RM of BTS impresses with second mixtape ‘Mono’

RM of BTS impresses with second mixtape ‘Mono’

I was originally going to include this section in my last K-Pop Round Up post, but I found that it was WAY too long so I decided to just write an entirely separate post for it LOL. BTS's amazing leader and rapper RM released his second mixtape 'Mono' just recently and there are so many [...]

K-Pop Round Up: BLACKPINK, Wendy & John Legend, AOMG, and Sam Kim

K-Pop Round Up: BLACKPINK, Wendy & John Legend, AOMG, and Sam Kim

It hasn't been that long since my last K-Pop Round Up, but I'm already here with another post which is always great! This post will be covering more non-KPOP songs as I'll be discussing about recently released music from Khip-hop and R&B artists such as AOMG and Sam Kim. Of course, I can't leave out [...]

K-Pop Round Up: NCT 127, SNSD’s Yuri, iKON, Babylon

Another month which means another month of new songs, albums, and releases. There were quite a few interesting comebacks and returns such as the solo debut of SNSD's Yuri (also my bias in SNSD) as well as YG's iKON who made another return after their hits 'Love Scenario' and 'Killing Me' earlier this year. SNSD/Girl's [...]

K-Pop Round Up: Seventeen, Hyolyn, Park Jimin (JYP), Pentagon, and A Pink!

It's time for another K-Pop Round Up where I share with y'all songs I've been obsessed with the last few months. This one will be a little late as most of these songs were released sometime during the summer, but it's better late than never right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4oHuML9U2A One of the songs I've been listening to [...]

SUNMI returns with ‘Siren’ for her latest comeback

Almost anything with solo artist Sunmi is bound to be good. Her latest comeback 'Siren' definitely does not disappoint. The former Wonder Girls member turned soloist returned with another album 'Warning' plus her title track 'Siren.' The MV is similar to her music videos with 'Gashina' and 'Heroine' with some close-up shots, choreography shots, and [...]

BTS returns with repackage ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ + releases ‘IDOL’ MV

Oh BTS, what have you done? BTS finally released the finale to their 'Love Yourself' series with a new repackage 'Love Yourself: Answer' as well as the MV to their title track 'Idol.' The album consists of two different CD's with selected tracks from both 'Love Yourself: Her' and 'Love Yourself: Tear' as well as [...]