Red Velvet to make a summer comeback next month


It was recently revealed that Red Velvet will be making a comeback next month in August just in time to celebrate the last few weeks of summer. Last summer, the girl group made the popular and well-known summer hit “Red Flavor” which ultimately shot the girl group to fame. Ever since then, they’ve gone on to release many more amazing songs and their popularity has only been increasing. It seems like they’ll be attempting something similar like “Red Flavor” again with this next summer comeback.

I love Red Velvet and I enjoy most of their songs (Russian Roulette will always be my favorite track of theirs). Their last title track “Bad Boy” remains one of my favorite releases not just in 2018 and from Red Velvet, but in all of K-Pop. I still listen to the song to this day and it’ll never get old or boring to me. The girl group released a MV for their Japanese title track “#Cookie Jar” a month ago and it wasn’t until the MV was released that I realized just how much I actually missed the girls. It had been a while since we’ve seen anything new from the girl group since “Bad Boy” in January so it was just nice to see the girl group again with new content. Because the song was for their Japanese promotions (which I usually don’t follow), I was a little sad and once again, I realized just how much I needed Red Velvet in my life.

Other top 3rd generation girl groups BLACKPINK and TWICE have already made their respective comebacks so it only makes sense that Red Velvet completes the line-up and comes back as well. Although I am a little sad that f(x) used to be known for their summer comebacks (speaking of f(x), we need a comeback from them!), it seems like the reign has been passed on to Red Velvet who achieved great success with summer hit “Red Flavor.” If this song does well just like “Red Flavor”, then I think it’s safe to assume that we can expect more summer comebacks from the girl group.

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