Oh My Baby: Episode 16 & Final Recap

It’s the final episode so things wrap up for all of our characters. How will things turn out for Yi-sang and Ha-ri whose relationship has been a roller coaster ride full of happy, genuine, and wonderful moments combined with emotions of sadness, devastation, and tears? Will our lead couple miraculously achieve their dreams of becoming parents or will they get another version to their happy ending?

Note: It’s hard to believe that the drama is already coming to an end. I’m not gonna lie, the airing to this drama felt pretty long to me for some reason. I felt like I had been recapping it for months and months on end when really it hasn’t been that long. Regardless, I just want to thank everyone who joined me in my recap series for ‘Oh My Baby.’ This drama had really great moments as well as some teeny moments of confusion and disappointment in there. Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching this light rom-com and I hope you did too. I also want to give a quick shout-out to those who have supported my works by commenting, liking, and following me on my blog. I know it might seem like I don’t see your comments or your likes on my blog because I’m pretty silent about it, but I see you. I see all that love and support and the kind words you’re sending me and just know that I’m grateful. In the meantime, you can follow me for my other recaps ‘Kkondae Intern‘ (which ended this week as well) as well as other currently airing drama ‘Dinner Mate.’

Oh My Baby Episode 16 & Final Recap: Questions About Things that Disappear

Yi-sang too has been missing Ha-ri this entire time that they were apart. Everything reminds him of her. From actually watching her enter her house to taking photos of an elderly couple at a park, Ha-ri appears in Yi-sang’s mind and memories with every sight. While camping at a river, he breaks down into tears upon checking Ha-ri’s SNS account. One of her posts includes a photo of her with the caption, “Like always, I’m doing great.” Ha-ri might seem like she’s doing fine, but Yi-sang isn’t. He isn’t doing great. He’s struggling without Ha-ri in his life.

When Yi-sang returns to Korea, the first person he meets up with is Soo-cheol. Soo-cheol makes it known to Yi-sang that Ha-ri is doing fine. However, that’s not the case for Yi-sang and he feels as if he crumbles down every time he thinks about Ha-ri. It also doesn’t help that he accidentally witnessed her one night as she was walking to her house. Soo-cheol encourages Yi-sang to meet up with Ha-ri again. He’s only making things complicated between the two because he thinks he’s doing a good thing for the both of them when things doesn’t have to be that way. Just then, Soo-cheol receives a phone call from Ha-ri about the infertility couple whose in the hospital. Soo-cheol is about to hurry over to join Ha-ri, but he hands his camera over to Yi-sang. This is his chance. His chance is now.

So Yi-sang grabs the camera and runs over to the hospital where Ha-ri waits anxiously for who she assumes is Soo-cheol. However, she freezes when she finds Yi-sang standing in front of her with the camera bag. They’re too speechless and surprised to say anything to each other at the moment, but it doesn’t matter anyways. The husband of the infertility couple comes out to remind Ha-ri and Yi-sang to film before his wife is to go into labor. So our two leads rush into the room and manage to snap a few photos of the infertility couple before the wife is transferred to the delivery room. While that is happening, the husband as well as Yi-sang and Ha-ri wait out in the lobby anxiously for any updates and news. The OB-GYN doctor comes out for just a brief moment to update them on the wife’s condition: the wife has given birth to their baby and the baby is breathing, but the new mother is bleeding a lot. After operating on the wife, the doctor returns to give a second update: the wife’s bleeding has stopped, but she’s unconscious. They’re going to take her to the ICU and treat her there.

Both side of the families stop by the hospital to accompany one another and visit the couple. While all the commotion and chaos is happening, Yi-sang and Ha-ri watch everything unfold. They still haven’t spoken a word to each other, but they keep each other company with their presence. Just when Yi-sang steps away to grab the both of them some coffee, Ha-ri goes somewhere else. Yi-sang eventually finds her in the lobby of the nursery room where the couple’s new baby is resting. She’s also holding a photo of the couple’s ultrasound gently in her hand. Ha-ri realizes just how much all mothers go through when they give birth to their babies. It seems as if this notion is easily forgotten nowadays. The two eventually return to the lobby and receive news from the husband. His wife has fortunately recovered and their baby is doing fine too. With that, Ha-ri and Yi-sang feel comfortable and relieved enough to leave.

On the way out of the hospital, Yi-sang volunteers to give Ha-ri a ride back home. However, Ha-ri isn’t having any of it. If he was just going to worry about her, why did he break up with her in the first place? Ha-ri’s finished with all her thinking and she’s come to a conclusion about their relationship. But what about Yi-sang? Has he been able to think things through? When Yi-sang doesn’t respond and he lowers his eyes, Ha-ri receives the answer to her question and she marches away. Yi-sang catches up to her before she gets home for one last chance to express his honest thoughts. He admits that he missed her. He missed her a lot and he wanted to be with her. However, things were difficult for Yi-sang because he still believes that he’s the source of misery for Ha-ri. He doesn’t feel as if he’s good enough for her. He feels as if she’s devastated by him, but he too is devastated by all of this. How could he ask her to love her when he doesn’t feel confident in their relationship? However, Ha-ri reminds him that he was the one who told Ha-ri to never give up. Yet, he here he is, giving up on their relationship and their dreams first.

After giving their conversation some thought, Ha-ri decides to visit Yi-sang to talk things out with him. She’s willing to wait a little bit longer for him while he decides on what he wants to do next. How much longer should she wait? But Yi-sang gives Ha-ri his answer right then and there. He still doesn’t feel confident in their relationship, but he also wants to be with Ha-ri. It killed him not to be with her during their time apart. Yi-sang chooses to be with Ha-ri. He chooses Ha-ri. Ha-ri is relieved to hear Yi-sang’s answer, but she also makes it clear that they’re not going to be miserable all the time. And so what if they are? Life brings about struggles and pain too and that’s completely okay. Ha-ri is confident she’ll never change and she’s certain Yi-sang too will never change. The two give each other a tight hug and spend another night together.

When the two wake up the next morning, Ha-ri shows Yi-sang her necklace with the engagement ring tied onto it. Regardless of what it is, Ha-ri’s goal in life is to just be happy. She sports on Yi-sang’s white dress shirt later on while he’s making breakfast. A bit naive and clueless, he has Ha-ri change into her own clothes since he was planning to wear the white dress shirt she has on. LOL, Yi-sang please! The two eventually eat breakfast together and Ha-ri shows Yi-sang a photo of the infertility couple with their newborn baby. Has Ha-ri given up on her dreams of becoming a mother? Although Ha-ri notes that it would be nice to get pregnant, she’s also content with not having one. Right at that moment, Yi-sang imagines having a little daughter with the same exact personality and attitude as Ha-ri. He’s freaked out by the imagination and becomes certain that he’d be okay with not having a child either. Who knows what a child who takes after Ha-ri will be like.

Yi-sang visits his urology doctor and expresses his wishes to have a kid. His doctor notes that Yi-sang could give treatments another try which Yi-sang doesn’t oppose. He does want to become a dad one day. Upon exiting the building, Yi-sang encounters Do-Ah’s dad, Jae-young. The two men talk things out in the playground and catch up with each other. Yi-sang vows that he’ll never leave Ha-ri again. He’s going to love her much more than he’s loved in his past relationship and he’s never going to let her go. It’s not like Yi-sang needs to get Jae-young’s approval or anything; he isn’t her annoying best friend anymore. But Yi-sang pesters Jae-young and asks for him to return to being her best friend. Better yet, Yi-sang and Jae-young can become great friends too! Jae-young jokes around and teases Yi-sang, but deep down, he’s opened to the idea of befriending each other. While walking around the park, the two men come across Mom with another man. They assume the man must be attacking Mom, but it isn’t until he leaves that they learn Mom was trying to get herself a date with the man! Lol, poor Mom! Jae-young and Yi-sang has ruined things for Mom. Maybe things just weren’t meant to be.

Eu-Ddeum and Hyo-joo collaborate to find recruit and seal some advertisements for ‘The Baby.’ The two end up bickering with each other on the approach they should take which Hyo-joo eventually apologizes for. She’s been doubting herself and her abilities at work for a while now so she’s not sure if she’s doing well or not. Eu-Ddeum cheers her up by complimenting her writing and how she’s improved in that aspect of her work life. Eu-Ddeum steps outside for a bit to grab the two some food. When he returns to the office, he discovers Hyo-joo asleep on the couch so he wakes her up. He chuckles upon seeing a mark on Hyo-joo’s face and hints for her to wipe it off. Hyo-joo won’t be tricked this time and she comments that she won’t fall for his actions again. She’s learned her lesson. Haha.

Cheol-joong and Ha-ri learn from Director Joo that the Chairman and executives are leaning towards cancelling ‘The Baby.’ Staff will be disbanded and transferred to another department within the company. Ha-ri announces the news to our Editing triplets who don’t take the news too well. They’ve worked way too hard to just disband in the end. Along with Ha-ri, the four decide to rebel and oppose the cancellation of ‘The Baby.’ They work together on a presentation to voice their discontent and unhappiness with the cancellation of ‘The Baby.’ Meanwhile, Yi-sang and Soo-cheol discuss about the studio if ‘The Baby’ was to disappear. Soo-cheol stresses out just thinking about how he’ll make money if he no longer is a photographer, but Yi-sang reassures him that Ha-ri will save the day like she usually does. Plus, Yi-sang’s willing to help co-own the studio with Soo-cheol and pitches in the idea of being business partners. He is a photographer and needs a studio anyways. Soo-cheol happily agrees to the partnership.

Our Editing team come together to present to Director Joo, the Chairman, and all the Executives as to why they should keep ‘The Baby.’ Director Joo and Cheol-joong are supportive of Ha-ri as she’s presenting, but the Chairman remains realistic and pessimistic. There’s just no way they’re going to make anymore money with ‘The Baby’ so they should just quit and stop everything. Just when it seems as if all hope is lost, Ha-ri plays videos of a few testimonies from different readers and subscribers of ‘The Baby’ who attest to just how impactful the magazine has been to their life. Ha-ri ends the presentation by commenting that there simply cannot be a price put on their magazine. It’s worth so much more than that and if given the chance, Ha-ri and her team will fight to prove to others that worth. When the team leaves, the Chairman gives things another thought. He’s willing to consider what they can do next about ‘The Baby.’

And so our team anxiously waits and waits in the office while the Chairman talks things out with his team. Eventually, Director Joo returns to the office to deliver everyone the news: the Chairman is adamant in cancelling ‘The Baby.’ They can focus on maintaining online operations for ‘The Baby’ for now, but the paper magazine will have to disappear. Our team is devastated upon hearing the update and they’re close to shedding tears. The news is too much for Ha-ri and she meets up with former Editor-in-Chief, Mrs. Shim, later on that evening (omg, this is so sad. I want to cry!). Upon reuniting, Mrs. Shim gives Ha-ri a tight hug and commends her for her work. She did well. However, the two women find themselves joined by our Editing triplets shortly afterwards and our original Editing team reconvenes once again.

They discuss the reality and aftermath to the cancellation of ‘The Baby.’ They always knew that this day would come, but they didn’t know it would come so soon. So-yoon and Yeon-ho shares that they will still help out with the online business, but Hyo-joo has decided to transfer to the Fashion department. What about Ha-ri? What does she plan on doing next? Ha-ri doesn’t quite know yet as to what her next step is. Mrs. Shim reminds her that life is a marathon. You complete one course and the next one presents itself. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence; you never know what’s going to happen next. Mrs. Shim also adds that the cancellation of ‘The Baby’ was not anyone’s fault. They all performed well and did their best. If anything, they should blame the company. Aww, I love this team dynamic!

So Ha-ri returns to the office to write the draft to what would be her final editor column for the final issue of ‘The Baby.’ She reflects on her experience and journey with ‘The Baby’ and writes,

Goodbye. Be well. I love you. How should one say the last goodbye? Unfortunately, ‘The Baby’ is closing its door that opened 30 years ago. Paper magazines must be one of those things that are pushed out by digital life. I promised you that I’d find an answer with you all, but I won’t be able to keep that promise. I’m still unmarried and without children. However, I now have someone who I truly love. My boyfriend was against having children at first, but he’s been collecting baby shoes in secret. What could’ve gotten into him?

My friend who took a deep dive from his successful life is now back on his feet and finding his way again. My other friend who had to put her career on hold to raise her children never gave up and is knocking the high doors of the job market again. We may seem like we haven’t achieved anything, but we’ve been taking small steps this entire time.

As if 30 years had been a mirage, ‘The Baby’ vanished into the darkness, but the magazine and our time spent on it will definitely mean something to us in the long run. Here I am closing to reaching 40, but I still wish to become someone and is curious as to what tomorrow holds.

Instead of saying my last goodbye, I will be curious of your tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will probably face a different question and a quest, and I hope that you’ll find your own answers.

Scenes of each of our characters succeeding in their lives and following their passions in life are shown. Yeon-ho and So-yoon work together on the online operations for ‘The Baby’, Soo-cheol is still taking photos, Eu-Ddeum and Cheol-joong have managed to successfully get new advertisement contracts, Jae-young is getting back on his feet with his clinic, and Eun-young is job hunting. Our characters face struggles everyday, but with each day comes answers to their quest that they are venturing on. Everything will be okay.

And so time passes and our Ha-ri turns 40 years old! She celebrates her birthday by reading a blog post written by Jae-young about fatherhood and his life as a single dad. Ha-ri is now working with Eun-young who’s now the director for their start-up company ‘Oh My Baby.’ Eu-Ddeum visits Ha-ri with a cake and the two express interest in recruiting Eu-Ddeum to work with them. He does seem talented and well-versed in getting advertisements and that’s something their new company needs. Eu-Ddeum jokes around that he’ll need some time to think about it. He’s not as naive as he used to be back then. Haha. That night, Mom, Ha-ri, and Jae-young take us down memory lane by reuniting for some dinner together at Mom’s house. Just as they did back then, Ha-ri and Jae-young bicker with each other and Mom has to intervene to stop the two. Aww, I missed seeing this!

After dinner, Mom catches up with Ha-ri and asks her about her relationship with Yi-sang. Do they ever plan on getting married? Ha-ri claims that she’s happy with how things are between her and Yi-sang at the moment. Regardless of whether or not they get married, Ha-ri knows she and Yi-sang will stay together and not break up. She’s okay with not being married. So Ha-ri spends some time with her boyfriend after he returns from a photoshoot. They’re now living together and are housemates! Yay! Yi-sang hands over a huge present box to Ha-ri so she excitedly opens it. However, it’s not really what she imagined it’d be. Yi-sang gifts Ha-ri with lots of nutritional supplements which she’s not so thrilled about. That’s it? Yi-sang reasons that he has his own excuses for purchasing the supplements and pleads to sleep with Ha-ri that night in her room. Although she rejects his request at first, she gives in to him and allows him to sleep with her that night. So much for respecting each other’s privacy, haha.

And so, the ‘The Baby’ staff gather at the office to discuss the various dreams that they’ve been having recently. All the dreams lead to some sign or indication that someone is pregnant or is going to have a kid. Soo-cheol and Cheol-joong worry that they might be the ones having another kid, lol. Mom too has been having conception dreams and she discusses about it with some friends at her house.

Cruising in the park, Ha-ri and Yi-sang walk hand in hand while munching on some snacks. Ha-ri is still hungry for more so she steals Yi-sang’s snacks and begins to munch on it too; apparently, hers wasn’t enough and she’s always hungry (OMGGG). The two then decide on dinner plans and what Yi-sang should cook for dinner. He’s willing to cook Ha-ri anything she wants and Ha-ri’s willing to do anything he wants. And so our couple walk on and on. With the way their faces lit up when talking to each other and just how at peace they both feel with each other, I think it’s ultimately safe to say that Ha-ri and Yi-sang are content with their lives. They’ve found their own version of happy.


Yi-sang carries Ha-ri in his arms and rushes into the hospital. Our Ha-ri is pregnant and her water has broke and they attempt to find hospital staff who can assist them with their emergency. Yi-sang and Ha-ri are going to become parents.

My Thoughts:

Update: Apologies for the inaccurate recap! My irresponsible self didn’t watch past the rolling credits so I didn’t catch the epilogue where Ha-ri is pregnant and a baby is on the way for our couple! Yay! Therefore, the commentary to this last episode will be different from my original recap. Thank you so much and my apologies once again!!

Wow. And it’s finally over! Yi-sang and Ha-ri’s dreams became true after all and they can start a family like how they’ve always wanted. Even with the epilogue where Ha-ri and Yi-sang had their miracle baby, I liked how ‘Oh My Baby’ was realistic from the start and was never shy from addressing raw and relatable conversations and moments in life. I liked that although Yi-sang and Ha-ri did become parents in the end, we were able to witness the many difficult conversations that took place in that process or was able to witness for ourselves the struggles that they were facing in their relationship.

I think we all went in at first not knowing who Ha-ri was going to pick to be her potential lover and sperm donor or if she was ever going to achieve her dreams of becoming a mother like how she’s always wanted. I’m glad that the drama gave us multiple endings instead — with the first ending being what Ha-ri’s life would be like if she didn’t have a child. With Ha-ri’s chances of becoming pregnant extremely slim and low, we were curious as to what she was going to do with this news and as we slowly saw with the last few episodes, Ha-ri eventually accepted the truth to her reality and began to take advantage of her new future. It was heart-breaking to watch her have to accept the fact that she might not be able to conceive and become a mother, but it was also satisfying to watch her bounce back, get back on her feet, and not allow herself to be impacted by such unfortunate news. She’s allowed to be sad and to cry and to feel devastated for becoming a mother – with or without a man – was something she’s always wanted since she was young. However, it was also great to watch her not let it get to her for too long. Before becoming pregnant, another part of me also felt as if Ha-ri slowly warmed up to the idea that there were other things in her life that she could enjoy, such as her relationship with Yi-sang and their future together that she looked forward to. Things might not have worked out for Ha-ri the way that she might have wanted it to at first, but that’s life and things don’t always go the way you want it to. Ha-ri was still able to form her own version of happy at the end and she was still able to get her own happy ending. There are multiple versions of Ha-ri’s happy ending and before she got the happy ending where she had a child, she was still happy in that she found someone who she truly loved who loved her just as much back and maybe even more. To Ha-ri, that is happiness. To Ha-ri, she is happy.

I think it was also interesting in the way that the drama slowly shifted its storyline and plot. The premise originally started off as Ha-ri attempting to find a man to be a sperm donor so that she could get pregnant and become a mother. She had no intentions of being with a man or ever finding love again after many failed attempts at relationships throughout the years. From there, the drama slowly transitioned to Jae-young, Yi-sang, and Eu-Ddeum becoming the potential sperm donors and love interests for Ha-ri which lasted for a few episodes. And then the drama began to focus on Yi-sang as Ha-ri’s primary love interest, placing Jae-young as the jealous best friend and Eu-Ddeum as the naive and innocent little boy who had a puppy crush on Ha-ri. I think I would have liked it a little bit more if the drama explored Ha-ri’s relationship with all three guys. I would have liked to see Ha-ri interact with Jae-young and Eu-Ddeum to the point where she also viewed them as romantic interests. She’s always had eyes for Yi-sang since she first met him back three years ago which explains for the interest she has in Yi-sang. I just wished that the drama could have dove in a little more and given Jae-young and Eu-Ddeum some attention as well since the drama originally set things up to make it seem that way. The drama somewhat stuck to that premise, but it also just as quickly deviated away from it which was a little disappointing. I think things would have been so much more interesting if Ha-ri also began to view Jae-young, who was her best friend since she was born, a little differently or if she maybe really considered Eu-Ddeum as a potential love interest. I still enjoyed the drama and sort of had a gut feeling that Yi-sang would be paired up with Ha-ri from the beginning, but still, a little bit more exploring with each of the three guys would have maybe amped up Ha-ri’s fun and adventurous journey to potential motherhood.

For being the last episode, the drama could have easily gave us only good endings for everyone and it would have been a happy, go-easy kind of episode. But the drama didn’t always deliver great news which I, once again, liked because of the realistic nature attached to it. The paper magazine copy of ‘The Baby’ still ended up being cancelled despite our Editing team’s efforts to keep it alive. Their jobs (and lives, really) were on the risk and they couldn’t afford to go down without a fight. Despite them knowing that the day would come, they tried their very best until the end to keep things afloat. It was heart-breaking to watch them fight until the very end in hopes that their presentation would change the Chairman’s mind. It was also absolutely heart-breaking watching Ha-ri and her team take in the news from Director Joo that the physical operations behind ‘The Baby’ was going to cease. It was even more sad and heart-breaking watching Ha-ri call Mrs. Shim to meet up. Oof, that just broke my heart and it made me want to tear up and cry as well.

As we saw of Mrs. Shim when she was still Editor-in-Chief, she wasn’t the nicest to our team and she was rather pretty brutal, stern, strict, and harsh towards her team members. But it was all tough love and we saw that Mrs. Shim loved her team. She just wanted the best for them and had her own way of showing that love to her team as the team leader. I at first wasn’t the biggest fan of Mrs. Shim, but after getting to see her story more and realizing just how strong and confident of an Editor-in-Chief she was and the fact that yes, she does stand up for her team like the leader she is, I came around to warming up to her so much more. It made complete sense as to why Ha-ri went to Mrs. Shim for comfort. Mrs. Shim has been that leader that Ha-ri and the team has always looked up to and Mrs. Shim knows better than anyone else what Ha-ri is going through. She’s probably also heard conversations surrounding the cancellation of ‘The Baby’ when she was still working at the company. It was just so nice and bittersweet to see our original Editing team back together again. I’m glad that they were able to show one another their support as well as offer each other words of encouragement and wisdom, but it’s unfortunate that things came with a price. It was unfortunate that they finally reunited only when ‘The Baby’ fell through and that this was their primary reason for meeting up. Seeing ‘The Baby’ break apart was something hard to swallow even as a viewer. ‘Oh My Baby’ followed our characters and their journey working at ‘The Baby’ so it was heartbreaking to watch it all fall apart. Though the situations are different, it also reminds me of companies and businesses today having to lay off staff members and employees because of all that is happening currently with the virus. It’s scary and uncertain times for many and the horrible feeling of having to give up or leave a place that you dedicated so many years of your life and hard work to is something that I think many can relate to during these difficult times.

Moving on to the characters, the drama did a great job in showcasing the reality and struggles that parents face with both work and family. Often times, people preach about work-life balance, but as we saw through Jae-young, Mrs. Shim, and even Soo-cheol, there is no work-life balance for them. Jae-young had to bring baby Do-Ah with him to his clinic, Mrs. Shim had to take care of her kids while also working, Soo-cheol had to work multiple jobs in order to support him and his family financially. ‘Oh My Baby’ illustrated the challenges that working parents have which was nice to see. It’s not easy raising kids and working at the same time. It’s not easy being a stay-at-home mom and raising twin boys, such as seen with Eun-young. It’s not easy having kids as seen with Cheol-joong who had to put in extra effort to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter. There were various facets and perspectives about family life and raising children that ‘Oh My Baby’ introduced and emphasized on throughout the show which was a fresh and nice reminder that as joyful as it is to have kids and to have a family of your own, there are also many struggles and hardships in the process of doing that.

‘Oh My Baby’ was a heartfelt and warm drama and I think the show did a great job in showcasing that through the many relationships. Yi-sang and Ha-ri had had a very complicated relationship which stemmed from a night three years back when they met for the first time. Fast forward to the future and things were still complex and complicated as they began to know each other more and fall in love with each other. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the break in their relationship or all the misunderstandings that ensued between them, I can see where they were both coming from so I’m not really bothered by all the fights in their relationship. If I’m going to be completely honest, I think I enjoyed the other relationships in this drama a little bit more. Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching Yi-sang and Ha-ri together and the two trying to figure out their dynamic and how things were going to work with their respective thoughts regarding children, but I also liked the other relationships that the drama was giving us.

Mom and Ha-ri’s relationship probably has to be my favorite one. All their conversations regarding Mom as a single mother or Mom’s and Ha-ri’s relationship with Dad was so hard to watch because of how honest they were. Mom’s always felt this guilt towards Ha-ri and she feels as if she never did well enough in raising Ha-ri alone. She doesn’t want Ha-ri to go through what she went through as a single mother so she always encouraged Ha-ri to find a man, get married, and to start a family of her own. I think a part of this also stems from the fact that Mom knows how stigmatized being a single mother is so she’s afraid to watch Ha-ri also suffer the same consequences if she was to raise her own child by herself. It was simply nice watching the mother-daughter pair be on the same level with each other in regards to their thoughts on Dad or Mom as a single mother or Ha-ri getting married. The two didn’t have easy conversations about these topics, but they were able to be honest with each other on how they felt and, therefore, made things clear on where they stood with everything. Mom and Ha-ri were able to air out their feelings and clear most misunderstandings that had been haunting them for many years. Although Ha-ri and Mom will probably still have many more fights in the future, their relationship is also a lot better now than it was before.

Other relationships that I enjoyed in the drama included Jae-young and Ha-ri’s relationship (excluding the moments when he was the crazy and jealous best friend Jae-young). I guess I’m just a fan of the best-friends-to-lovers trope so I liked watching their dynamic. I think a big part of it was because the two had known each other since they were literally born so they viewed each other as siblings, but along with that, they were also sort of soulmates in a way. Not soulmates in the romantic sense, but soulmates as if in they’ve known each other for so long and can go to the other for anything and is always there for each other. Their friendship was not one without struggles and misunderstandings and late confessions and some romantic feelings. Jae-young and Ha-ri experienced a rift in their friendship when Jae-young had romantic feelings for Ha-ri or when he gave up his friendship with Ha-ri for Jeong-won. Despite this, their relationship was one where Ha-ri and Jae-young could be vulnerable with each other about anything heavy that was weighing on their minds and hearts and I loved that. I loved the little things such as the simple conversations they had with each other in Ha-ri’s floor of the house when Jae-young would come visit and they’d just talk about anything and everything. There was a slight disadvantage in their relationship in that their many years of knowing each other made them too comfortable so Ha-ri didn’t perceive Jae-young the way that he would have liked her to, but there were many more positive things about their friendship that outweighed the bad. Sure, Jae-young got rejected by Ha-ri, but just watching Jae-young and Ha-ri eat dinner with mom in this episode makes me think that nothing will change between the two good friends. They can go back to like how they were pre-angst and hopefully things will stay that way.

Wow, I didn’t know I would have such long and compelling thoughts about ‘Oh My Baby.’ I started this commentary thinking I wasn’t going to write too much and, yet, here I am writing an entire essay. This just goes to show how much I enjoyed this drama and how creative it was in showcasing all the nuances and perspectives of parenthood, families, love, relationships, and so much more. Life is complicated and there is never one answer to anything. Our characters will continue to face struggles and challenges in life and there’s no certainty in knowing what will happen to them in the future. But as we saw throughout the drama, hopefully the quest they are on will be a healing and comforting one and our characters will find answers to the many questions they have in their lives while also supporting one another as they have been doing. There’s ultimately comfort in knowing that our characters are not alone and that they will never be alone. They are all one big family.

Extra screenshots from episodes 14, 15, and 16:

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  1. tqvm for final recap. but hari actually pregnant. after credit rolling they show the epilogue. isang & hari at hospital.

    • Hi ALQ,

      Thank you for pointing that out to me! I should have stayed past the rolling credits for the epilogue, but I didn’t so I totally missed the part where Ha-ri is pregnant. Thank you once again for letting me know πŸ™‚

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