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  • Vincenzo: Episode 10 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 10 Recap

    Cha-young and Vincenzo knew it wasn’t going to be easy taking down Babel and Wusang, but they also find themselves stuck in their approach at times. When you’re desperate or you’re angry and there’s nothing much you can do left, there’s always a way out. There are always some exceptions that can be made. Vincenzo: […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 9 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 9 Recap

    Things have been relatively smooth so far for our Jipuragi team. They’ve overcome most of the obstacles that has been thrown at them thus far and they prove that their quick thinking, wittiness, intelligence, and creativity – more likely than not – works in their favor. But for how much longer can they keep things […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 8 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 8 Recap

    Fighting for justice sometimes means stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that you might have never done before. Vincenzo’s limits and boundaries are put to the test in this episode and while the process of doing things might not always be enjoyable, it’s the end result that motivates him to push through […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 7 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 7 Recap

    Things are never dull when it comes to Vincenzo and Cha-young. There’s always fun adventures and exciting moments between the two and they know how to win every single game. How much longer can the power couple keep things going and will the two ever be shaken up? Vincenzo: Episode 7 Recap It’s the second […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 6 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 6 Recap

    Fighting against monsters like Babel wasn’t going to be easy, but who says it can’t be fun? Cha-young and Vincenzo make the most out of every opportunity presented in front of them. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, it really isn’t. There is always hope. Vincenzo: Episode 6 Recap The first trial […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 5 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 5 Recap

    There is always hope even in the darkest of days and hardest of times. As Vincenzo, Cha-young, and our Geumga tenants realize, it’s not going to be easy to go up against monsters like Babel. However, if they all work together and play their role in this fight, the possibilities are endless. Teamwork truly does […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 4 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 4 Recap

    Blessings come in many different shapes and forms and sometimes you don’t fully see things for what they are until you’re forced to do so. Cha-young suffers plenty of losses and there are only so many things she can control in her life. However, as she will come to realize, not everything has to come […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 3 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 3 Recap

    There are certain people you meet in life who teaches you a few good lessons and things along the way. Vincenzo returned to Korea with little expectations and time for people, but he finds that things aren’t as they seem. Sometimes, it’s helpful to slow down for a bit and to realize what you have […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 2 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 2 Recap

    No one said it’ll be easy, but it definitely hasn’t been all that bad either. With Vincenzo new in town, there are certain steps he has to take first before he can fully embark on his goal and mission with Geumga Plaza. As he will come to learn, it takes a little bit of trust […]

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 1 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 1 Recap

    It’s here! I couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to get started on my recaps for tvN’s popular drama ‘Vincenzo’ starring Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-bin, and Taecyeon. This drama has been keeping me up the past 24 hours (literally.. sort of) and I just cannot get enough of it. What better way to fill the […]

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