King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 7 Recap


IT’S 1:48 A.M. RIGHT NOW WHICH MEANS I SHOULD REALLY GET SOME SLEEP AND GO TO SLEEP BEFORE I GET KILLED BY MY PARENTS, BUT I HAVE JUST FINISHED THIS RECAP RIGHT NOW AND THE EPISODE WAS SO SO GOOD I CAN’T AND WON’T. I HAVE NO REGRETS. King of High School continues to deliver in many ways and is such a great drama it makes me so happy. In fear that I will spoil this episode because I’m too excited right now, I will just leave this introduction part alone so that you guys can get started on the recap.

Also I apologize for the late post. My mom took away the internet yesterday (UGH I KNOW. ON THE DAY THAT EPISODE 7 AIRED. I know. I was devastated too) so I didn’t get to watch episode 7 until now. But to make up for the late post, I’ll recap episode 8 as quick as possible.^^


From where we left off at the end of episode six, Min Suk had contacted Soo Young through phone to ask her a few questions on her preferences. They eventually meet each other on the sidewalk where Min Suk then requests for Soo Young’s help and that it’ll only take ten seconds. Without getting an approval from Soo Young, he pulls her towards him and places his arms around her. With Soo Young in his arms, Min Suk starts counting to ten (even though it’s really like 30) then lets her go after he finishes counting. He leaves Soo Young confused and puzzled after thanking her for answering his question that he was curious about.

Yoo-Ah’s back at her apartment recalling the moment when Min Suk yelled at her for her constant talking and asking. She vows to become more understanding since Min Suk’s dealing with a lot and has a lot on his plate. Soo Young arrives home a few minutes later and hugs Yoo-Ah like how Min Suk did to her. She also counts to ten, but can’t seem to figure out why Min Suk had hugged her for ten seconds. After thinking about all the possible reasons why, Soo Young concludes that Min Suk hugged her to check to see what her chest size was. LOLOLOL. Soo Young is waaayyyy too hilarious. Even when she’s getting ready to sleep, Soo Young still can’t forget about the hug. She brushes off the possibility about the chest size and reaches another conclusion.


Back at Min Suk’s place, he starts to punch and kick madly at a punching bag for some reason I’m assuming is about Soo Young. He lays down, exhausted and sweaty, with his hands covering his chest. He seems bummed out over the answer to the question he was able to receive by hugging Soo Young.

At school the next morning, Min Suk’s teacher is lecturing the class and warns them to not fall asleep while he’s teaching despite the hot hot weather. The teacher then catches dummy Min Suk in Min Suk’s seat laying his head on the desk which angers him so he walks over to Min Suk’s desk. However, his two friends lie to the teacher and make up excuses to cover up for their best friend who isn’t at school at that current moment, but at work. PHEW. THAT WAS CLOSE.


Min Suk runs into Soo Young while entering the work building so she explains to him her thoughts on the whole hug incident. Since Min Suk had been living in Germany for a while, he might have been exposed to many different environments. Min Suk doesn’t quite seem to grasp the idea that Soo Young’s trying to say, so she elaborates and re-iterates that Min Suk did say that he found Director Yoo attractive even from a man’s perspective. Soooo, she’s assuming that Min Suk hugged her to check his feelings and whether he liked guys or not. Seems legit. Haha.

Min Suk denies Soo Young’s accusation that he likes Director Yoo. So since Min Suk doesn’t like Director Yoo, then does that mean that he likes Soo Young? Min Suk hesitates to answer Soo Young’s question so she comes to thinking that maybe he does harbor a crush on her since he didn’t deny it. She admits that she’ll feel uncomfortable working as his secretary if he likes her, but Min Suk has to pretend like he doesn’t just so he can keep Soo Young by his side. He makes up the excuse that he hugged her to make up for all the times he talked rudely to her and because it’s a sign of endearment in Germany so he should spread the same love back in Korea. To even prove his point, he hugs one of the female employees that works in the Retail Department in front of Soo Young who just shrugs at the sight of something so unfamiliar.


At the Retail Department office, Min Suk goes off hugging all the employees who, in response, react strangely to Min Suk’s random and odd hugs. He’s never given them any hugs before so to receive a hug from Min Suk on a regular day of work is just strange. Min Suk explains that back in Germany he would always greet people like this so hugging people reminds him of the good old days. Omg Min Suk, you’re trying wayyyy too hard. But wait, doesn’t that mean that he’ll get to hug Soo Young everyday now?

In his office, Min Suk checks up on Soo Young who’s busy working at her desk. He then gets a call from his two best friends who warned him about what happened that day during class when his teacher thought he was sleeping in class, but really he wasn’t because Min Suk wasn’t even in class during that time. They remind him about the game they have later on that day and for Min Suk to go. After the call, all of the Retail Department hold a meeting to discuss about their Y-Tower Remodeling collaboration project with Director Yoo’s team Project Team.

During the meeting, Min Suk notices Soo Young rubbing her goosebumps on her arms because of the fan that’s blowing in the room, so he request that they turn it off since the room isn’t that warm. He makes up excuses to cover up for why he wanted to turn the fan off, but really it was because Soo Young was cold that he decided to make that call. Can I get an ‘awwwww’?


Director Yoo goes to visit his mom at the rehab clinic like how he had promised to do in the last episode. When she struggles to knit the cushion that she’s making for Director Yoo for his birthday, he comforts his mother and tells her that she doesn’t need to rush when making it. Director Yoo’s mother shows concern for his son, but has to attend counseling therapy so she leaves Director Yoo behind. When his mom leaves, Director Yoo reflects back on the time when he was still a kid and witnessed his parents fighting and arguing. When the flashback ends, a nurse approaches Director Yoo to explain to him how his mom has been behaving and acting at the rehab clinic which isn’t so good.

Director Yoo returns to work and joins his father in the elevator. He invites his father to eat with him that following weekend, but his father declines the offer, even acknowledging that they don’t have a healthy relationship so there’s no point in getting together to eat. Director Yoo then takes the time to update his father on his mother’s doings, but his father can care less about Director Yoo’s mother since she has nothing to do with him now. Wow.

Soo Young runs across Director Yoo and notices his pale skin and sweaty head, but he brushes it off and states that he’s just getting sick. NO DIRECTOR YOO. IT’S NOT JUST THAT YOU’RE GETTING SICK. It’s much more than that.


He returns to his apartment that day and receives an abrupt text from Soo Young who has dropped off some porridge in front of his apartment door. Director Yoo runs outside to catch up with Soo Young and invites her for a cup of tea, but she denies his offers since she doesn’t want his sickness to worsen. She continually backs away from Director Yoo to further their distance that she ends up bumping into a parking car which starts to cry. The owner is furious and enraged at the fact that his car is crying and runs over to check to see who had caused it. Soo Young, afraid to get caught, grabs Director Yoo and together they hide behind another car. When the owner leaves, Soo Young points out that Director Yoo had stepped on dog poop so he panics in response and throws his shoes off. Soo Young goes after it to retrieve it and tries to remove the dog poop from the shoe, even picking at it! LOL. EW. Director Yoo ends up hopping back to his apartment with one shoe on. Haha, too cute.

Soo Young’s busy washing off the dog poop in Director Yoo’s bathroom, but he forces her to stop so that she can join him in having some tea together. Soo Young discovers that Director Yoo’s birthday is coming up and assumes that he’s going to hold a big celebratory party, but Director Yoo reveals that he has no plans on his birthday. In fact, he can’t recall the times when he did celebrate his birthday. Upon hearing that, Soo Young volunteers to make seaweed soup for Director Yoo on his birthday (in the Korean culture, one eats seaweed soup for their birthday) since she’s a good cook and since he’s never celebrated his birthday many times. Soo Young leaves Director Yoo without even having any tea so that he can recover. When she leaves, Director Yoo checks up on the porridge that she had cooked for him, but struggles to pour the mushy porridge into his bowl. And she said she was a good cook. HAHAHA.

At the hockey stadium, all the team players are getting ready in the locker room for their upcoming game that’s taking place that day. Yoo-Ah courageously and bluntly enters the locker room, causing all the players to panic and cover up their bodies (she enters like it’s nothing hahaha) while Yoo-Ah searches for her Lee Hubby who at that time is in the restroom. She takes notice of Min Suk’s worn-out skates before getting kicked out of the locker room by the coach.

Since the hockey team won their game that day, their coach treats them out to some dinner. Their coach reveals to them that they’ll be having training over the weekend, but Min Suk also has a workshop to go to over the weekend. He then makes up the excuse that they should just rest since they’ve been working really hard. Their coach eventually lets them off and decides that he’ll give them the weekend off. Haha. That was close Min Suk.


At his father’s laundry shop, Min Suk converses with his dad about his game that day and his coach’s greed to win since his coach is making them train over the weekend. Min Suk’s father knows Min Suk too well and knows that Min Suk is lying. Hahaha. Dad then brings up Hyung Suk and whether Min Suk was able to contact him in which Min Suk lies that he did talk to Hyung Suk, but since Hyung Suk is too busy moving he won’t be able to update his father on his new house address.

Min Suk ends up leaving first to head back home. When he gets home, he overhears his grandpa talking to Hyung Suk on the phone,  so he runs to grab the phone but it’s too late for his brother hangs up. We find out that Grandpa misses Hyung Suk dearly so he asks Min Suk when and if Hyung Suk will return home after one hundred days. When Min Suk answers yes to Grandpa’s question, Grandpa starts his countdown: “one day, two days, three days, four days…” Awww.

It’s the weekends and everyone’s occupied with their own activities and schedules. While Yoo-Ah’s busy trying to find new skates to buy for Min Suk, Soo Young heads to the COMFO building where the rest of the Retail Department is waiting so that they can all head on their work trip to work on their workshop together. She eventually joins the others after buying a cake and together they all head off on a charter bus to their destination.


Meanwhile, Min Suk’s two best friends are walking outside, enjoying the free time they have since they don’t have any training that weekend. They come across Yoo-Ah who’s working part-time for a cosmetic shop which includes passing out fliers to promote their newest and most recent items. Since Yoo-Ah’s busy working, she doesn’t reveal to them why she’s working so Min Suk’s two best friends assume that she’s working to help Min Suk’s family out who his two best friends had lied was going bankrupt. To make up for the lie and because they pity Yoo-Ah, the two friends end up helping Yoo-Ah pass the fliers out. (And they also seem to be more successful at that than Yoo-Ah. Haha).

The charter bus comes to a rest stop to allow the members to get some rest and relaxation. After returning from the restroom and heading back to the charter bus, Soo Young finds two lost siblings who are confused at their father’s whereabouts. Soo Young, being the kind and good person she is, volunteers to help the kids find their father. While she’s busy assisting the kids, everyone else has already gathered on the bus. Instead of doing a proper roll check, the bus driver makes everyone check to see if their partner is there instead which doesn’t really apply to Soo Young since she’s sitting alone on the bus. After checking their partners and Soo Young who they are all assuming is sleeping under her jacket, they depart, not knowing that Soo Young is still at the rest stop. :O


The kids eventually reunite with their mother so Soo Young goes back to head to the place that the bus parked. She can’t find it though so she comes to realizing that the bus has left without her, but unfortunately none of the Retail Team members are even aware that she’s not on the bus. (They’re too busy partying and dancing on the bus to notice). Poor Soo Young.

It’s only when they arrive at their destination that they realize Soo Young isn’t on the bus and that they had left her behind. LOL. WOW. REALLY?! When they find themselves unsuccessful in contacting her, Director Yoo and Min Suk volunteer to go back to the rest stop to pick her up.

Along the way, they argue and bicker, worsening their friendly rivalry. To end the dispute, Min Suk recommends that Director Yoo just focus on his driving. He then stops talking and pulls down the window to get some air. Director Yoo doesn’t approve of this though and points out that the air conditioner is on and that Min Suk is sitting in his car right now so he should be respectful of what Director Yoo wants. The whole ride there, they continue to fight over the windows, as Min Suk pulls it down only for Director Yoo to roll it back up, then Min Suk pulling it down only for Director Yoo to roll it back up again. Hahaha. Too funny.

President of COMFO eventually arrives at the workshop site and suggest that everyone all play a round of foot volleyball since they’re not doing anything at the moment. And so they separate into teams to play some foot volleyball. YAY for team bonding!


Back at the rest stop, Soo Young tries to find someone who can take her to the workshop site. When a man volunteers to take Soo Young, she hesitates to accept his offer. Luckily, Min Suk and Director Yoo arrives just in time to rescue her. Upon hearing Min Suk yell out Soo Young’s name, she runs straight to them (I swear, she’s never looked so happy and relieved to see Min Suk before. Hahaha). Min Suk thinks Soo Young’s running towards him, but becomes disappointed when she approaches Director Yoo instead. After explaining herself, she walks off with Director Yoo, unaware that she’s leaving Min Suk behind so an angry and very very jealous Min Suk walks in between them and starts shouting at Soo Young even more. OMG Min Suk, calm down. LOL. I know you want her attention, but yelling at her isn’t the way to go my brother! Haha.

When they arrive at Director Yoo’s car, Min Suk opens the back door for Soo Young to enter, but Director Yoo wants her to sit in the passenger seat. So another argument over whether Soo Young should sit in the back where Min Suk wants her to sit or in the passenger seat where Director Yoo wants her to sit begins. Soo Young ends up driving the car while Director Yoo and Min Suk sit with each other in the back. HAHAHA. But the bickering doesn’t stop there. The two men continue to fight with each other even when they’re sitting next to each other in the car. Omg seriously you guys?! How old are you guys again? Haha.

Back at the workshop site, the game of foot volleyball finally comes to an end. Both teams think that they’re done exercising, but President reveals that the foot volleyball was just a warm-up. He ends up making them join him on a walk on a hiking trail although they’re all dead tired and exhausted. LOL.

When Yoo-Ah’s part-time job ends for the day, she becomes suspicious of why Min Suk’s two friends had helped her out. She concludes that one of the two has to like her or else there wouldn’t be a reason as to why they acted so kind towards her. One friend is given up as a sacrifice and lies to Yoo-Ah that he has a crush on her. Yoo-Ah of course doesn’t approve of this especially since she only has eyes for her Lee Hubby and warns his friend that does not have a crush, but does has a crush on Yoo-Ah to stop with this whole crush thing. Haha.


Soo Young, Min Suk, and Director Yoo finally make it back to the workshop site only to find the team members all walking like zombies after going through the trail that’s supposedly just a walking trail (but was more like a mountain-climbing trail. Haha). One of the employees even suffers a heat stroke. OMO.

To refresh themselves, the Project and Retail Team are all treated to dinner by the President. When one of the employees from the Retail Team fails at impressing everyone with his singing skills, they focus their attention on Assistant Manager Park who dances and sings in front of everyone courageously. That employee, Ji Dae-han, grows upset over how no one paid any attention to him while they’re all excited with Assistant Manager Park’s performance. However, his mood lights up when one of the female employees from the same team shows some interest in his singing and asks him to sing for her. AWWWW. HOW CUTE. I smell a new love line here? Hehehe.

Director Yoo leaves the table to pick up a call. He receives updates from his friend whose brother is investigating Hyung Suk. His friend relays some information and details about Hyung Suk which surprises Director Yoo. While the party is still going on at the dinner table, Director Yoo spends some time alone analyzing the new information his friend had revealed to him. Because while Hyung Suk is said to be a perfectionist and cold-blooded person who refuses to let others close to him, his actions and behavior proves otherwise which causes Director Yoo to grow even more suspicious of the person they believe is Director Lee Hyung Suk (which is really Min Suk).


Soo Young and Director Yoo go out for a walk, but Director Yoo runs back to go get a jacket for Soo Young since she feels cold (funny how he’s wearing a jacket. Maybe he was too cold too so he couldn’t give it to Soo Young too). While Director Yoo leaves to go get Soo Young a jacket, Min Suk approaches her. He forces her to go with him to get the team members some ramen since they’re all craving for some (although really they’re not lol). So Soo Young has no choice but to leave with her boss and leave Director Yoo behind.


While on their walk to go buy some ramen, Min Suk and Soo Young hold a conversation about many different topics, including the one time Soo Young had a bug jump on her. Hahaha. Min Suk asks Soo Young about her love life and whether she has ever dated a younger guy before (ooooohhhh our little Min Suk is trying to get his game on! GO MIN SUK!), but Soo Young goes back to talking about the bug once again so since Min Suk can’t get her to answer his question, he joins her in on the conversation about the bug. When he lies that he sees the bug that Soo Young is the most afraid of, she jumps into his arms (that are wide opened I might add) which causes the both of them to be in an awkward position. Soo Young quickly realizes the position she’s in and jumps off of Min Suk. A few seconds passes and Soo Young does the same thing again, landing in Min Suk’s chest (?) after he pretends to see the ugly bug that Soo Young’s afraid of.



Min Suk continues this trick a few more times until he stops because Soo Young starts to realize what he’s doing. Haha. CAN THEY STOP BEING SO ADORABLE ALREADY?! This isn’t good for my health.

The trip comes to an end (sadly) so they all head back to COMFO. Min Suk meets Soo Young at the building and suggest that they spend some time with each other, but since it’s also Director Yoo’s birthday and Soo Young had planned to cook some seaweed soup for Director Yoo for his birthday, she declines Min Suk’s offer. Min Suk lets Soo Young off and walks home.

While walking home, President of CEO catches Min Suk walking alone so he offers Min Suk a ride. Min Suk happily accepts it and is showered with compliments from President who always seem to be accepting of Min Suk. When they arrive at Min Suk’s stop, he gratefully gets off while President departs in his car. However, President notices Min Suk’s father who he sees riding on a bike and reveals that Min Suk’s father looks familiar. Uh-oh.


Soo Young and Director Yoo celebrate Director Yoo’s birthday in his apartment. She cooks some meals for them to eat, but it looks rather burnt and substandard, but Director Yoo doesn’t mind. Haha. In exchange for a birthday present, Director Yoo requests Soo Young to do something for him instead. He asks Soo Young to determine the kind of e-mails that Min Suk receives (specifically his business e-mails) then report them to Director Yoo once she finds out. However, Soo Young can’t bring herself to accept his request for it would require her to be like a spy which she doesn’t want to be so she ultimately rejects his offer. Even when Director Yoo reveals that he’s curious if there’s anything going on between Soo Young and Min Suk which he hopes will change her mind, she doesn’t and keeps her word. (Soo Young standing up for herself once again. I feel so proud right now). Director Yoo tries to make it clear to her what message he’s trying to convey by bringing up how she was the only contractor that was let go and fired (when she was still a contractor at COMFO), threatening her position as a secretary and how easy it would be to fire her, but Soo Young just stays quiet and leaves the apartment.

Meanwhile, back at Director Yoo’s apartment, he receives a call from Min Suk who has called to talk about when their next meeting should be and what they should discuss about. However, at the same time that Director Yoo is talking on the phone with Min Suk, he finds an agitated and angry Soo Young at his door who has returned to express her suffocating thoughts and emotions. Min Suk stops talking when he hears Soo Young on the other line crying, “If I leave without saying a word, I will feel like a total idiot. So I came back.” Director Yoo places his phone down to hear Soo Young out. She continues, “You – you only amounted to be a loser like this. My heart ached for loving you. I feel like killing myself for wasting two years of my life. If you don’t like a person like me, you can fire me at any time. Director. No. Yoo Jin Woo. You shouldn’t live like that. You are a bastard without any basic manners.” Soo Young leaves when she finishes her confrontation leaving Director Yoo surprised and shocked. Meanwhile, Min Suk hears all of this since Director Yoo didn’t hang up and panics when Director Yoo doesn’t answer any of his questions about what’s going on.


With that, Min Suk goes off on a hunt to find Soo Young who’s walking back home crying and in total devastation. Back at Director Yoo’s apartment, he reads the birthday card that Soo Young had written for him which reads, “Happy Birthday Director Yoo! I wish you a happy birthday like this cake and I wish your life will be filled with laughter.”  Director Yoo, you don’t know who you’re missing out on. Seriously.

Min Suk finally finds Soo Young and goes up to talk to her. He scolds her for crying when she should have known better since he gave her so many clues about Director Yoo and how he was a bad guy, but Soo Young yells at Min Suk for not telling her that Director Yoo was the one who fired her. If she had known, she would not have given him a second chance and would not have made a fool out of herself. Min Suk also agrees with Soo Young and wonders why he himself couldn’t tell Soo Young any of that, but he now knows the answer as to why he wasn’t able to earlier.

With that, he leans towards Soo Young and plants his lips on hers.


My Thoughts:

GOSH DARN IT. NO LIP ACTION?! You’re telling me I waited 7 episodes for a kiss by Seo In Guk, but there wasn’t any lip action. And I was so excited too! Haha. Is anyone else disappointed? Anyways…



God, I’m so so so so proud of Jung Soo Young. She is no doubt one of the better female leads I’ve ever seen in a drama in a long long time. I love how no matter who it is that she’s talking to, if she has something that’s bothering her that she needs to say, she will say it upfront and courageously in front of that person. It doesn’t matter if it’s Min Suk, her Retail Team employees, or in this case, the man she had loved and cared for for two years, Director Yoo. Poor Soo Young. She got played and tricked twice by Director Yoo, but that confrontation towards the end of the episode really summed up everything that Director Yoo is – “a bastard without any basic manners.” Soo Young has done so much for him because she wanted to make him feel a little bit better and because she thought he was being genuine this time, but he only acted so nicely towards her to use her. I am so glad that Soo Young didn’t fall for Director Yoo’s tricks and go through with his request. Instead, she rejected it and explained why, which I know might not have been the easiest thing for her but the fact that she said firmly no multiple times really makes her such an amazing character. I have said this from the very beginning and I will say it once again this time, you go Jung Soo Young! I’m rooting for you! 😀


I don’t think anything that Director Yoo does at this point will get him on my good side. After the end of this episode, he’s officially on my bad side and there’s nothing that he can do to change that. I knew that there was something more to him when he started to treat Soo Young all nicely after he found out she had become Min Suk’s secretary. It was only to use her for his benefit which I shouldn’t necessarily be so surprised with because I don’t think he had any genuine feelings for her from the very beginning. He was aware that Soo Young had feelings for him so he used that to his advantage and treated her even better so that maybe she would do whatever he wanted, but obviously that plan didn’t work out so the only method left was to threaten her and her job once again which made things even worse. The side of Director Yoo that erupted when Soo Young rejected his request to search for Min Suk’s e-mails made me scared, because it was such a quick transition in character. The sweet and kind Director Yoo that shared information about his mother with Soo Young suddenly turned into this threatening and intimidating man just so he could get what he wanted. I mean, none of the things that he wanted was going to benefit Soo Young in the end (and could possibly hurt her instead) and was only going to make her do something that she didn’t want to do, so he shouldn’t have been surprised that she said no. Maybe with her refusal, it’ll help him understand Soo Young better and maybe, just maybe the confrontation between Soo Young and Director Yoo will cause Director Yoo to realize all the things that Soo Young’s done for him in the past two years and make him change his attitude a bit. Or at least I’m crossing my fingers hoping that’s the end result.


God, it was so hard trying to recap this episode, because I could not stop pausing the video and squealing afterwards. It was especially hard for me during the Min Suk and Soo Young walk scene because you know, I’m rooting for them as a couple and when they have adorable conversations about a bug, I just can’t help it but squeal and scream and squeal again because they are just too cute together. I feel like they compliment each other so so well, with both characters possessing strong traits of their own that makes them such dynamic characters. Min Suk and Soo Young are both courageous characters who drastically was forced to change and mature after working in COMFO. They slowly eliminated all their fears and hesitantly escaped out of their comfort zone to become the person they are now. Min Suk was tentative at first with the whole “pretend-to-be-your-brother-and-go-to-work-for-him” idea at first, but he slowly came to adjusting to the working environment and now has become one of COMFO’s favorites, including the President’s. Soo Young was never really an out-spoken person, but within the last few episodes, her character has improved by leaps. She stands up for not only herself, but others, which I consider a major accomplishment, because in the beginning of the drama, she was just that really quiet and awkward introvert that could barely interact with anyone. Now she’s going off telling people what’s wrong with them and what they’re doing and what they do that makes her mad which I really love witnessing. She don’t take any BS from anybody, even if they’re directors with way more power and authority than her. It’s so great and refreshing to see a female lead not act so weak, fragile, and dependent on others. Over the course of the drama, Soo Young has grown immensely and its’ not to say that she has completely transformed into a totally new person, because no she hasn’t. She still has a few touches of her awkward and clumsy personality traits, but she’s grown in that she’s a lot more mettlesome and daring now compared to the first episode. In a way, I kind of feel like a mother who’s watched her daughter grow and mature (yes, I’m the mother here and Soo Young’s the daughter even though she’s older lol but you get what I mean) and I just am so proud of Soo Young. I don’t think she’s done anything (yet) that’s made me tired and annoyed of her, lol. Which is really rare. Soo Young’s a great character that I really enjoy.


It really helps that both Min Suk and Soo Young are such funny characters. I find Min Suk’s attempts to get Soo Young’s attention like how she gives Director Yoo hilarious, because as a viewer who knows that Min Suk has feelings for Soo Young, watching Min Suk get jealous over Director Yoo and his reactions to everything that involves Director Yoo and Soo Young is just so funny. He’s fighting for her and he takes all the opportunities that he is given and creates new ones just so he can spend time with Soo Young, regardless of the location or who he’s with. I like that Min Suk has to fight for Soo Young because by fighting for her, it proves that he does have feelings for her and does want her as bad as she wants Director Yoo. He doesn’t give up even though it’s obvious that Soo Young doesn’t really care for him and doesn’t really take the time to acknowledge the efforts that Min Suk makes just for her. It’s sad that it’s more one-sided at this point, but I think that’s what enjoyable about it. Watching Min Suk try to capture Soo Young’s attention and heart, because then when she realizes that he likes her, she will slowly start to fall for him as well and this journey of denial and then acceptance will eventually come forth and our two main leads will finally get together. YIPPEE.


I really like the pace of Min Suk and Soo Young’s relationship that it’s going in right now. Min Suk doesn’t want to be as straight-forward as Soo Young was with Director Yoo so he tries to hint it at her as much as he can without making it totally obvious to Soo Young that he likes her. And I also like how he’s not trying to force Soo Young into liking him back. When she asked him if he liked her, he could have answered yes and that would have been that, but instead he didn’t because he didn’t want to make Soo Young feel uncomfortable. I like how he respects her decisions and is aware that it’s best that he tries to get her to open up to him first and that they get to know each other better before he continues to make his move. Like how for example, during the walk scene to go buy some ramen, when he asked her if she’s dated any younger guys before. To Soo Young, it’s just another random question, but to Min Suk it means the whole world to him to know if she’s dated any younger guys before. Too bad Soo Young was too distracted by the bug that she hates and loathes a lot that she kept on talking about it which prevented her from answering Min Suk’s question. But then again, the conversation about the bug did allow Soo Young to jump into Min Suk’s chest (I wouldn’t say arms because his arms were just awkwardly wide opened and he didn’t close them afterwards lol) which, in the end, counts for some skinship between our two leads right? WINK WINK.

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    • Hello ravenrhyme~

      Unfortunately, I do not know the title and artist of the ending song for episode 7, but it does sound like an OST track so I’m assuming that it’ll be released in a few weeks. When the song does get released though, I’ll update you (and the other readers) as soon as possible!

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  1. Yes, Mary, I’m disappointed at the no lip action! The kiss does look pretty hot to me though, especially the way his hands are on her face.

    The walk-bug scene: The “forest” reminds me of the forest from ep 5 of Witch’s Romance. They also had a workshop scene, ha!

    I did find Director Yoo to be quite pleasant here. I could almost fall for his gentle and soft nature (if not for the last scene.) The way he asked SY to sit beside him is better than MS’s, which seems rather bossy and forcing.

    The bickering of the 2 guys in the car was hilarious! “Why are you holding my hand?”, “Why are you wiping this on me?”
    MS is so funny, he was the one who started the ‘skinship’ first…

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