Was It love: Episode 6 Recap

Things continue to ramp up for Ae-jung in all of her family, work, and love life. While some areas are better and greater and brighter than others, Ae-jung doesn’t lose focus or confidence on the moments in her life that aren’t so positive. Through it all, she keeps holding on – not just for herself but for her family.

Was It Love?: Episode 6 Recap

Yeon-woo gathers his courage to confess to Ae-jung after watching a movie with her at the theaters. He has feelings for her and he likes her. Ae-jung is uncertain as to how to react to Yeon-woo’s confession for there’s something else that she’s occupied with — Dae-oh’s car that he’s driving towards them. Unaware that Dae-oh is inside the car, the two protect themselves from being splashed by oncoming water and the two attempt to flag down the driver. Dae-oh drives off after the almost hit-and-run incident and Ae-jung takes note of the car’s license. 1780. She won’t forget. While walking home together, Ae-jung continues to ramble about Dae-oh and the dangerous incident. He ruined what was supposed to be a romantic and heart-fluttering moment for Ae-jung; it’s been a while since she’s felt so nervous with butterflies in her stomach. After hearing Ae-jung’s thoughts about his confession, Yeon-woo finally hands over the poetry book and written card that he was planning to give her all along. He tells her to take her time in reading the book and the card. There’s no rush.

Back at home, Ha-nee enters Yeon-woo’s room and discovers the same journal that she found back when she was in the attic. It’s the journal with both Yeon-woo and Ae-jung’s name listed as parents. It turns out the journal was for a parenting class that they both took back when they were in college. Yeon-woo enters his room not too long afterwards and he finds Ha-nee inside. She drops the journal upon his arrival and Yeon-woo gives Ha-nee a bit of an explanation as to what the journal was for. Upon hearing his answer, Ha-nee then reaches the conclusion that Yeon-woo is not his dad. The P.E. teacher attempts to give his side of the story to things, but Ha-nee exits his bedroom and rushes down the stairs. She doesn’t need an explanation from him. Ae-jung receives a phone call right at that moment so she steps aside to pick it up. Ha-nee also hides in her room away from Yeon-woo.

It’s Hye-jin who called Ae-jung. She delivers the great news that Dae-oh was able to grant a meeting with Ah-rin. Upon hearing the update, Ae-jung attempts to contact Dae-oh and finally returns one of his many phone calls. However, Dae-oh isn’t in the mood to talk to Ae-jung and he declines her call. He’s still upset over the scene earlier at the bus stop. So with Dae-oh ignoring her, Ae-jung shifts her attention over to Yeon-woo and she’s tempted to read the card that he had gotten for her. She changes her mind at the last second and places the card back inside the poetry book. Nope, it’s not time to read it just yet.

Jin waits inside of his car that’s parked at Ha-nee’s middle school with a few gifts prepared. He garners the courage to exit his car and he’s close to entering the school gate until he changes his mind. He feels conflicted on being at Ha-nee’s school. Speaking of Ha-nee, she throws away the parenting class journal that Ae-jung and Yeon-woo collaborated on back when they were in college. Dong-chan catches up to her outside near the recycling area and learns from Ha-nee that Yeon-woo isn’t her father. Although Ha-nee is disappointed, she knew it was too good to be true. Yeon-woo was way too nice and kind-hearted to have abandoned her. Ha-nee doesn’t feel so great either when she catches a photo of Jin on a beverage can that Dong-chan hands to her to cheer her up. But what does grab her attention is a box with a cute, little puppy that was abandoned by its owner. The two middle school friends decide to find the puppy a new house in the meantime and the person they go to is Sook-hee. Although hesitant and reluctant at first to take in the puppy, Sook-hee eventually gives in.

Ae-jung heads over to a cafe to meet with Dae-oh. She notices a car with the license plate 1780 parked at the cafe and realizes that it was Dae-oh who almost ran her and Yeon-woo over the night before. Ae-jung doesn’t bring up the incident at first once they begin their meeting. She expresses her gratitude to Dae-oh for scheduling a meeting with Ah-rin. Plus, they were both invited to Cheonmyeong’s Night — an event where the most prominent members in the film industry come together and meet. After showing some gratitude, Ae-jung switches her demeanor and attitude. She criticizes Dae-oh for the car incident from the night before. They could have gotten hurt and it would have been manslaughter. Dae-oh defends that Ae-jung committed an act of public indecency herself with the way that she was with Yeon-woo. He disproves of the way that she was staring at Yeon-woo at the bus station; it’s a gaze that he knows all too well himself as a former lover of Ae-jung’s. Eventually, Ae-jung decides to draw the line between the two by writing down rules that they are to follow and respect.

Yeon-woo’s mom grabs some food with her friends. Of course, they bring up Yeon-woo and rumors that he’s seeing someone at the moment. Yeon-woo’s Mom is surprised and shocked by the news since she herself hasn’t heard anything. Meanwhile, Yeon-woo prepares for his first PTA meeting with Ae-jung present. Upon arriving, he introduces Ae-jung to the rest of the mothers in the classroom and they all gather to discuss about activities and events that they can host throughout the year. Ae-jung attempts to fit in and to contribute to the meeting as best as she can, but it’s obvious that she’s a novice to all of this. Yeon-woo shows her his support by writing an encouraging message on the packet that he gave specifically to her and nodding at her throughout the meeting.

Once the meeting concludes, Yeon-woo catches up with Ae-jung. He even suggests that he, Ha-nee, and Ae-jung can hang out later that evening, but Ae-jung remains honest with Yeon-woo. She doesn’t feel so comfortable around him. Ha-nee’s mom is then taken away by the rest of the mothers who invite her to grab some tea with them. Later on afterwards, Ae-jung prepares for a meeting with Dae-oh and Ah-rin. On her way to the hotel restaurant, Ae-jung encounters Dae-oh and he is reminded of the rules that they set for each other. The famous author freaks out when his finger comes into contact with Ae-jung’s finger upon them both pressing on the elevator button at the same time. Since they are to remain strictly professional with each other, things like this are unacceptable. Lol.

Ah-rin wants to look at natural and pretty as possible before her meeting with Dae-oh. After checking in with Manager Do about her looks, the two walk over to the hotel restaurant where Dae-oh is waiting for her. She’s confident and excited upon seeing Dae-oh seated at a table. She struts down the restaurant and approaches who she believes is only Dae-oh. Ah-rin is even reminded of a similar scene back when she was in high school. Just like how Dae-oh is waiting for her at the hotel restaurant, she was walking towards Dae-oh in her high school uniform while he waited outside in his neighborhood. As Ah-rin gets closer and closer to Dae-oh in the hotel restaurant, she realizes that he’s not the only one there. Ae-jung too is with him. Oof. Similarly, the same thing happened back during the high school memory. Ah-rin was walking towards Dae-oh only to watch Ae-jung come up from behind her and run towards Dae-oh who she was in a happy relationship with at the time. In the present, Dae-oh and Ae-jung are excited to meet with Ah-rin, but she freezes upon seeing the two of them together. Ah-rin retreats to the restroom to process the moment and assumes Dae-oh and Ae-jung are still in a relationship with each other.

Back at school, Yeon-woo’s Mom makes her way over to visit her son and to gather more information about the dating rumors that have been floating around. Yeon-woo refuses to acknowledge his mother’s presence and he gives her no details or answers to her questions about his love life. Before leaving, Mom hands over an invitation to yet another blind date that she’s set up for him. She reminds him to show up this time or else she’ll be really hurt. Back at Ah-rin’s meeting, she starts off the conversation by stating that folks seem to be excited about Dae-oh’s upcoming movie. To support that notion, Manager Do pulls out Dae-oh’s “Love is Nonexistent” that the movie will be based on. Ah-rin loops the conversation back around to Dae-oh and Ae-jung’s relationship. How do the two know each other? Although Dae-oh intends to be honest on their relationship, Ae-jung explains that they met just through work. They’re just colleagues and share a relationship that any other producer and director of the same project would.

It takes a little bit more persuasion on Dae-oh’s end to recruit Ah-rin to participate in the movie. It’s not until he describes that he sees only Ah-rin fit for the role of the heroine that she gives in to doing the movie. She feels great hearing just how badly Dae-oh wants her to star in the film. However, Ah-rin sets some boundaries to her involvement with the movie under one condition: she’s only willing to be in the movie if her role as the heroine is redeveloped from scratch. She’s not a big fan of the female lead. After the meeting, Dae-oh and Ae-jung have a discussion about Ah-rin’s comment about the heroine. Dae-oh assumes Ah-rin’s criticizing Ae-jung herself while Ae-jung interpreted Ah-rin’s comment to mean that the actress wasn’t a big fan of Dae-oh’s novel itself. However, Dae-oh stands by his comment. Since the novel was based off of their relationship, Ae-jung represents the heroine in the novel so Ah-rin must have been referring to her. Ae-jung takes offense to his comment and questions why Dae-oh fell in love with such a heroine then. However, Dae-oh adds that he fell in love with Ae-jung because she was attractive.

Ae-jung visits Sook-hee as usual after work. Sook-hee breaks the news to Ae-jung that Ae-jung now has a puppy. Although Ae-jung is disbelief at first, Ha-nee and Dong-chan’s arrival at the bar along with the cute, white puppy proves her otherwise. Ha-nee argues that the puppy doesn’t have any parents or owners so they should take care of it. Ae-jung attempts to persuade Ha-nee to change her mind, but Ha-nee is set on her ways. She wants to give the puppy a home. After the small argument, Ae-jung walks Dong-chan home since it’s late and dark. Upon arriving at the front of his house, Ae-jung questions if there’s been anything going on at school for Ha-nee in which Dong-chan claims that there isn’t. Nothing strange has been happening at school. Ae-jung then suggests that Dong-chan stop hanging out so late into the night with Ha-nee. It’s dangerous and his mom might worry. However, Dong-chan sadly notes that he doesn’t have a mom so there won’t be any worrying. Ae-jung feels for Dong-chan and she declares herself as the one who will worry for him.

Just then, a car approaches the two so they step aside to see who it is. It’s none other than Dong-chan’s dad, Pa-do, and he walks up to both Ae-jung and Dong-chan. Just as Ae-jung explains the situation, Dong-chan steps up to clarify that Ae-jung simply walked him home. With that, Ae-jung is invited inside the house to have a talk with Pa-do. After learning that Pa-do is a single father himself, she’s certain that Dong-chan must be lucky to have a great dad like him despite what Pa-do thinks. As a single mother herself, she feels as if they can relate to each other since they’re both single parents. Upon hearing her comment, Pa-do is reminded of the moment when a woman who he knew (I’m assuming the woman later on turned out to be his former wife) asked to be friends with him. As he listens with a bag of medicine in his hand for the woman whose name is Tan Ziyi, she reasons that they’re both lonely so it would make the perfect excuse for them to be acquainted. In the present, Pa-do ends the meeting after recalling the memory and Ae-jung goes back home. She beats herself up over forgetting to inform Pa-do about Ah-rin’s confirmation to star in the movie. Lol.

Upon arriving home, Ae-jung catches Yeon-woo fixing a table out on the front patio. Although she tries to avoid the awkward situation at first, Ae-jung gives in to assisting Yeon-woo in the end. While working together to fix the broken table, Yeon-woo reassures Ae-jung to not feel uncomfortable around him. It was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable. Plus, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for her to get back to him about her feelings. He’s not in a rush. As long as he’s the one who ends up with Ae-jung in the end, that’s all that matters. That evening, Ae-jung is tempted to read the card once again that Yeon-woo had written for her. However, just like before, she puts the card away and instead, focuses on reading one of the poems in the book.

The poem reminds her of the time when she and Yeon-woo worked together on the journal assignment for their parenting class back in 2006. Since they were on the topic of parenting and pregnancy anyways, they had a discussion about their roles as parents and what type of parents they would want to be when they had kids. That’s when Ae-jung pulled out the poetry book and pointed to the same poem to describe how she would want to be as a parent. Yeon-woo too agrees with Ae-jung and shares similar thoughts. If he used the poem as a way to confess to the girl he liked, would she accept him? Of course, Ae-jung had no idea that the person Yeon-woo was referring to was her. In the present, Ae-jung smiles at the thought of this memory. It’s still so fresh and vivid in her mind.

Dae-oh himself goes through memory lane while working on the screenplay for the film. He receives a notification from an app on his phone that reminds him of notes and memories that took place on specific days. After browsing through the first notification, he comes across the entry that was submitted for December 8, 2003. This day was the first time that Dae-oh had ever met Ae-jung. As part of the Theater and Film department, Ae-jung and her crew were filming for a small project. Dae-oh was just randomly walking around on campus and happened to come across the filming scene. Although he didn’t think much of it at that time, he does remember the moment when Ae-jung was scolded by the director for failing to cast someone to play a corpse. In a desperate attempt to find someone, Ae-jung randomly chose Dae-oh from the surrounding crowd to play the role and the next thing he knew, he was in the project himself alongside Ae-jung.

While laying down on the ground to film as corpses, Ae-jung wakes up to whisper and thank Dae-oh for participating in the filming. Dae-oh doesn’t say much, but his gaze towards Ae-jung speaks volumes about his feelings for her. Even when Ae-jung urges for them to close their eyes to resume their roles as corpses, Dae-oh keeps his eyes opened so he can continue to stare at Ae-jung’s beautiful face. In the present, Dae-oh is conflicted upon reminiscing the college memory. He too remembers it all so vividly 😦

Back at home, Ha-nee continues to seek answers to her investigation. She asks Grandma if her dad abandoned her. Grandma is flustered and confused at the sudden question from Ha-nee, but she attempts to stay grounded. Ha-nee furthers that she heard from someone that there was a reason as to why her father left her which is why he has yet to return. However, Ha-nee doesn’t specify who exactly she heard it from and she walks away from Grandma. That night, Grandma heads outside to do some recycling. There, she discovers Ae-jung and Yeon-woo’s pregnancy diary that Ha-nee threw away.

Jin holds a press conference to explain about his current situation with Hollywood and his reasons for turning down an opportunity in Hollywood for Ae-jung’s movie. Things are going well until Ha-nee suddenly appears to claim Jin as her father. Dae-oh’s appearance also throws Jin off and Dae-oh feels betrayed by his best friend who spent a night with Ae-jung after their break-up. Ae-jung too joins alongside Ha-nee and she questions if her one-night stand with Jin meant nothing more to him than just a mistake. Everything is too much for Jin and he struggles to comprehend all that is happening. He suffers a mental breakdown there and then, but luckily, it’s all just a bad bad dream. Jin wakes up in a sweat and the first thing he does after waking up is read Ae-jung’s text about Ah-rin’s confirmation in the movie and her invitation to Cheonmyeong’s Night. He then calls out Manager Myung to bring him some water, but he’s reminded that he and Manager Myung aren’t on the best terms at the moment. With that, Jin steps out of his bedroom to grab some water himself. However, Jin discovers that despite the current situation between him and his manager, Manager Myung still cares for Jin. Manager Myung had sneaked inside his place to cook him some breakfast and left Jin a note to remind him to take care of himself. Jin chases after Manager Myung after reading the note and the two make up with each other.

The night that Ae-jung has been waiting for finally arrives and she attends the popular Cheonmyeong’s Night. The first celebrities she lays her eyes on is boy group SF9 who is also at the event. Upon catching Ha-nee’s favorite boy group, Ae-jung delivers the exciting news to her daughter. Hehe. Ah-rin and Manager Do have a private talk before she steps out to greet her guests. Manager Do relays the news that Jin will be playing as Ah-rin’s love interest in the movie which she isn’t so thrilled about. She and Jin aren’t on good terms with each other and she also doesn’t like Ae-jung as the producer. With that, Manager Do suggests that if they had to get rid of someone on the team, they could remove Ae-jung. So Ah-rin dishes the idea to Dae-oh who’s also present at the event. She reasons that he’s well-known for his works and both she and Jin are popular stars with successful hits and movies under their belt. Instead of relying on someone inexperienced like Ae-jung, why don’t they just go with Ah-rin’s production crew?

But Dae-oh isn’t a big fan of the idea and he rejects it without even giving it a thought. He makes it clear that he has no interest in working on the movie unless Ae-jung is in it. She was the first person to have believed in him when he first started and has great love for his work. Plus, Ae-jung is very well competent to do the movie so her opinions are extremely important. With that being said, Dae-oh steps aside to go find Ae-jung at the event. Ae-jung herself was just right behind them and she approaches Ah-rin a few seconds after Dae-oh leaves. Ae-jung is excited to meet Ah-rin and she’s thankful to have been invited to the event. The actress clearly isn’t in the mood to chat with Ae-jung and she turns her back on the producer. Not quite finished talking to Ah-rin just yet, Ae-jung slightly grabs onto Ah-rin’s arm which Ah-rin swings upon being touched.

This causes Ae-jung to clash into one of the servers at the party and Ae-jung falls onto the ground with wine all over her shirt. Ah-rin extends her hand to help Ae-jung up, but the popular actress is pushed aside by Dae-oh who comes to assist his producer. After helping her up, Dae-oh uses his jacket to cover her and they walk out of the event together. All Ae-jung can think about is Ah-rin and she pesters Dae-oh about her concerns for the actress. However, Dae-oh is frustrated by Ae-jung’s behavior and he can’t seem to understand why all Ae-jung cares about at the moment is Ah-rin. Ae-jung should be concerned about herself. The two bicker with each other until Dae-oh makes it clear to her as to why he’s so concerned about Ae-jung.

Dae-oh’s frustrated by all the incidents and misfortunes that has been happening to Ae-jung. He’s mad for her. He doesn’t like how she keeps getting the short end of the stick. Ae-jung emphasizes once again on their rules and their agreement to not meddle into each other’s business, but Dae-oh changes his mind. He’s going to follow his heart from now on. With that being said, Dae-oh musters the courage to finally admit what’s been on both his mind and heart this entire time: he still likes Ae-jung.


Ae-jung video chats with Ha-nee and Grandma upon catching SF9 at the event. Both Grandma and Ha-nee are excited to see SF9 in the background interacting with Yeon-woo’s Mom, but they’re even bigger fans of Ae-jung who they believe in and support the most. While Ae-jung video chats with her family, what she’s not aware of is that Dae-oh is also watching her from not too far away. His eyes are gleaming and he stares at her in the same exact way he did when they were first met.

My Thoughts:

Oof, the look in Dae-oh’s eyes says so much about how he feels about Ae-jung and while the ending confession to Ae-jung didn’t come as a surprise, I love that it confirms what we had already been assuming about Dae-oh: he still likes Ae-jung and isn’t over her just quite yet. I love it even more that the way he looked at her during the event was the same exact way that he looked at her back when they first met in college: there’s still a gleam in his eyes and a sense of relaxation upon seeing and thinking of Ae-jung. Sure, she gets Dae-oh riled up and frustrated at times, but I would like to think that it’s because he cares about her and wants the best for her. There are times where Dae-oh acts immaturely and childish towards Ae-jung, but underneath all of this bluffing is a scared and uncertain Dae-oh who’s afraid of losing Ae-jung again like how he did 14 years ago. He can pretend to act like he will respect the rules they set for each other or that he doesn’t care about Ae-jung, but it’s obvious to everyone (except Ae-jung) that he still wants to be with her. I’m not the biggest fan myself of the way that Dae-oh sometimes treats Ae-jung, but the way he helped her up at the end of this episode and wrapped his jacket around her made me swoon a bit I’ll admit. The situation did remind me a bit of a damsel in distress type of situation, but I’m willing to look away for now given that it made sense that Dae-oh assisted her (can we also talk about the way he spoke so softly to her too as he was putting his jacket around her?! DAE-OHHH). Ugh, that scene was so beautiful and yet frustrating with how Ae-jung and Dae-oh had such contrasting interpretations on the incident itself.

It frustrates me watching this show because I feel like so many misunderstandings between Dae-oh and Ae-jung could have been avoided if they were just with each other at the right timing and moments. If Ae-jung had overheard Dae-oh’s conversation with Ah-rin about how he needs to do the project with Ae-jung because she believed in him and because her opinions to the project is important, I felt like she wouldn’t be so cold towards him. If Dae-oh would just set aside his pride more often and really just listen to Ae-jung and her side of things, I feel like he wouldn’t act so childish and petty towards her. Obviously, he cares about her and he’s only willing to do the movie if Ae-jung partakes in it, but he still treats her immaturely because he’s still not over their breakup 14 years ago. It pains (and bores) me to watch the two bicker repeatedly because I think we can all see that inside of Dae-oh and Ae-jung, they still sort of have a soft spot for each other because of the memories and experiences they shared back in college. Sure, Dae-oh might be much more in love with Ae-jung at this point (which is expected given that Ae-jung is also affiliated with 3 other guys), but I don’t think Ae-jung is as resentful towards Dae-oh as she makes herself to be. If she disproved and disliked Dae-oh so much, I don’t think she’d be willing to put up with him as much as she does. Granted, she needs the movie done in order to pay back Pa-do and for personal reasons, but a big part of it includes working with Dae-oh and she’s been a team player thus far. It seems like they both still carry these memories from college inside of them in the present and it’s been difficult to respect the boundaries they set up for themselves.

We received a few more hints and details in this episode about the connections between all of the characters. It seems as if Ah-rin and Jin know each other because it was shared that they aren’t on good terms with each other. Granted, they are both actors so they’re in the same industry but I wonder what shared history they have with each other. In addition, clearly Jin has a guilty conscience for he had a nightmare indicating his one-night stand with Ae-jung that he assumed lead to Ae-jung’s pregnancy. Whether or not Ha-nee is his daughter is still to be determined, but it’s obvious that he must have done something wrong to be blamed by Dae-oh and to assume that Ha-nee is his daughter in his nightmare.

With Ah-rin’s confirmation in the movie now finally finalized, I hope we get to watch our team actually film the movie. I’m satisfied with the pacing so far in terms of the production timeline for the movie because I like watching Dae-oh and Ae-jung work together to recruit the necessary components they need in order to make the movie happen. It also gives us insight as to how our characters are related and what kind of history they all have with one another. As it turns out, Ah-rin knew Dae-oh back when she was still in high school which was also the same time that Dae-oh and Ae-jung were a couple. She must have harbored a one-sided crush on Dae-oh which is why she’s willing to work in his movie many years later. I only hope that we get to actually watch our team film the movie now that Ah-rin’s committed to starring in the movie alongside Jin. I want to watch the actual work happen and for everyone to pull up their sleeves and play their part in making the movie a thing. The drama so far has been able to sort of balance the movie plot with the who’s-the-daddy investigation and while I’m a much bigger fan of the movie arc than the father mystery, I hope the drama doesn’t shift most of its attention on just Ha-nee’s investigation behind her father. I like how things are gearing up so far.

As with all the episodes prior, the scene that stood out to me the most in this episode was the scene when Dae-oh and Ae-jung played corpses. Lol. I love how their first interaction and encounter with each other stemmed from Ae-jung’s participation in the Theater and Film department. Her dream was always to become a film producer way before Dae-oh came into the picture and even after he disappeared from the picture. Ae-jung’s dream has always been constant and I loved that she and Dae-oh bonded over that when they first met. It was because of Ae-jung’s dreams of becoming a film producer that they were able to randomly meet and connect and slowly fall in love with each other. The scene itself was funny (Dae-oh questioning why he got involved or being scared of Ae-jung as the two were supposed to play dead), but I loved the way that Dae-oh stared lovingly at Ae-jung. They were supposed to close their eyes since they were playing dead, but he kept his eyes opened because he wanted to keep staring at her. I’m getting sentimental just thinking about it and it definitely was not a good idea to roam around on Instagram before finishing the episode. I saw photos of the two in this scene and got scared for a second that they got run over by the Truck of Doom or that they were injured. Thankfully, it was just all just acting from college and the two were alive and fine in the actual episode. Note to self which I already know but need to be reminded of again: finish the episode first. Spoilers are never fun!

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of all the flashbacks. I don’t know if the writer is doing it purposely to just confuse us viewers or if the writer is actually trying to use the flashbacks as part of its storytelling, but I’m not sensing anything from them and I wished the writer would do things differently. The flashbacks are great to watch, but they’re also tricky and must be used effectively in order to get any kind of message across. The flashbacks aren’t really working for me in this drama and I won’t be the happiest viewer if this is what the drama continues to do throughout its run. Sometimes, I just want to watch things as it is without seeing a flashback and it gets tiring after a while watching scenes from the past and then jumping back to the present right after. This could be because I’m just impatient with the whole baby daddy mystery so I want it to be solved sooner than later (I really hope the drama doesn’t drag it on for too long..) and I rather just watch everything in the past unfold all at once rather than bit by bit as we’ve been seeing in every episode thus far.

I still enjoy ‘Was It Love?’ although my love for it has waned a bit after the first week. Even if things continue to drag, I will still watch it wholeheartedly because of 1) Son Ho-jun (am I the only one who is reminded of ‘Reply 1994’ when we get flashbacks of Dae-oh in college?!) and 2) to watch Ae-jung, Dae-oh, and Jin’s dreams come true. I want the movie to work out and hit big so that they can all share their dreams of being successful together. They were such close and great friends in college and times are different obviously in the present, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they all shared a common goal in the past. It hasn’t been easy getting to this point for Ae-jung, but it sure well be worth it with Dae-oh subtly supporting her every step of the way and Jin turning down Hollywood to be in her movie. Even Pa-do has been supportive of Ae-jung and I think their experiences as single parents will allow the two to bond even more. I doubt Ae-jung will accept Dae-oh’s confession right away and she might try to pretend as if it never happened in the first place, but I think Ae-jung will give in to it eventually the longer she continues to interact with Dae-oh. Secrets are going to be spilled and feelings are going to continue to pour. Maybe this is what our former couple needs to accept their past and to get through the present.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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