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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 6 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 6 Recap

    Relationships can blossom in many different ways, but they can also be set back in various ways as well. As Do-hee and Hae-kyung continue to engage with each other, they slowly find themselves treading the fine line of respecting rules and boundaries they’ve set for themselves to resisting the urge to be something more. How […]

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 5 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 5 Recap

    What is meant to be will be. Coincidental encounters have now transformed into fated interactions and Do-hee and Hae-kyung come to accepting their new reality. In the process of navigating this second phase in their relationship, they continue to battle with their internal thoughts and feelings towards their first love’s who can’t seem to let […]

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 4 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 4 Recap

    There is always potential for new beginnings, new love, new relationships. Hae-kyung and Do-hee continue to navigate their complicated relationship with each other while also dealing with their complicated past that has come back to haunt them. With the two envisioning a new beginning in their life, will things move forward for both Do-hee and […]

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 3 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 3 Recap

    Fate. Destiny. Dinner: three concepts that seems to keep drawing Do-hee and Hae-kyung back to each other. As much as they want to deny that their first few interactions were just purely coincidental, something else tells them that it’s more complicated than that. Maybe they were destined to be more than just familiar strangers. Maybe […]

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 2 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 2 Recap

    Healing doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not always black and white. Do-hee learns this firsthand as she comes to her terms with a new chapter in her life. There are misfortunes and incidents in life, but there are also good things that blossom when misfortune strikes. Life is always a glass half-full. Dinner Mate/Would You […]

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 1 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 1 Recap

    This one’s cuuuuute! After finishing the premiere episodes of ‘Dinner Mate’ also known as ‘Would You Like to Have Dinner Together?’ starring Song Seung-heon and Seo Ji-hye, I decided to choose this drama as my next recapping project. Seo Ji-hye was the primary reason as to why I decided to tune into this drama and […]

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