spend the rest of his life begging her for forgiveness. Even if his family doesn’t treat him the same way ever again, he’s okay with it. He now realizes that he relied on Jeong-suk throughout their entire marriage and he wants to make it up to her. Seung-hi struggles to accept reality and to process In-ho’s comments. She threatens to tell everyone about everything but In-ho advises that she not be so obstinate.

Ji-seon unfortunately doesn’t survive the surgery and she passes away. Jung-min watches nearby as Roy delivers the tragic news to Ji-seon’s parents and runs away out of guilt. He takes off his white coat and disappears. When In-ho returns home, he discovers Jeong-suk sitting in the living room alone. The house is empty and no one else is home. As if things weren’t bad enough already, Jeong-suk receives a phone call from I-rang’s homeroom teacher who updates Jeong-suk on I-rang’s failing grades. She’s not doing so well at school and she’s even behaving differently. In-ho’s upset with I-rang’s status at school but Jeong-suk puts In-ho in his place. This is all because of him; it’s all his fault. The two then head out to Ji-seon’s funeral together but their presence sparks controversy and chaos. Ji-seon’s parents confront In-ho and Jeong-suk and blame Jung-min for neglecting their terminally ill child. How could he allow her to just leave and be discharged? They threaten to sue the hospital claiming that they violated medical malpractice. Roy, who is also at the funeral, watches on in silence. All Jeong-suk can do is cry. Afterwards, the married couple briefly chat about the situation. In-ho concludes that he’ll find a way to shift the blame from Jung-min to someone else – even if that means Seung-hi or the Family Medicine department who consulted with Ji-seon prior to her discharge. He’s going to do whatever he can to save Jung-min. Jeong-suk then receives an update from So-ra that Jung-min’s been found so she and In-ho breathe a sigh of relief. She suggests that they split up for now: she’ll go take care of I-rang while he supports Jung-min. But wait, what about them? What will happen to them? In-ho pleads with Jeong-suk to forgive him.

Jeong-suk sits up in bed that night and has a thousand thoughts running in her head. She returns to Ji-seon’s funeral and finds Ji-seon’s mother sitting in the room all alone. When Ji-seon’s mother notices Jeong-suk, the two moms embrace each other and share a big warm hug in tears. Jeong-suk shares her story with Ji-seon’s mom and comforts her. She also doesn’t ask Ji-seon’s mom for forgiveness; she doesn’t feel as if she has the right to do so. After leaving the building, Jeong-suk passes by the parking lot and notices In-ho’s car parked in the accessibility parking spot. She’s reminded of a conversation she had with him during her health scare when he suggested that she apply for a disability rating. It’d be helpful when it comes to parking.

It’s the weekend which means another day of running! But Jeong-suk can’t make it and Mi-hee shares the update with Roy. Still, he anxiously looks around for her and waits for the chance that she might show up. The two sit down for some drinks after their morning run and they chat a bit about Jeong-suk. Mi-hee’s curious about Roy’s feelings for Jeong-suk and whether or not he really does like her. Meanwhile, Jeong-suk spends some time with I-rang and enjoys a museum date with her daughter. Jeong-suk’s aware that I-rang failed her mock exam but she’s not upset or mad. Instead, she’s patient and understanding with her daughter and doesn’t want to stress I-rang even more. She acknowledges that she raised I-rang freely but she did so intentionally. By not placing many limitations and restrictions on I-rang, it allowed her to find her own path and do what she wanted. Jeong-suk did a wonderful job in raising and taking care of I-rang.

In-ho and Jung-min have a talk in In-ho’s office. At first, In-ho thinks of resorting to his old ways and yelling at Jung-min. But he imagines what Jeong-suk would say so he calms down and he approaches Jung-min carefully and calmly. He empathizes with Jung-min as he once experienced something similar when he was still young in his career as a doctor. But he shares some words of wisdom with Jung-min and advises that Jung-min not avoid the situation. If he wants to protest, he should. If he wants to beg for forgiveness, he can do that too. He should learn from his mistake so that he can become a better doctor in the future. In-ho ends the conversation by adding that Jung-min is a much better person than he is.

Jung-min prepares to attend Ji-seon’s funeral but he sits down to talk with So-ra first. Though it’s still a bit awkward, So-ra makes it known to Jung-min that she’s on his side and that she supports him. She’ll be there for him if he wants her to be. And maybe that was all that Jung-min needed to hear for he sheds a few tears upon listening to her. He then gathers the courage to attend the funeral by himself. In-ho does as he said he would and he attempts to shift the blame on the situation on the Family Medicine department to clear Jung-min’s name. Since Ji-seon was Seung-hi’s patient, the blame will fall on Seung-hi in particular. Chief Lim notifies Seung-hi about In-ho’s strategy and advises that she find a way to defend herself.

Roy spends some time with Jeong-suk during lunch. He can tell that she isn’t eating much and that her mood is down. Just like all the other times, Roy advises that she remember to take care of herself. Her health comes first so she should eat and also take her medication. Afterwards, Roy overhears an intense confrontation between Seung-hi and In-ho in the hallway near their department in front of everyone. She attacks In-ho for his actions and defends her Family Medicine department. Though she reiterates that it was not their fault for the incident, In-ho thinks otherwise. He too is adamant that neither his resident (AKA Jung-min) nor his department should be blamed for the incident. Seung-hi ends the conversation by emphasizing that In-ho takes back what he said about the Family Medicine department. Hmm.

Roy stops by Ji-seon’s funeral. He has some information regarding Ji-seon’s health that he wants to share with them. But the parents are not in the mood to listen and they decline Roy’s request. Mom and Mother-in-law spend some time together again after a brief break from each other. Mom’s a bit worried about Jeong-suk’s strange behavior but Mother-in-law chalks it up to work at the hospital just being a bit stressful. With that, they go out to a medical clinic together where Mom receives a check-up. Mom is advised by the doctor to begin treatment as her health is deteriorating. After the appointment, Mom has to remind Mother-in-law that they can’t go out for dinner or make any other plans for the day. It’s her husband’s death anniversary.

Jeong-suk prepares for the memorial service at the house. Mother-in-law and In-ho step in to help Jeong-suk and they assume she’s forgiven In-ho since she’s helping out. But Jeong-suk hints at a few things and she shows Mother-in-law and In-ho how to prepare for the memorial service. She adds that they should know how to do stuff like this given that she won’t be able to do this forever. Hmmmm. Interesting comment. And so the family holds the memorial service for In-ho’s father like they’ve usually done but Mother-in-law requests that they not do so much in the future. They should just simply gather as a family to pray and share a meal together. And plus, it’s a lot of hard work for Jeong-suk to cook and prepare for the memorial service. But Jeong-suk defends that Mother-in-law can learn how to do it and I-rang is even willing to help. But Mother-in-law refuses and she confesses that she has a boyfriend. There’s someone she’s seeing and she’s even thinking of marrying the person (AKA Professor Park).

After the memorial service, In-ho is in disbelief that he could potentially have a stepfather. But helping Jeong-suk clean up is more important so he volunteers to help her clean up and wash the dishes. Jeong-suk is glad that he’s willing to help out since he should know how to do this stuff. She won’t be there for much longer. Jeong-suk elaborates that this was the last memorial service she’ll help out with and the reason for that being is because.. She wants a divorce (OMGEEEEEEE!!). When she saw In-ho’s car parked in the accessibility parking spot right outside of the building, she realized just how miserable she was. She imagined him driving Seung-hi around in the car while using Jeong-suk’s health for his benefit and advantage. On the night that she discovered his car in the parking spot, she reported the car to the police and this act prompted her to reach her final decision. Jeong-suk believes it’s best to split up and end things. They can continue to be parents to their children but she no longer wants to be husband and wife. There’s nothing left for them; it’s been over between them two. Jeong-suk wishes to be liberated from this hell. In-ho listens as Jeong-suk explains her side of the story and her perspective in all of this. His nose begins to bleed and he falls onto the ground unconscious. Jeong-suk panics and attempts to wake him up but In-ho doesn’t respond.

My Thoughts:

OKAAAAAAAAY! We’re finally going somewhere! We’re finally heading in some kind of direction. After some back and forth and up and down, we finally have a glimpse as to what decision Jeong-suk’s made for herself and what it is that she wants to do. I’ll admit that I was honestly nervous watching her talk with In-ho at the end there because I had no idea as to what she was going to say or do. I’ve been #TeamDivorce this entire time so I really wanted her to go that route but I also was afraid that she was going to do the opposite. So when she declared that they get a divorce, I immediately felt relieved (and a bit joyful I’m not going to lie).

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